Great Project: Hand drawn Map of Berlin

Great Project: Hand drawn Map of Berlin

It is always quite a funny sight: You see a tourist with a map of Berlin in his hand who is looking around and cannot figure out which direction the Brandenburger Tor or Alexanderplatz is.

Hand drawn map of Berlin

These maps, which these lost tourists are holding all look the same. The same kind of highlights, the same scale and the same distances. But now Jenni Sparks made a cool change. She has drawn the map of Berlin by hand and it looks very good. She has drawn every little detail and even used some unusual highlights.

Jenni Sparks

Jenni Sparks already made maps from London, New York and Paris before. So the handdrawn map of Berlin is not her first project. Jenni was hired by a company called Evermade and you can buy the map on their website for 75 pounds. Not very cheap but the examples below give you an image of the quality of these handdrawn maps.

For more information you can check the website of Jenni Sparks.

Jenni Sparks BerlinJenni Sparks handdrawn map of Berlin

Jenni Sparks BerlinHere you see Berlin Mitte

Copyright Jenni Sparks.

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