10 great German festivals in 2015

10 great German festivals in 2015

In most countries in Europe you can visit a few good festivals throughout the year. Great festivals like Tomorrowland, Sonar, Sziget and Isle of Wight are defenitely worth a visit and offer great locations and atmosphere. But if there is one country in Europe where you can find a lot of great dance-festivals it would be Germany. Especially if you like DJs and music-styles like techno and electro you should defenitely visit a German Festival in 2015.

Dance-festivals in Germany

Germany is quite famous for its DJs: Talented names like AndHim, Paul & Fritz Kalkbrenner, Paul van Dyk, PanPot and Anja Schneider are born in Germany and travel all around the world to perform on dance-festivals and parties. Lucky enough these DJs did not forgot where they came from and visit German festivals quite frequently as well. Partly because of this most German festivals have a very solid line-up and can offer the tickets for a better price than most other European countries. For many of you it might be too much of a time-investment to visit a day-festival in Germany, but for a weekend-festival it could certainly be worth travelling a few hours. A good thing is that the money you spend for the journey can be compensated with the cheaper entrance-ticket of the festival.

Melt FestivalMelt Festival in Germany

Festivals close to Berlin

If you do think the travelling is too much of an investment for a weekend, you can always decide to combine a German festival in 2015 with visiting Berlin. A lot of the festivals in Germany are organized in the eastern part of the country and therefore you can reach them quite easily when Berlin is your starting point. The 10 German dance-festivals in this article are all on a reasonable distance from Berlin. Most of the festivals can be reached in about 2 hours by train, bus or car. Obviously the clubs in Berlin are hard to leave behind, but a whole weekend with your friends on a campsite is still a bit more special than partying in a club.

Ten great German dance-festivals in 2015

Below you can find a list where you can compare ten of the greatest German festivals in 2015. All of the dance-festivals offer versatile music-styles and all of the festivals are weekend-festivals where you have the possibility to stay on a campsite. Obviously this selection is closely connected to my taste for artists and locations, but you can find my motivation at every single one of these dance-festivals. If you want to get an impression of the music and the line-up I would recommend visiting Youtube or Soundcloud and listening to some livesets of the DJs/Artists.

In the end of this article I made a table which shows a clear overview of all these 10 German festivals in 2015. So if you do not have a lot of time you can scroll to the end of this article and read my summary.


1. Fusion Festival

Fusion (or Фузион) is one of the greatest dance festivals in Europe without a doubt. The first edition of this German festival was organized in 1997 and the location has always been the military basis called Lärz. Last year more than 60.000 people visited this dance festival about 150km north of Berlin. The ticketsales of Fusion proof that the festival is very popular: It is not possible to buy a ticket directly, you have to register on the website and hope that you will be one of the lucky people who gets chosen in lottery.

Fusion FestivalFusion Festival in the north of Berlin (© jonasginter.de)

The Fusion festival 2015 will be organized from the 25th till the 28th of June. The line-up is not available yet and this will stay this way till a few weeks before the festival because this is the policy of the Fusion festival. But the last couple of years there have been plenty of great DJs on Fusion: Andhim, Lexer, Pan-Pot, Super-Flu and Jan Blomqvist were performing at this German festival the last two years so I guess you do not have to worry about the line-up.

Obviously it is a big shame that the tickets of the Fusion festival 2015 are so hard to get. But on the other hand this also shows the beauty of this festival: Instead of increasing the price to 120-140 Euro, Fusion is still one of the cheaper dance-festivals in Germany. For 95 Euro you have four days with many great artists, an even greater atmosphere and an awesome location.
If you want to be part of Fusion 2015, you are a bit late already. You can still try and contact the organization and hope you can be a volunteer but the official tickets are already sold out.

Name: Fusion 2015
Address: Am Flugplatz, 17248 Lärz
Distance Berlin: 157 km
Date: 25 till 28 June 2015
Price: 95€
Website: www.fusion-festival.de
Music: House, Electro, Techno
Amount of days: 4
Line-up: Line-up not available yet

Logo Fusion

2. Melt

Another German festival which was first organized in 1997 is called Melt. This dance festival is located at an abandoned colliery which goes by the name Ferropolis. The Feropolis is also referred to as the City of Iron, a lot of large machines and cranes can still be found on this island. Just as many other German festivals in this list, the party-area of Melt is surrounded by water. Because this festival is organized in July it is a great benefit that you can have a refreshing dive in the water every now and then.

Melt FestivalMelt Festival (© facebook.com/meltfestival)

Besides the awesome location, the Melt festival also has an extremely solid line-up: In 2015 artists like Sven Väth, Bonobo, David August and Chris Liebing will be performing here. Besides DJs you can also see bands and even some alternative arists at the Melt festival (e.g. Alt-J, Cashmere Cat, Kylie Minogue). All in all we can conclude that when we compare German festivals Melt might be a bit more expensive than some other festivals (136€) but also has one of the best line-ups.

The Melt festival is located about 140km from Berlin. Two years ago I went to Melt by car and it took me a bit more than 1 hour to reach the Ferropolis. If you want to read more about my experience you can read this article about the Melt Festival.

The Melt festival officially starts at Friday 17 July but you can buy tickets for a pre-party on Thursday: The tickets are available for 11 Euro and the acts will be published on the website of Melt (see below) as soon as possible. This pre-party also means that you are already welcome on the campsite on Thursday, the better spots are still available then so this might be a smart thing to do.

Name: Melt Festival 2015
Address: Ferropolisstraße 1, 06773 Gräfenhainichen
Distance to Berlin: 137 km
Date: 17 tot 19 Juli 2015
Price: 136€
Website: www.meltfestival.de
Music: Electro, Techno, Bands, Rock
Amount of days: 3
Line-up: Bonobo, Sven Väth, Alt-J, David August, Chris Liebing, Claptone and many more…

Melt-Festival 2015


3. SonneMondSterne

The year 1997 was a special year for german festivals because besides Melt and Fusion it was also the first year SonneMondSterne was organized. In that year, already 18 years ago, about 2500 people visited the festival SonneMondSterne. Nowadays things changed and SonneMondSterne is a lot larger and a more popular (last year 35.000 people visited). This dance-festival is organized close to Saalburg and as you can see on the image below, it might be a good idea to pack your bikini or swimshort.

SonneMondSterneThe German festival SonneMondSterne (© facebook.com/SonneMondSterne.Festival)

If you like famous DJs SonneMondSterne might have the most impressive line-up of all the dance-festivals in 2015: Calvin Harris, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Faithless, Oliver Schories, Karotte, David K and Alle Farben are just a few of the great list of DJs which will perform on this festival. SonneMondSterne focuses mostly on Techno/Electro/House and therefore it is a great German Festival if you are not interested in bands and other music-styles.

A small disadvantage of SonneMondSterne is that this festival is ending on Sunday at 16.00. Therefore it is one of the more expensive german festivals in 2015. The line-up might honestly be better than Fusion or Melt but the price is also higher if you check the price per day. Tickets can be bought for 129 Euro.

Name: SonneMondSterne Festival 2015
Address: Saalburg-Ebersdorf
Distance to Berlin: 291 km
Date: 7-9 Augustus 2015
Price: 129€
Website: www.sonnemondsterne.de
Music: Electro, Techno, House
Amount of days: 2,5 (till Sunday 16.00)
Line-up: Calvin Harris, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Faithless, Oliver Schories, Karotte, David K and many more



4. Sputnik Springbreak

A solid fourth place on this list of festivals around Berlin is going to Sputnik Springbreak. When people discuss the best festivals in Germany, they usually mention Melt and Fusion but Sputnik is defenitely worth visiting as well. Names like Fritz Kalkbrenner, Oliver Koletzki and Robin Schulz show that the organisation is serious about competing with a strong line-up. The Sputnik Springbreak festival is organized on an island called Pouch and is located about 160km from Berlin.

Sputnik SpringbreakSputnik Springbreak Festival in Germany (© facebook.com/Sputnik.SPRINGBREAK.Festival)
Besides Fritz Kalkbrenner and Robin Schulz the line-up of Sputnik Springbreak contains a few other solid names: Oliver Koletzki, Alle Farben, Sascha Braemer, Aka Aka, Lexer and Super-Flu are just a bunch of them. Besides DJs you will also be able to see bands and artists like Die Fantastischen Vier, CRO, Nero and Deichkind. The tickets are available on the website (see below) and you can find more information about previous editions,the route and the island Pouch there as well.

Comparing this festival to some of the other German festivals in 2015, Sputnik Springbreak has a very reasonable price. For not more than 104 euro you can visit this weekend-festival and lucky enough these tickets are not as hard to get as tickets for Fusion.

If you want to visit Sputnik Springbreak with a group I would advice to order the tickets together: If you order 10 tickets you get one ticket for free. So just fill up some cars with your friends and find your way to Sputnik Springbreak festival 2015.

Name: Sputnik Springbreak 2015
Address: 06774, Pouch
Distance to Berlin: 160 km
Date: 22 tot 25 May 2015
Price: 104€
Website: www.sputnikspringbreak.de
Music: House, Electro, Indie, Pop, Rap
Amount of days: 3
Line-up: Fritz Kalkbrenner, Alle Farben, Oliver Koletzki, AKA AKA, Sascha Braemer, Aka Aka, Super Flu, Lexer, CRO and many more

Sputnik springbreak logo

5. Plotzlich am Meer (Plotzlich am Bodden)

Another German festival which offers a great experience for a very reasonable price is Plotzlich am Meer. This dance festival is not as commercial as many others in this list, but because of the great success of this festival last year, the expectations are high again. Plotzlich am Meer is actually a bit of an illegal festival in this list because it will be organized in Rogowo, Poland. But because the roots are in Berlin, we feel like it belongs in this list of German festivals. Rowogo is located about 260km from Berlin and you will literally be partying on the beach.

Plotzlich am meerPlotzlich am Meer Festival (Rogowo, Poland) (© facebook.com/ploetzlich.am.bodden)

The Plotzlich am Meer dance festival will be organized from the 21st till the 23rd of August in 2015. As mentioned there is not so much information about Plotzlich am Meer yet, but hopefully this will be available soon. The last couple of years DJs like Dixon, Kotelett & Zadak, Monkey Maffia, Turmspringer and Kollektiv Ost were performing at Plötzlich am Meer.

The price of Plotzlich am Meer 2015 will be 94€. The price has increased quite a lot the last years but the festival also became more professional and has a better line-up than before.

Name: Plötzlich am Meer 2015
Address: Rogowo, Poland
Distance to Berlin: 260 km
Date: 21 till 23 August 2015
Price: 94€
Website: www.ploetzlich.net
Music: House, Electro, Techno
Amount of days: 3
Line-up: Not available yet (will be updated)



6. Helene Beach Festival 2015

The German festival in this list which is closest to Berlin is Helene Beach festival. This festival will be organized close to Frankfurt-Oder which is about 100km from Berlin. As the name implies, this dance-festival will also be organized at the water, the beach of a lake called Helene to be precise. Helene is the cleanest lake of Brandenburg and is about 250 hectare large. Last year I visited Helene Beach Festival myself and I can guarentee that it is great to have a large beach where you can chillout during the day. At most other German festivals (also Melt and Fusion) you can swim but there is not really a large beach and enough space for everybody to lay down.

Helene Beach Festival 2014
The Helene Beach Festival
The music on the Helene Beach Festival starts on friday 17.30 and ends already on sunday-morning 08.00. But from my own experience I know that there is still a pretty cool club which you can visit sundaynight. The campsite will be open till monday-evening so you do not have to hurry if you drive back that day. The line-up of Helene Beach is versatile and there are some large international names on it: Robin Schulz, Miss Kittin, Anja Schneider, Channel X, Niko Schwind, Sebo K and Gestört aber Geil are just a bunch of the artists. The price of this German festival in 2015 is reasonable: For 87 Euro you can be part of it in the end of July.

If you want to get a better impression of this festival you can have a look at the aftermovie of the Helene Beach festival of last year.

Name: Helene Beach Festival 2015
Address: Helene-See 2 , 15236 Frankfurt (Oder)
Distance to Berlin: 100 km
Date: 23 tot 26 Juli 2015
Price: 87€
Website: www.helene-beach-festival.de
Music: Rock, Pop, Electro, House
Amount of days: 2,5
Line-up: Robin Schulz, Miss Kittin, Anja Schneider, Channel X, Niko Schwind, Sebo K and many more…
Helene Beach Festival


7. Her damit Festival

Festivals like Melt and Fusion are known all over Europe. But the festival Her Damit might not be so familiar outside of Germany. The name Her Damit could be freely translated in English to something like “Just take it”. The meaning is connected to taken the time to enjoy, party, dance and have fun for a whole weekend on this German dance-festival.  Her Damit will be organized on an island called Rügen and is located directly at the Ostsee. So prepare yourself for some white sand, swimming in the sea and some very good music.

Her mit dem schönen Leben 2 Her Damit Festival (© facebook.com/herdamitfestival)

From all the festivals in East-Germany Her Damit is located a bit further from Berlin. All together it will probably take you about 3 hours to reach this festival. But if you drive together with a few friends the party can already start in the car and you could always decide to spend a few extra days at the beautiful Ostsee or in a Polish city like Stettin. Maybe it would be best to do this before the festival because I can imagine that you are pretty tired afterwards.

Her Damit is not a very commercial festival. There are not a lot of videos or images on the internet but you can have a look at the aftermovie of a previous festival if you want to get a better impression of this German Festival. The line-up of Her Damit fits to this non-commercial image. You will not find names like Robin Schulz or Fritz Kalkbrenner on this festival but this does not mean that there will not be plenty of popular and talented DJs: Schleppgeist, Manamana, Neil Flynn, Henning Baer and Philipp von Bergmann are some names I would personally like to see.

The music on this festival will stop playing on Sunday around 20.00. The tickets are starting at 86€ for the festival and two days on the campsite. The longer you want to stay, the more expensive the ticket will be. More information can be found on the website.

Name: Her Damit 2015
Address: Mukraner Str. 12, 18609, Prora
Distance to Berlin: 300 km
Date: 8 till 10 May 2015
Price: 86 – 106€
Website: www.herdamitfestival.com
Music: Electro, Techno
Amount of days: 3
Line-up: Schleppgeist, Manamana, Neil Flynn, Henning Baer, Philipp von Bergmann and more…

Her mit dem schönen Leben

8. Feel Festival 2015

A festival we almost forgot to add to this list is the Feel Festival. But the line-up, location and price of this festival defenitely makes it deserve a spot in this list of German Festivals. The Feel Festival is organized directly at the Bergheider See which is located in the south of Berlin. This location is about 127km away so you can reach this German festival within 1,5 hours from Berlin. It comes as no surprise that a location like Bergheider See offers enough water and nature to enjoy a great weekend.

Feel Festival 2014Feel Festival 2015 in Germany  (© www.facebook.com/feelfestival)

The Feel Festival 2015 is organized in the second weekend of July. The line-up of this German Festival is versatile and has some great DJs on it: Sascha Braemer, HVOB, Lexer, Niconé, Wankelmut and many others will be present. If you want to get a better impression of the festival, you can check out the aftermovie from last year.

The price of the Feel Festival is very sharp. The Early Birds could even buy tickets for 40 euro, but that phase is behind us now. But the current price of 74€ is still very good if you take the location and line-up into account.

Name: Feel Festival 2015
Address: Bergheider See
Distance to Berlin: 130 km
Date: 10 till 13 July 2015
Price: 74€
Website: www.feel-festival.de
Music: Electro, Techno, Bands, House
Amount of days: 3
Line-up: Sascha Braemer, HVOB, Lexer, Niconé, Wankelmut and many others…

Feel Festival 2015


9. Rocken am Brocken

The name Rocken am Brocken probably make the people who love to go clubbing in Berlin skip this festival. The name indicates that there would only be bands at this German festival but that is not the case. Although Rocken am Brocken does focus a bit more on another field of music, there will still be a bunch of pretty cool DJs as well. Last year Oliver Koletzki was performing and this year Dirty Doering, Lexer, Housekid and K-Paul are already on the line-up. If you like the mix of some bands and some DJs Rocken am Brocken might be a great alternative for you.

Fotograf: Markus ThörichtRocken am Brocken (© Markus Thöricht)

Rocken am Brocken does not have a very high position in this list because it is all about German dance-festivals in the end, but the price is better than any other. Three days of festival for not more than 50€ is a very good offer, even if you are not a big rock-fan. The line-up might be a bit less interesting than Fusion or Melt, but for this price everybody should consider visiting Rocken am Brocken.

This german Festival is located in a small city called Elend, southwest of Magdeburg. This is all located in the area of the Harz National Park: I have been there and it is an awesome part of Germany. The campsite of the festival Rocken am Brocken will open on 30.07 at 09.00 and the party will finish Sundaymorning again.

Name: Rocken am Brocken 2015
Address: Braunlagerstraße, 38875 Elend
Distance to Berlin: 245 km
Date: 30 Juli tot 1 Augustus 2015
Price: 50€
Website: www.rocken-am-brocken.de
Music: Electro, Indie, Punk, Rock
Amount of Days: 3
Line-up: Turbostaat, Lexer, Dirty Doering, Razz, Jonah and more…

10. Hurricane Festival

Another very versatile festival in Germany is called Hurricane. This is a perfect festival if you are part of a large group with different music-tastes. Hurricane is a mix of great DJs, famous bands and solo-artists. Some of the German festivals in this list are located close to the border to Poland, but the Hurricane Festival is more to the west (between Bremen and Hamburg). I have mentioned a few times that the festivals should be combined with visiting Berlin, but in this case a trip to Hamburg would make more sense (and Hamburg is awesome too).

Hurricane Festival The Hurricane Festival (© zeitgeist247.de)

The festival Hurricane has a line-up which actually deserves a higher position in this list. But the price is a bit higher than most German festivals and the festival Hurricane is not organized on an island. But with names like Paul Kalkbrenner, Klingande, Of Monsters and Men, DeadMaus, Parov Stelar and Placebo it could still be a very legitimate choice to visit Hurricane in the summer of 2015.

The camping will open on Thursday 16.00 and you have to leave again on Monday morning (12.00).

Name: Hurricane Festival 2015
Address: Eichenring, Scheeßel
Distance to Berlin: 350 km
Date: 19 tot 21 Juni 2015
Price: 139€
Website: www.hurricane.de
Music: Bands, Electro, House
Amount of Days: 3
Line-up: Paul Kalkbrenner, Klingande, Of Monsters and Men, DeadMaus, Parov Stelar, Placebo and many more
Hurricane festival


Bonus: Berlin Festival 2015

When we are discussing festivals which are easy to reach from Berlin, we simply have to add the Berlin Festival in Kreuzberg. It is a bit of an outsider because it is not really a traditional festival with camping possibilities (therefore: Bonus) but there is music for several days so it could be considered as a weekend-festival. The Berlin Festival 2015 will take place in the Arena Park (in front of White Trash) in Kreuzberg which is easy to reach from station Treptower Park. Clubs like Club der Visionäre and Arena Club will be part of this festival and there will also be several stages in the park.

Berlin-Festival-2015Berlin Festival 2015(© common-tales.com)

The line-up of Berlin Festival 2015 is solid as a rock if you like techno and electro. Great DJs like Richie Hawtins, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Seth Troxler, Carl Craig, Rudimental, Dixon and many other large names. A full list of the DJs which will perform can be found on the website below.

The tickets can be bough for 69 Euro for the whole weekend and there are also day-tickets available. Of course you have to keep in mind that you have to get yourself some accomodation in Berlin so some extra expensives have to be calculated for that.

Name: Berlin Festival 2015
Address: Eichenstraße 4, Berlin
Distance to Berlin: 0 km
Date: 29 till 31 May 2015
Price: 69€
Website: www.berlinfestival.de
Music: Electro, Techno, House
Amount of Days: 3
Line-up: Fritz Kalkbrenner, Seth Troxler, Carl Craig, Rudimental, Dixon and more

Summary: Festivals in Germany 2015

All in all we can conlude that there are plenty of great german festivals in 2015. The top 10 of festivals above is my personal ranking and obviously that has a lot to do with my taste. The perfect festival is different for every person but you can keep the following tips in mind: If you do not want to spend a lot of money on the ticket you should visit Fusion, Helene Beach or Rocken am Brocken. If you want to see a lot of famous artists you should visit Melt, SMS or Sputnik Springbreak. If you want to visit a dance-festival with more than one music-style you might want to visit Hurricane, Rocken am Brocken or Sputnik Springbreak.

Below you can see a summary of the German festivals 2014 in an image, hopefully this will help you to make the right decision. Or you can also just visit all of the german festivals, why not?

Compare german Festivals 2015

Tips and feedback regarding the German dance festivals in 2015 are very welcome, please leave a comment or contact me!

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