Anton Corbijn exhibition in the C/O Berlin

Anton Corbijn exhibition in the C/O Berlin

Berlin is known for its crazy nightlife and wild events, but the city also offers its visitors a lot on a cultural level: There are many impressive buildings, interesting attractions and also plenty of exhibitions which are worth visiting. Today we focus on the C/O Berlin, a place which you will love if you like exhibitions.

C/O Berlin

In the year 2000 three friends (photographer Stephan Erfurt, designer Marc Naroska and architect Ingo Pott) started an exhibition with the name C/O. With more than 30.000 visitors the exhibition was a larger success than anybody expected and the boys decided to continue with the concept. Since that moment the C/O Berlin had three different locations, but the last years (from 2014) the exhibitions can be found in the Amerikahaus in Charlottenburg.

CO Berlin Anton Corbijn

The entrance of CO Berlin

The Amerikahaus

The name Amerikahaus comes from the period after the second World War. The americans used this building as an information-center but gave it to the city of Berlin in 2006. The building can be found in the Hardenbergstraße, which is located directly under the S-Bahn station of Zoologischer Garten. The C/O Berlin offers versatile exhibitions in the Amerikahaus several times a year and most of the time they are really worth visiting.

Inside the Amerikahaus

Inside the Amerikahaus

Anton Corbijn

Currently you can find the work of the Dutch photographer Anton Corbin in the C/O Berlin. The exhibition consists of many impressive images of artists, actors and other famous people. Anton Corbijn has always been fascinated by the music-world and that is why you can find photos from Miles Davis, Kurt Cobain, Mick Jagger and plenty of other bands and singers. I personally really loved this exhibition and the different projects from Corbijn which are presented in it.

The C/O Berlin with Anton Corbijn images

The C/O Berlin with Anton Corbijn images

Practical information

The exhibition of Anton Corbijn will be presented till the 31st of January so if you still want to see his work you have to hurry a bit. The entrance normally is 10 Euro but if you can prove that you are a student you only pay 5 Euro. C/O Berlin can be reached very easy: Just get out of the train at Zoologischer Garten and the Amerikahaus can be found on the right side of the big bridge.

Anton Corbijn's project - 1234

Anton Corbijn’s project – 1234

Starting on the 6th of February the next range of exhibitions will start in the Amerikahaus. On the website of C/O Berlin you can find which artists are scheduled.

Below you can find the most important information about the C/O Berlin listed:

Name: C/O Berlin
Location: Amerikahaus
Address: Hardenbergstraße 22
Price: 10 Euro

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