International Berliner Beerfestival 2016

International Berliner Beerfestival 2016

When you think about a beerfestival, you normally will think about the Oktoberfest in Munchen. But not only in Bayern you can have a great beerfestivals, also Berlin has its own annual international festival to celebrate the existence of the golden drink. This coming weekend, from the 5th till the 7th of August, the International Berliner Bierfestival 2016 is organized in the heart of Berlin.

Berliner Bierfestival 2016

The international beerfestival in Berlin will be organized for the 20th time this year. Every year more than 300 different breweries from over 80 countries are participating in the so called Biermeile. The breweries offer around 2000 different brands and variations of beer from all over the world so if you are a beerlover you should definitely visit the Berliner Bierfestival.

Beerfestival Berlin

Beerfestival Berlin

Strausberger Platz to Frankfurter Tor

The Berliner Bierfestival will take place in the middle of Berlin, at the Karl Marx Allee to be precise. Already since 1997 this street has been the location where both tourists and Berliners celebrate the existence of beer. The Biermeile is about 2km long and has been divided in over 20 different regions. With regions like Bayerisches Biergarten, Internationale Bierspezialitäten and Traditionelle Tschechische Bierkultur you find yourself in a different culture and atmosphere every few hundred meters. 

International Beerfestival Berlin (italian beers)

International Beerfestival Berlin (italian beers)

New beerbrands

Every year you can taste a range of new  beer-types at the International Berliner Bierfestival. This year several new types from different regions from all over the world can be bought at the beerfestival. A full list of the new beers but also an alphabetic list of all beers on the beerfestival can be found on this website. Just like every year there will also be a theme for the beerfestival, this year it will be 500 Jahre deutsches Reinheitsgebot

International Beerfestival Berlin

The International Berliner Beerfestival 2012

My review of the beerfestival

I also visited a few of the last Beerfestivals in Berlin and really like the atmosphere. My only advice is not to visit the festival between the hours of 12.00 – 17.00 on Saturday because it can be very crowded around these hours. Personally I liked the evening the most: Later at night it is not so busy anymore and you can enjoy some music (see photo). Don´t expect any DJs like the ones in my monthly party-calendar, they mostly offer “Deutsche Schlager” on the Beerfestival.

International Beerfestival Berlin Performance

You can also enjoy music at the Beerfestival (©

Practical information

You can easily reach the beerfestival in Berlin using public transport. Use the u5 and get out at one of the following stations: Strausberger Platz, Weberwiese or Frankfurter Tor. In all cases you cannot miss the Bierfestival as soon as you exit the station. As you can see below, you are able to drink beers at the Karl Marx Allee the whole weekend. The entrance is free and the beers cost between 3 and 5 euro (0,5l).

Friday, 5th of August: 12.00 – 00.00
Saturday, 6th of August, 10.00 – 00.00
Sunday, 7th of August, 10.00 – 22.00

Job van Hardeveld
Written by Job van Hardeveld

My Name is Job and I moved to Berlin in January 2012. Since a couple of years I am writing about cool spots, great parties and awesome places in Berlin. Hope you like my blog, leave a comment if you have a question!

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