10 great German dance festivals in 2014

10 great German dance festivals in 2014

In most countries in Europe you van visit several festivals throughout the year. Great festivals like Tomorrowland, Sonar, Sziget and Isle of Wight are defenitely worth a visit. But if there is one country in Europe where you can find a lot of great dance festivals it is Germany. Almost every weekend in 2014 you can visit a German festival and the line-ups are very solid most of the time.

Dance festivals in Germany

Germany is quite famous for its famous DJs: Talented names like AndHim, Paul & Fritz Kalkbrenner, Paul van Dyk and Anja Schneider are born in Germany and travel all around the world to perform on dance festivals and parties. Lucky enough these DJs did not forgot where they came from and visit German festivals quite frequently. Because of this the German festivals have a very solid line-up most of the time and can offer the tickets for a better price than most other European countries. It might be too much of an effort to visit a dayfestival in Germany, but for a weekendfestival it is defenitely worth it. The money you spend on travelling can be compensated with the cheaper festival-ticket.

Melt FestivalMelt Festival in Germany

Not far from Berlin

If you do think the travelling is too much of an investment, you can also decide to combine a German festival in 2014 with visiting a city like Berlin. A lot of the festivals in Germany are organized in the eastern part of the country and therefore you can reach them quite easily from Berlin. The 10 German dance festivals in this article are all on a reasonable distance from Berlin. You can reach most of these festivals in about 2 hours by train, bus or car. Obviously the clubs in Berlin are hard to leave behind, but a whole weekend with your friends on a campsite is something special in my opinion.

Ten great German dance festivals in 2014

Below you can find a list of ten of the greatest German festivals in 2014. All of the dance festivals offer versatile music-styles and all of the festivals are weekendfestivals where you can stay overnight. Obviously this selection is closely connected to my taste for artists and locations, but you can find my motivation at every single one of these dance festivals in this article. If you want to get an impression of the music and the line-up I would reccommend visiting Soundcloud and listening to some livesets.

In the end of this article I made a comparison of all these 10 German festivals surrounding Berlin. So if you do not have a lot of time you can scroll to the end of this article and read the summary.


1. Fusion Festival

Fusion (or Фузион) is one of the greatest dance festivals in Europe without a doubt.  The first edition of this German festival was organized in 1997 and the location has always been the military basis called Lärz. Last year more than 60.000 people visited this dance festival about 150km north of Berlin. The ticketsales of Fusion proof that the festival is very popular: It is not possible to buy a ticket directly anymore, you have to registrate on the website and hope that you will be one of the lucky people who gets chosen in the lottery.

Fusion FestivalFusion Festival (© jonasginter.de)

The Fusion festival 2014 will be organized from the 26th till the 29th of June. The line-up is not available yet and this will stay this way till the end of June because this is the policy of Fusion. But last year DJs like Andhim, Lexer, Pan-Pot, Faust were performing at this German festival so I guess you do not have to worry about the line-up.

Obviously it is a big shame that the tickets of the Fusion festival 2014 are so hard to get. But on the other hand this also shows the beauty of this festival: Instead of making it double as expensive, Fusion is still one of the cheaper dance festivals in Germany. For 90 Euro you have four days with many great artists, an even greater atmosphere and an awesome location.

If you want to be part of Fusion 2014, you have to be really lucky. You can still contact the organization and hope you can be a volunteer but there are no tickets sold in the regular way anymore.

Name: Fusion 2014
Address: Am Flugplatz, 17248 Lärz
Distance Berlin: 157 km
Date: 26 tot 29 Juni 2014
Price: 90€
Website: www.fusion-festival.de
Music: Electro, Techno, Indie, Punk
Amount of days: 4
Line-up: Line-up not available yet

Logo Fusion


2. Melt

Another German festival which was first organized in 1997 is called Melt. This dance festival in 2014 is located at an abandoned colliery which goes by the name Ferropolis. The Feropolis is also referred to as the City of Iron, a lot of large machines and cranes can still be found at the island. Just as many other festivals in this list of German festivals, the party-area of Melt is surrounded by water. Because this festival is organized in July it is a great benefit that you can have a refreshing dive in the water every now and then.

Melt FestivalMelt Festival (© facebook.com/meltfestival)

Besides the awesome location, the Melt festival also has an extremely solid line-up: In 2014 artists like Fritz Kalkbrenner, Modeselektor and Portishead will make it a weekend to remember. Besides DJs you can also see bands and even some alternative arists at the Melt festival. If you want some additional information about the line-up of the Melt-festival you can have a look at this video.

The Melt festival is located about 140km from Berlin. Last year I went to Melt by car and it took me a bit more than 1 hour to reach the Ferropolis. If you want to read more about Melt 2013 you can read this article.

The Melt festival officially starts at Friday and ends at Monday-morning but there is also a pre-party on Thursday: The tickets are available for 10 Euro and last year the Crystal Fighters performed on Thursday. This pre-party also means that you are already welcome on the campsite on Thursday-night, the better spots are still available so this might be a smart thing to do.

Name: Melt Festival 2014
Address: Ferropolisstraße 1, 06773 Gräfenhainichen
Distance to Berlin: 137 km
Date: 18 tot 20 Juli 2014
Price: 124€
Website: www.meltfestival.de
Music: Electro, Techno, Bands, Rock
Amount of days: 3-4
Line-up: Fritz Kalkbrenner, Modeselektor, Portishead, Kolsch, Ame and many more…



3. Sputnik Springbreak

The bronze medal in this list of festivals around Berlin is going to Sputnik Springbreak. Melt and Fusion are mentioned more often if people are discussing great German festivals but Sputnik is defenitely not a dance festival we can ignore. Names like David Guetta proof that the organisation invested a lot of money in the line-up and also Sputnik Springbreak is organized on an island. The island is called Pouch and is located about 160km from Berlin. It is easiest to reach this festival by car but you can also consider a share ride (mitfahrgelegenheit) or public transport.

Sputnik SpringbreakSputnik Springbreak Festival in Germany (© facebook.com/Sputnik.SPRINGBREAK.Festival)

Besides David Guetta the line-up of Sputnik Springbreak contains a few other famous arists: Oliver Koletzki, Alle Farben, Sascha Braemer, Aka Aka and on the website you can find many other great names. The tickets are available on the website (see below) and you can find more information about previous editions, route and the island Pouch there as well.

Comparing to some of the other German festivals in 2014, Sputnik Springbreak has a very reasonable price. For not more than 93 euro you can visit this weekendfestival and lucky enough these tickets are not as hard to get as the tickets of Fusion. If you want to visit Sputnik Springbreak with a group I would advice to order the tickets together: If you order 7 tickets you get one ticket for free. So just fill up two cars with your friends and find your way to Sputnik Springbreak 2014.

Name: Sputnik Springbreak
Address: 06774, Pouch
Distance to Berlin: 160 km
Date: 6 tot 8 Juni 2014
Price: 93€ (8e ticket gratis)
Website: www.sputnikspringbreak.de
Music: Electro, Indie, Pop
Amount of days: 3
Line-up: David Guetta, Klangkarussell, Oliver Koletzki, Alle Farben, Sascha Braemer and many more…



4. SonneMondSterne

The year 1997 was a special year for festivals in Germany: Besides Fusion and Melt it was also the first year that SonneMondSterne was organized. In that year, already 17 years ago, about 2500 people visited SonneMondSterne. Nowadays SonneMondSterne is a very popular German festival and last year 35.000 people were present. The dance festival in 2014 is organized close to Saalburg and as you can see on the image below, it might be a good idea to pack your bikini or swimshort.

SonneMondSterneThe German festival SonneMondSterne (© facebook.com/SonneMondSterne.Festival)

The line-up of SonneMondSterne might be the most impressive of all the dance festivals in 2014: Calvin Harris, AndHim, DeadMau5 and Fatboy Slim are just a few of the names on the list. The mix of different music-styles and the great location justifies that SonneMondSterne is one of the top 5 German festival around Berlin.

A small disadvantage of SonneMondSterne is the price: The first artists will start playing Friday and the music will stop Sunday-afternoon so SMS is just 2,5 days long and the price is higher than Sputnik Springbreak or Fusion. A ticket can be bought for 115 Euro.

Name: SonneMondSterne Festival 2014
Address: Saalburg-Ebersdorf
Distance to Berlin: 291 km
Date: 8-10 Augustus 2014
Price: 115€ (8e ticket gratis)
Website: www.sonnemondsterne.de
Music: Electro, Techno, Indie, Pop
Amount of days: 2,5 (till Sunday 16.00)
Line-up: Fatboy Slim, Deadmau5, Calvin Harris, Solomun, Klangkarussell, Oliver Koletzki and many more…



5. Plotzlich am Meer (Plotzlich am Bodden)

A German festival which offers a great experience for a very reasonable price is Plotzlich am Meer. This dance festival is a bit less famous but because of the great success of this festival last year, the expectations are quite high. Plotzlich am Meer is actually a bit illegal because the festival changed locations and is organized in Poland now. But because the roots are in Germany, we feel like it belongs in this list of German festivals. This year the festival will be organized in Rowogo, Poland. Rowogo is located about 260km from Berlin and also located at the water so I bet Plotzlich am Meer 2014 will be a great success again.

Plotzlich am meerPlotzlich am Meer 2013 (Still at the Usedom Island) (© facebook.com/ploetzlich.am.bodden)

The Plotzlich am Meer dance festival will be organized from the 29th till the 31st of August in 2014. As mentioned there is not so much information about Plotzlich am Meer yet, but hopefully this will be available soon. The line-up of last year included names like Dixon, Kotelett & Zadak, Moneky Maffia, Turmspringer and Kollektiv Ost.

The price of Plotzlich am Meer 2013 was about 50€ so if the price does not increase that much this will be defenitely be a very reasonable deal if you want to visit a German festival in 2014.

Name: Plotzlich am Meer 2014
Address: Usedom island
Distance to Berlin: 275 km
Date: 29 till 31 August 2014
Price: In 2013 it was 50€
Website: www.ploetzlich.net
Music: House, Electro, Techno
Amount of days: 3
Line-up: Not available yet (will be updated)

Plotzlich am meer


6. Helene Beach Festival 2014

The German festival in this list which is closest to Berlin is Helena Beach festival. This festival will be organized close to Frankfurt-Oder and this is about 100km from Berlin. As the name implies, this dance festival will also be organized on a beach, the beach of a lake called Helene to be precise. Helene is the cleanest lake of Brandenburg and about 250 hectare large. Because this dance festival will be organized in the end of july this is great location to enjoy some free days with music, beers and swimming.

Helene Beach Festival 2014
The  Helene Beach Festival

On the website of the Helene Beach Festival it is stated that the festival in 2014 will start on Friday at 17.00 and end on Sundaymorning at 08.00. The line-up already contains names like Lexer, Revolverhead and Thomas Lizzaro and the if we should believe the website many more will follow. The price of Helene Beach Festival is very reasonable, for not more than 69 Euro you can be present at this weekendfestival.

If you want to get a better impression of this festival you can have a look at the aftermovie of the Helene Beach festival of last year.

Name: Helene Beach Festival 2014
Address: Helene-See 2 * 15236 Frankfurt (Oder)
Distance to Berlin: 100 km
Date: 24 tot 27 Juli 2014
Price: 69€
Website: www.helene-beach-festival.de
Music: Rock, Pop, Electro, Hip Hop
Amount of days: 2
Line-up:Pan-Pot, Lexer, Revolverhead, Thomas Lizzara, Sierra Kid, Mc Fitti, Bosse and many more…

Helene Beach Festival


7. Her mit dem schönen Leben (HMDSL)

Melt, Fusion and Sputnik Springbreak are names which are known all over Europe. But the festival Her mit dem schönen Leben might not be such a popular name. A free translation of Her mit dem schönen Leben is Bring on the Good Life and this is exactly what this German dance festival is trying to do. HMDSL will be organized on an island called Rügen and is located directly at the Ostsee. So prepare yourself for soft sand, swimming in the sea and some very good music.

From all the festivals in east-Germany Her mit dem schönen Leben is located most far from Berlin. You will have to spend about 3 hours of driving to reach this festival so it might be best if you take some extra days of and combine this festival with a few free days at the Ostsee.

Her mit dem Schonen Leben Her mit dem schönen Leben

Her mit dem schönen Leben is not a very commercial dance festival. There are not a lot of videos or images on the internet besides these four teasers which actually only give you an impression of the island Rügen. HMDSL wants to be different than the other festivals in this list.

The line-up of Her mit dem schönen Leben laat weinig te wensen over: With artists like Lexer, Magit Cacoon, Oliver Schories, David Goldberg and Kollektiv Ost it can be called solid without a doubt. My argumentation for putting this German  festival in 2014 not higher than number seven has mainly to do with the price: The music will stop Sunday and the tickets are available for 100 Euro.

Name: Her mit dem schönen Leben 2014
Address: Mukraner Str. 12, 18609, Prora
Distance to Berlin: 300 km
Date: 23 tot 25 Mei 2014
Price: 96,30€ (Festival 64€, camping 20€ + extras)
Website: www.her-damit.info
Music: Electro, Techno
Amount of days: 2,5
Line-up: Lexer, Magit Cacoon, Oliver Schories, David Goldberg and Kollektiv Ost

Her mit dem Schonen Leben


8. Splash Festival

The main focus from most German festivals in this list is techno and house-music. Most of the dance festivals also offer some bands and alternative artists but the main artists on the line-up are DJs. Splash is a festival which focuses a bit more on R&B, HipHop and other music-styles as well. The line-up is not complete yet but at this moment Kollegah, Prinz Pi, Sierra Kid, Antilopen Gang and Cro are already on it.

3199x522dc4611ecSplash festival

Just like Melt, the Splash festival 2014 will also be organized at the Ferropolis. This is a positive aspect because this location is absolutely one of the coolest festival-locations I have visited. The price of this festival is reasonable but only if you like this kind of music, the other German festivals offer better DJs for the same price. If you like a mix of Dance, HipHop and R&B Splash is your German festival in 2014.

Name: Splash festival 2014
Address: Ferropolisstraße 1, 06773 Gräfenhainichen
Distance to Berlin: 137 km
Date: 11-13 Juli 2014
Price: 109€
Website: www.splash-festival.de
Music: Electro, HipHop R&B
Amount of days: 3
Line-up: Kollegah, Prinz Pi, Sierra Kid, Antilopen Gang, Cro and many more…


9. Rocken am Brocken

Just like the previous festival in this list (Splash), also Rocken am Brocken focuses a bit more on another field of music. But don´t be demotivated by the name: Besides a lot of rockbands there will also be many cool DJs. Last year Oliver Koletzki was performing and this year Triggerfinger, K-Paul, Delphi, Razz and Bassraketen are already on the line-up- There will be four different stages and you can expect a great selection of music from different styles and artists. Rocken am Brocken might have the most versatile programm of all the German festivals in this list.

Fotograf: Markus ThörichtRocken am Brocken (© Markus Thöricht)

Rocken am Brocken does not have a high position in this list but it is one of the cheapest dance festivals in Germany. Three days of festival for not more than 44€ is a very good offer. The line-up might be a bit less interesting than Fusion or Melt, but for this price everybody should consider visiting Rocken am Brocken.Rocken am Brocken is located in a small city called Eland, southwest of Magdeburg.

The campsite of the festival Rocken am Brocken will open on 31.07 at 09.00 and the party will finish Sundaymorning around 10.00-12.00.

Name: Rocken am Brocken 2014
Address: Braunlagerstraße, 38875 Elend
Distance to Berlin: 245 km
Date: 31 Juli tot 2 Augustus 2014
Price: 39,50€
Website: www.rocken-am-brocken.de
Music: Electro, Indie, Punk, Rock
Amount of Days: 3
Line-up: Triggerfinger, K-Paul, Delphi, Razz and Bassraketen


10. Baltic Springbreak

The last German dance festival in 2014 is called Baltic Springbreak and is located closely to the Polish Border. About 250km north of Berlin you can find the island Usedom and besides Plotzlich am Meer also the Baltic Springbreak will be organized. The Baltic Springbreak will be organized on the beach and when you take a look at the photos of last year you will see that there are a lot of sexy-dancers and naked ladies present. If that is positive or negative is not up to me. If you want to get a better impression of this dance festival you can have a look at the after-movie of last year.

Baltic Springbreak 2013Baltic Springbreak 2013 (© www.balticspringbreak.de)

The festival Baltic Springbreak does not have the most impressive line-up but the price is sharp: For 55€ you can party for three days and also stay on the campsite. The Baltic Springbreak is one of the only German weekendfestivals which also offers day-tickets. For 20 Euro you can get one of these. Some of the names which are already on the line-up at this moment are: Westbam, Gary D., Sean Finn, Michael Mind Project and Felix Kröcher.

Name: Baltic Springbreak 2014
Address: Usedom Island
Distance to Berlin: 250 km
Date: 7 tot 10 Augustus 2014
Price: 55€
Website: www.balticspringbreak.de
Music: Electro, House
Amount of Days: 3
Line-up: Gary D, Felix Kröcher, 2Elements, Westbam and more to come…


Summary: Festivals in Germany 2014

All in all we can conlude that Germany has a lot of great dance festivals to offer in 2014. The top 10 of festivals above is my personal ranking and obviously that has a lot to do with my taste. The perfect festival is different for every person but you can keep the following tips in mind: If you do not want to spend a lot of money on the ticket you should visit Plotzlich am Meer, Fusion, Baltic Springbreak or Rocken am Brocken. If you want to see a lot of great artists you should visit Fusion, Melt, SMS or Sputnik Springbreak. If you want to visit a dance festival at an awesome location you might like Ferropolis (Melt, Splash).

Below you can see a summary of the German festivals 2014 in an image, hopefully this will help you to make the right decision. Or you can also just visit all of the festivals, why not?

Evaluation German Festivals 2014

Tips and feedback regarding the German dance festivals in 2014 are very welcome, please leave a comment or contact me!

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