After Movie + New Dates for the Holi-Festival

After Movie + New Dates for the Holi-Festival

It came over from India and is also a big happening in Europe right now: The holi festivals. They are colorful, unique and sold out very quickly.

The hype started here in Berlin, unfortunately only 3,000 tickets were available for the first festival at Ostbahnhof and sold out within 20 minutes (see the previous article).
The after-movie below shows what a great effect the colored-powder created.

After the success of the first edition there was a Holi-Festival in Dresden last weekend. Again, it was a huge success. If we must believe the information from the organization we can expect a Holi-Festival in all cities in Germany . Hamburg follows on Saturday the first of September. This is coming week and the ticket get sold this week.

Fortunately, this organization has no patent on organizing the festivals so there are already other smart clubs that use the concept. Last week there was an open air close to the Kater Holzig which also used the bags with colored-powder. When you love the concept but do not want to travel outside Berlin, this might be a great alternative.

I have the feeling that the organizers of the Holi Festival will take full adventage of the popularity of the Festival of Colors. As mentioned above, the competition is not sleeping and clubs in Berlin will start organizing similar events. Keep checking the website once in a while for the new cities the “official” concept will be celebrated. So far i’ve been informed that there will be Holi-Festivals in  Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt and more.

After Movie Holi Festival


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