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When you find the time to visit a large city like Berlin for a couple of days. It might be a good initiative to also have some active days. You can decide to make a nice walk in the park or visit some of the beuatiful attractions, but it might be also a cool idea to do some sports.

There are many different possibilities to play sports in Berlin. If the weather is not so good you can decide to play indoor sports like futsal or bowling. But if the weather is nice, the possibilities are even larger. Besides “normal” sports like soccer and basketbal you can also enjoy a nice afternoon of beachvolleybal or golf.

Below you can find a list of different sports in Berlin. Enjoy the possibilties and write a comment if you need some opponents!


Futsal in Berlin: Bobo Fuego

During the cold wintermonths, there are less opportunities to do sport in Berlin. A nice afternoon of golf or a game of beachvolleybal in Beachmitte are not such a good idea when it is freezing outside. Fortunately, there are many
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