Christmas markets in Berlin: The photos!

Christmas markets in Berlin: The photos!

Large cities like Berlin have a lot to offer in the summer. You have the possibility to party at open-airs, have a barbeque in the park or enjoy the sun at the beach. Offcourse it is unfortunate that these activities are not available in December, but this does not mean that you can not have a great time in Berlin.

My Favourite photos of the Weihnachtsmarkten

As the photo compilation in this article shows, there is a lot to do in Berlin in the winter. The cosy christmas market, decorated streets and warm shopping centers make it worthy to visit Berlin around christmas. Don´t forget to join some of the typical German products: glühwein, mushrooms (Pilze), kastanien and more.

The 10 photos below give an impression of the christmas-atmosphere in Berlin. Most of the photos have been taken at christmas markets all over Berlin. If you are interested in more information about the different christmas markets in Berlin you should read this article.

The Coca-Cola truck at the Christmas market behind shopping center Alexa

Children attraction at Kulturbrauerei

Christmas market at Alexanderplatz (in the background Park Inn)

Christmas lights (for sale at the weihnachtsmarkt am Kulturbrauerei)

Theme park behind Alexa (between Jannowitzbrucke and Alexanderplatz)

The large christmas tree and weihnachtsmarkt at Gendarmenmarkt

Drinking glühwein at Alexanderplatz

Iceskating at the weihnachtsmarkt around Rotes Rathaus (behind the fernsehturm)

Christmas Performance at Gendarmenmarkt (in front of the Kulturhaus)

Christmas market with themepark behind the Alex

Job van Hardeveld
Written by Job van Hardeveld

My Name is Job and I moved to Berlin in January 2012. Since a couple of years I am writing about cool spots, great parties and awesome places in Berlin. Hope you like my blog, leave a comment if you have a question!

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    November 04, 2016

    Hi where is good to stay near the Gendarmenmarkt please ?


    • Avatar
      November 06, 2016

      Hi Happytre,

      It all depends on what you want to spend and what is important to you.

      In general we are not really a specialist on the field of accomodation so it would probably be best if you search for Hotels/Hostels Gendarmenmarkt in Google.

      Good luck!



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