Bucket-List: Backpacking in Bali, Indonesia

Bucket-List: Backpacking in Bali, Indonesia

There are so many giant countries which are still on my bucket-list. The problem with giant countries is that it is very hard to determine where to start. Indonesia is one of these countries: You can spend several months seeing beautiful things in this country. It is time to take a sabbatical, pack my bags and jump on a plane. But till that time I can gather information.

The country Indonesia

As mentioned above, Indonesia is massive. The surface of the country is almost 2 million square km. Just to compare, Germany only has only 350 thousand. The great thing about Indonesia is that the county consists of more than 17.500 islands. That means that you can enjoy a lot of beach, water and beautiful sceneries. After our 2 weeks of backpacking in Sri Lanka, we are craving for more of this.


One of the beautiful sights in Indonesia (rci.com)

The island Bali

Personally I would prefer starting my trip in Bali and then find my way around the country. Bali has about 5 Million habitants and especially the region around Kuta is very popular for tourists. You will most likely land on the airport of Ngurah Rai and from there it is not far to cities like Kuta and Jimbaran. I would like to stay in Kuta a few days and enjoy some of the activities.

Activities in Kuta

If you visit the coast of Bali you have to go surfing. The beach is incredible and there are many spots where you have good waves, also in Kuta. Besides that I want to visit a Turtle Sanctuary and enjoy some of the beautiful village temples. If you want to read more about some activities in Kuta you can click here.

The Sunset at the beach  of Kuta

The Sunset at the beach of Kuta (flickr.com)

Along the westcoast

After Kuta I would prefer to travel along the westcoast towards Pulukan. There is a national park in the most left point of the island Bali called Bali Barat. This park is an absolute must-see for me because I love nature and animals. On the way to this national park I am planning to stop along the coast a few times. Friends of me stayed in a hotel called Alila Seminyak (click here) and showed me some beautiful pictures of the area surrounding the hotel I am planning to stay there at least 2 nights and enjoy the beach and the sunset (like the one below).

Alila Seminyak Hotel

Alila Seminyak Hotel (traveloka.com)

Tanah Lot Temple

Of course I did not travel to Bali to just stay in luxury hotels. On my way to Bali Barat there would be several stops at beautiful sights like the Tanah Lot Temple. This temple is located on top of a rock, which is basically located in the sea. If you visit this temple you can hear the sea smashing against the rock and the temple itself is of immense beauty as well.

Rice Terrace and Monkey Forest

I would also love to go to the inland of Bali. The Rice Terraces are great spots for people who like to take some photos. Meeting the local people and listening to their stories and seeing them work would be great. From these Rice Terraces I would like to find my way to the Monkey Forest and enjoy the nature and animals for a few days. After that I could make my way back to the coast and proceed towards Bali Barat.

Monkey Forest Bali

Monkey Forest Bali (justtravelous.com)

Too much to see…

As you can read there are a great amount of things I would like to see in Bali. I would also love to visit some other islands in Indonesia after my visit to Bali Barat. All in all I guess I need to take a few weeks off for the plans in this article but at least a few months if I really want to experience Indonesia. After the first few weeks I would like to keep my options open and not plan too much. Maybe I still want to see more nature or maybe I crave for a large city at that time.

Can’t wait to get there and I will definitely write an article with own photos afterwards


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