When the weather allows it, it’s great to have a public barbecue. Because you are also allowed to drink alcohol in public it’s a common practise to meet with friends in a park and grill some food together. In this post we listed the rules and the best spots to have a public barbecue in Berlin.

Rules of having a barbecue in Berlin

It should come as no surprise that there are some rules for public barbecues in Berlin. The last summers in Berlin have been very hot and there is always a risk of wildfire. Besides that it’s the duty of the city to make sure nobody experiences any hinderance of the people having a public barbecue. So there are selected parks and green spaces on which you can have your barbecue. The signs like the one below will help you identify these locations. The fine of not following the rules is not high (20€) but it makes sense to follow the rules because they are there for a good reason.

Signs show if you are allowed to barbecue in public in Berlin
Signs show if you are allowed to barbecue in public in Berlin (©)

Great spots to have a public barbecue

The spots we listed below are allowed at the moment but we cannot guarantee that this might change. Therefore it’s best to check the websites before having a good time with your friends. We listed some websites below which will help you get the verification you need.

#1. Volkspark Friedrichshain – Neuer Hain

When you want to have a public barbecue in Friedrichshain you should consider the Volkspark Friedrichshain. This is the oldest public park in Berlin and also one of the largest (49 hectare). It is located about 1,5km from Alexanderplatz so easy to reach. There is a dedicated area called Neuer Hain on which you can have your barbecue. All you have to do is sign up online first and leave a deposit. You will receive a label for free which you should hang on your barbecue and then you are ready to go.

Barbeque in Berlin: Volkspark Friedrichshain
A public barbecue in the park in Berlin (not allowed on this spot anymore)

#2. Tempelhofer Feld (Schöneberg)

Another great location for a public barbecue is the Tempelhofer Feld. This is the area around the Airport Tempelhof and a very popular spot for people to gather. To organise things in a structured way the city has appointed three areas on which you are allowed to have a barbecue. The areas are close to the entrances Tempelhofer Damm, Columbiadamm and the Oderstraße and you can follow the signs to guide you.

Enjoy the sunset in Tempelhofer Park (© http://www.dw.de/)

3. Görlitzer Park (Friedrichshain – Kreuzberg)

The Görlitzer Park is one of the most popular parks in Berlin. It is a big park which borders on the area around Schlesisches Tor where you can find a lot of bars and techno clubs (e.g. Watergate). There are two areas in the Görlitzer Park where you are allowed to have a barbecue. The first is

Barbecue in Berlin
Barbecue in Berlin

Areas where you not allowed to have a barbecue (anymore)

Due to the drought there are way less locations for a public barbecue in Berlin than a few years back. Below you can find a list of locations where it’s not allowed to have a barbecue anymore:

  • Treptower Park & Schlesischer Busch
  • The whole Tiergarten
  • Nowhere in Lichtenberg

Summary + Map

Having a barbecue in Berlin is one of the better activities in the summer. You can eat with a large group of people, enjoy the weather and the nature and no one has to cook. The locations I mentioned above are just some random locations I have been and which I liked a lot. Obviously there are plenty of other great spots. If you have any great spots, feel free to share them in a comment under this article.

And please take all your rubbish with you because we still want to enjoy this great combinations in a couple of year.


My Name is Job and originally from the Netherlands. In 2012, a girl I met in Australia motivated me to move to Berlin. I love to share the best places, activities and events in Berlin with you on my blog.

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