4 Free tickets for Closing Party in the What?!

4 Free tickets for Closing Party in the What?!

The end of February is getting closer and for most international students it is time to go back home. But not before they celebrated one last awesome party together. On this friday (1st February) all international students are invited in the What-Club in the middle of Berlin. In the article of last weekend you could already read more about the What-club, the facebook-group called International Students in Berlin and the Rien ne va Plus closing party of coming friday.

Photos of the What-Club

As mentioned already, the dancing will be done at the What-Club at Alexanderplatz. There will be different music-styles and also a floor where you can play table-tennis all night long. The DJ is called DJ RisG and he will be playing all kinds of music: you can expect a mix of disco, electro, classics and also the popular charts.

To give a better impression of the What-Club you can find some photos of the club in this article. The club has a classy style with some different areas and even a football-table.

Free Tickets

To promote the Closing Party, the ISiB-group gives away two sets of two free tickets on Berlin-Enjoy. The tickets are worth 5 euro each so you will earn yourself some free beer and ask a friend to join you.

All you have to do is like both pages Rien ne va Plus Closing Party and Berlin-Enjoy on Facebook. After that you can just leave your name  in the comments below this article and Friday I will use this Random Name Picker to chose two Winnners for the Free tickets.

The What Club in Berlin
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