Five great locations to play Beachvolleyball in Berlin

Unfortunately Berlin is about 250km away from the nearest sea. This means there is no real beach to be found. Luckily enough, there are still many opportunities for beach-lovers to find some soft sand and a tropical atmosphere. If you just want to relax you can visit places like YAAM, Metaxa Bay or Oststrand. But if you like to do something active it might be a great idea to play Beachvolleyball in Berlin.

Beachvolleyball in Berlin

Beachvolleyball is one of these sports which most people like. It is not only interesting for one of both genders and most people are able to play it quite well without any training. Besides that beachvolleyball is quite cheap: In Berlin the price of a field is about 16 Euro per hour and normally you play beachvolleybal with at least 6 people so staying home because of the price is not a valid argument.

There are several centrally located places to play beachvolleyball in Berlin. In this article we focus on some of the best locations. Suggestions are always welcome.

1. Beachmitte

Beachmitte is the largest location to play beachvolleyball in Berlin, it has 50 different fields and playing at Beachmitte for one hour will costs 16 Euro. Beachmitte is located close to station Nordbahnhof so quite easy to reach (only two stops from Friedrichstraße). You can play beachvolleyball every day from 10.00 and you have to stop playing at 22.00.

Beachvolleybal Berlin BeachmitteA few of the 50 Beachvolleyball-fields at Beachmitte

But although the last game will end at 22.00, the terrace will still be open. Beachmitte might not be the cheapest place to play beachvolleyball in Berlin, it sure does have one of the nicest bars. The beach-style with a lot of wood and sand is hard to resist after a few hours of intensive sports.

Name: Beachmitte Beachvolleybal Berlin
Address: Caroline-Michaelis-Str. 8
Price per Hour: 16 Euro
Number of fields: 50

2. City Beach (Volkspark Friedrichshain)

Directly at Volkspark Friedrichshain you also have the possibility to play beachvolleyball in Berlin. This location can be perfectly combined with a day in the park and is one of the cheaper locations compared to the other locations in Berlin. For one hour beachvolleybal at City Beach you only pay 12 Euro and 9 fields are available.

Beachvolleyball in BerlinPlaying Beachvolleyball in Berlin at Beachmitte

City Beach is centrally located and one of the ways to reach it is with Tram M10 from Alexanderplatz. It is possible to have a beer after a round of volleyball but compared to places like Beachmitte the bar and seats are quite “simple”.

Making a reservation is advisable, especially in the summer.

Name: City Beach Beachvolleybal
Address: Kniprodestraße / Ecke Danziger Straße
Price per hour: 12 Euro
Fields: 9

3. Beach61 (Indoor)

Beach61 is one of my favourite places to play beachvolleyball and located in Kreuzberg. There are 25 different fields and as you can see on the image below, there is also enough room to chill. Beach61 is located in a park close to Gleisdreieck and therefore it is not possible to drive your car till the frontdoor. When you want to reach this location by train you should travel till station Bülowstraße or Gleisdreieck.

598428_10150847683416230_1623965420_nChillin or Beachvolleyballen at Beach61 (©

Depending on the hour and the day you want to play the price of one hour beachvolleyball in Berlin differs a bit at Beach61. During the week you can play for 10 Euro between 14.00 and 17.00 but at all other moments the price increases to 16 Euro. The beachvolleyball-fields of Beach61 are opened till 22.00.

Name: Beach61
Address: Luckenwalder/Schöneberger Straße
Price per hour: 10-16 Euro
Fields: 25

4. South Beach Beachvolleyball Berlin

One of the most luxury places to play beachvolleyball in Berlin is South Beach. The prices are higher at this location but you can enjoy the sauna and the sand is even heated for comfortable playing. During weekdays from 10.00 till 16.00 you can play for 20 Euro an hour but at the more populair moments this price jumps up to 36 Euro an hour. More than double of what you pay at the other places in this list, but if you like comfort you might still want to consider South Beach.

10333375_524370207675367_5239716577849890864_oSouth Beach has indoor and outdoor beachvolleyball in Berlin (©

South Beach offers 7 indoor-courts and recently opened 4 new outdoor-courts as well. As the name already indicates, South Beach is located more in the south of Berlin. In the area not far from airport Tempelhof you can find South Beach at the address Trachenbergring 85 and play volleyball till 22.00 in the weekends and till midnight on weekdays.

Name: South Beach Beachvolleyball
Address: Trachenbergring 85
Price per hour: 20-36 Euro
Fields: 11

5. East61

If you would like to play beachvolleyball in Berlin in the winter you could consider visiting East61. This venue is the little brother of Beach61 in Kreuzberg and is located directly at station Ostbahnhof.Right now East61 is closed for a few months but starting in October you are very welcome to play at one of the 8 indoor-fields.

East61 Berlin BeachvolleyIndoor Beachvolleyball

When the weather is good enough there are also 3 outdoor-courts at East61. Playing beachvolleyball costs 16 Euro an hour here and also this location offers a cold beer for after the game. Although playing inside is a different feeling, East61 has a very bright hall and the doors are normally open to let some fresh air in.

Name: East61
Address: Marianne-von-Rantzau-Straße
Price per hour: 16 Euro
Fields: 11

Berlijn Beachvolleybal summarized

As you can read there are plenty of opportunities if you want to play beachvolleyball in Berlin. Depending on your location it might be best to choose a location which is easy to reach but you can also decide to look at other aspects: Maybe visit the cheapest location (City Beach), the largest (Beachmitte) or an indoor location (South Beach or East61). Obviously there are many other beachvolleyball-courts in Berlin and suggestions are always welcome.

Beachvolleybal Berlin Beachmitte Serve
Beachvolleybal Berlin mitte
Beachvolleyball in Berlin

The author: Job

My Name is Job and originally from the Netherlands. In 2012, a girl I met in Australia motivated me to move to Berlin. I love to share the best places, activities and events in Berlin with you on my blog.


  • Hey thanks for this article I knew there is a lot of places to play in Berlin but I only start now how and where to play so your article is in the perfect timing 🙂
    I was wondering how does it work ? Is it better to can with friends or we can just come and join people who plays ?

    Thanks !

    • Hi Alexis,

      Thanks for your reply and the compliments.

      It is best if you make a reservation and come with some friends. Sometimes you find someone who wants to join but most of the time the other people are playing Beachvolleyball for themselves.

      Have fun!

  • Thumbs up Job. This is very helpful for new comers, like my self. I know beach volley ball is a very beautiful way to relax. One question, do these spots have balls on site, or one has to carry their own.


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