A weekentrip to Dresden

A weekentrip to Dresden

This blog is mostly filled with interesting activities in Berlin. This is totally legitimate because Berlin is great. But this does not mean that there are not some other German cities which are defenitely worth a visit. Dresden is one of them and the good thing is that this German city is located relatively close to Berlin.


The city Dresden is the capital of Sachsen and has about half a million habitants. The city is located not that far from Czech and therefore you can even combine a weekendtrip to Dresden with some days in Prague. But don´t schedule less than 2 days in Dresden because there is a lot to see: The city is divided into the old and the new part and especially the old part of Dresden has many impressive attractions and buildings.

Sights in Dresden

During World War II Dersden has suffered severaly. Luckily most of the damaged buildings have been restored in the last years so you can still enjoy some very interesting churches (Frauenkirche, Hofkirche and Sophienkirche). Besides tht I really liked the Semperoper, the Yenidze and the Zwinger Palace. More information about sights and attractions in Dresden can be found on Wikipedia. Besides the sights Dresden also offers a very nice atmosphere. Many small and cosy streets with colourful buildings.

The churces and sights in Dresden are impressive (© Berlin-Enjoy.com)



Besides the fact that Dresden is a beautiful city to visit if you like history and impressive buildings, the city also offers a very attractive nightlife. Dresden is home to some large universities and therefore you can find many students in this German city. The nightlife of Dresden is different than Berlin but has its own charme: Many small bars and pubs with cheap entrance and backpacker-style-interiors. During the day you can enjoy one of the biergartens close to the Elbe.

Dresden Church
Dresden Sights
The atmosphere in Dresden (© Berlin-Enjoy.com)

Just two hours from Berlin

If you live in Berlin, Dresden is even more interesting to visit because you can reach the city within 2 hours time. Dresden is located about 200km from Berlin and therefore you can save time and money if you compare a citytrip to Dresden with one to a foreign country or other city in Germany. If you are interested in the best way to reach Dresden you might want to check out the website GoEuro: This website compares different transport-methods to popular travel-destinations and it worked well for me.

Elbe DresdenTake it easy in one of the biergartens of Dresden (© Berlin-Enjoy.com)

Dresden Summarized

If your budget for this summer is already spend on German Festivals and other citytrips, you might want to consider saving some money and visiting Dresden. It will still feel like a real holiday because of the atmosphere and the many sights and with hostels starting at 15€ you should be able to spend a whole weekend in Dresden for less than 100 Euro.


Job van Hardeveld
Written by Job van Hardeveld

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