Party in Berlin: The best parties in May 2018

Partying in Berlin is a great experience. There are not many cities in the world who can compete with the nightlife in Berlin and the great parties are defenitely a reason to visit the capital of Germany. The clubs in Berlin are very versatile and the prices are very reasonable.

Clubs in Berlin

In November 2012, CNN compared some of the beste nightlife-cities in the world and Berlin ended up winning the second place (only Ibiza scored higher). Partying in Berlin scored the maximum amount of point on the aspects opening-hours and music. If you partied in Berlin before, you know that CNN is right: Berlin never sleeps and it is a great benefit that many great and talented DJ’s love to perform in the capital of Germany. Besides the opening-hours and the music, the clubs in Berlin also offer very reasonable prices: For about 10-15 Euro you can party in Berlin and see some of the best artists from all over Europe.

Party Calender

Because Berlin offers many different clubs, it might be useful to get some help when you are choosing the right place to visit on your precious free nights. On Berlin-Enjoy you can find articles about clubs in Berlin on a regular basis, but in this article we will present the best locations to party in Berlin in the current month. We selected the coolest clubs, the best DJ’s and the sweetest events and put them in the list.


Chosing events obviously comes with a great deal of subjectivity. Therefore we will always attempt to explain why a certain event should be visited and you will also find a lot of links to mixtapes and songs of the specific artists. But always keep in mind that the events are selected because we think they are great and not everybody has to share this opinion. Berlin offers a lot of great Techno and (Deep)House parties, so you will find many of them in the party-calender. If you do not agree with the events, feel free to leave a comment or contact us about great gigs and events which we should visit.



Party in Berlin: May 2018

The month May is an great month: The summer is starting, several open-airs will be organised every weekend and if you want to get out of Berlin some great German festivals are also starting in May. But for the people who are staying in Berlin there will be also plenty of cool parties in the clubs. The fact that most of them also have a large garden completes the perfect setting for a nice party-month.

Kollektiv Ost, Oliver Schories and more

As mentioned, May has plenty to offer when it comes to great acts and talented DJs. Some real Berliner DJs will be performing and besides that some popular international names will also be visiting Berlin. If you are visiting Berlin to party, you will be excited to hear that talented DJs like Kollektiv Ost, Reinier Zonneveld will be performing. If you never heard of these names before you can always listen to their music on Soundcloud: I mostly present a liveset or mixtape below the parties in Berlin in this article. So just take some time to listen to the music before the party iso you get a good idea of what to expect.

Below you can find the list of my favourite events to party in May 2018. You can decide to scroll down or click on one of the following links.

  • 04.05.2018 – Dave Dinger in Burg Schnabel
  • 05.05.2018 – Marcel Dettmann in Berghain
  • 11.05.2018 – Matthias Katen in Wilden Renate
  • 12.05.2018 – Dirty Doering in Kater Blau
  • 18.05.2018 – Sven Dohse in Watergate
  • 19.05.2018 – Bloody Mary in About:Blank
  • 25.05.2018 – Oliver Schories in Ritter Butzke
  • 26.05.2018 – Kollektiv Ost in Birgit
  • Party during the week in Berlin

    04.05.2018 – Dave Dinger in Burg Schnabel

    Burg Schnabel is a club which is located directly next to the Birgit & Bier on the Schleusenufer. These clubs can be reached very easily from station Schlesisches Tor. Most of the time you will hear electronic music in the Burg Schnabel but once in a while you might also hear some HipHop or 90s Music. Burg Schnabel is not a very big club, all in all about 400 people fit into it.

    DJ Dave Dinger
    DJ Dave Dinger (©

    If I have to choose my favorite liveset from Fusion 2016, the one from Dave Dinger will definitely be in my top-5. Dave Dinger played on Sunday the 3rd of July and although many people left already he still got the crowd partying like it was the first day of the Festival. His music fits in the category Techhouse and I personally really like his sound. If you want to listen to the liveset I mentioned above, you can find it on this Soundcloud-Link.

    DJs: Dave Dinger
    Club: Burg Schnabel
    Address: Schleusenufer 3
    Entrance: 10-15 Euro
    Music: Techno
    Link to event: Facebook Burg Schnabel



    05.05.2018 – Marcel Dettmann in Berghain

    Berghain is probably the most famous club in Berlin. If you are looking for a special experience or party in Berlin, it might be a good idea to visit the Berghain. The only small problem could be that it not easy to get into the Berghain these days. On a regular Saturday-night there is a long line and about half of the people will unfortunately not get in. So if you want to visit the Berghain, make sure you are prepared for a small disappointment.

    But IF you get into the Berghain you will have a great night. This club has been voted as the best club in the world a couple of times. So I would suggest you make the best of the time you are waiting and if you will not get in you can always try another club in the same area. You do not have much to lose and if you get in, you are in one of the best clubs in world!

    Marcel Dettman
    Marcel Dettman (©

    The line-up in the Berghain is usually very solid. On this night in Berlin Marcel Dettmann will be performing and this is a very talented DJ. The entrance for this party in Berlin will be 14 Euro and you do not have to worry that the Berghain will close before you are sick of dancing.

    DJs: Marcel Dettmann
    Club: Berghain
    Address: Am Wriezener Bahnhof 70
    Entrance: 14 Euro
    Music: Techno
    Link to event: Berghain Website


    11.05.2018 – Matthias Katen in Wilden Renate

    Another club in Berlin which is a must-visit, is the Wilden Renate. This club is located close to Ostkreuz and very popular because of its unique style. This club has many different floors and will remind you of an old house with many surprising rooms. As mentioned, the Wilden Renate is a popular place so it is best to arrive early, not with a very large group and with at least a few girls.

    Matthias Kaden(©
    Matthias Kaden (©

    Matthias Kaden is the DJ I would personally love to see perform on this party-night in Berlin. Matthias Kaden is a German DJ which was born in the year 1981. He has been around for quite some time and made a large amount of records in the last decade. His massive amount of followers on Soundcloud and Facebook proof how popular this DJ is. If you want to listen to some of his music before you party, you can click here.

    DJs: Matthias Kaden
    Club: Wilden Renate
    Address: Alt Stralau 70
    Entrance: 12 euro
    Music: House/Techno
    Link to the event: Website Wilden Renate



    12.05.2018 – Dirty Doering in Kater Blau

    One of the most popular clubs in Berlin of all times has been the Kater Holzig. If you have read my article about the Kater Holzig, you probably know that it was really a unique place to party in Berlin. But unfortunately the club had to close down and Berlin lost one of his great venues. But lucky enough the people behind the Kater Holzig opened a new place: The Kater Blau. The club is located directly at the Spree and still has this same unique feel to it. It is quite hard to get in, but the place is definitely worth a visit.

    Dirty Doering DJ
    Party in Berlin with Dirty Doering (©

    The Kater Blau does not invest a lot of money in popular names but there are plenty of talented DJs who are willing to play in this club every weekend. On the second Saturday in May, Dirty Doering will be performing and this guy always offers a very solid liveset. Dirty Doering is a real Berliner and he also plays at German Festivals like Fusion: Here you can listen to one of his livesets.

    The entrance of the Kater Blau is 12 Euro and the place can be reached from station Jannowitzbrucke or Ostbahnhof.

    DJs: Dirty Doering
    Club: Kater Blau
    Address: Holzmarktstraße 25
    Entrance: 12 Euro
    Music: Techno, House
    Link to event: Kater Blau


    18.05.2018 – Sven Dohse in Watergate

    The Watergate is one of the most stylish clubs in Berlin and also a bit more expensive than most others. The entrance is normally 15 euro and a beer will costs 4 euro. Although the prices are a bit higher, most people love the Watergate and I personally also think it is worth the few extra Euro’s. The club has two floors and an awesome view on the Spree. If you want to read more about the Watergate, you can read my previous article.

    Sven Dohse DJ (©
    Sven Dohse DJ (©

    Originally from Hamburg but relocated in Berlin, Sven Dohse has a big fanbase in both most popular party-cities in Germany. This German DJ used to play on a lot of underground-parties and still does not like to play at large and commercial festivals. That is why he plays on festivals like Fusion and Nation of Gondwana. You can listen a liveset of Sven Dohse on Nation of Gondwana and enjoy his music before partying in Berlin.

    DJs: Sven Dohse
    Club: Watergate
    Address: Falckensteinstraße 49
    Entrance: 15 Euro
    Music: Techno
    Link to party: Watergate Website



    19.05.2018 – Bloody Mary in About:Blank

    A club which is also located almost directly at station Ostkreuz is About:Blank. A while ago I already wrote a full article about it because I really think it is one of the better clubs Berlin has to offer at this moment. The club About Blank has a very large garden which is perfect in the summer: Funny features like a campfire and some cool places to sit make this club special place.

    Bloody Mary DJ (©
    Bloody Mary DJ (©

    In 2005, Bloody Mary moved from her home in France to Berlin. Since that moment, she has been focusing on her music career more intensively and she gained more fans during every party she played. This is mainly because she really adjusts to her crowd and is in constant interaction with her fans. Her music fits to the city of Berlin, if you want to listen to a liveset, you can click here.

    DJs: Bloody Mary
    Club: About Blank
    Address: Alt Stralau 70
    Entrance: 12 Euro
    Music: House/Techno
    Link to party: Website About:Blank


    25.05.2018 – Oliver Schories in Ritter Butzke

    The Ritter Butzke is one of the clubs in Berlin which is represented in my party-calender almost every month. If you like to party in Berlin and you love a solid line-up, you will probably love the DJs which are performing in the Ritter Butzke. The good thing is, that the Ritter Butzke has the same entrance-prices as all the other clubs in Berlin. For 10-15€ you can see these popular DJs in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

    Oliver Schories
    Oliver Schories (©

    Oliver Schories is a known name in the clubscene in Holland, Germany and many other countries. The last couple of years Schories has gained a lot of fans with his great performances on festivals and his mixtapes on Soundcloud. The amount of followers on Soundcloud are the clear proof for this statement. Schories is offering a nice mix of techno and (deep)house music with some melodic songs but also many booming climaxes. To listen to a Oliver Schories liveset together with Format:B you only have to click here.

    Want to win 2×2 free Guest-List spots for this party?
    We are allowed to give-away guestlist-tickets this month, for the party above. All you have to do is tag a friend under this facebook-post and the winners will be published on Facebook. The winners will be published on Facebook the day of the actual party.

    DJs: Oliver Schories
    Club: Ritter Butzke
    Address: Lobeckstrasse 30
    Entrance: 12-14 Euro
    Music: Techno/House
    Link to party: Ritter Butzke



    26.05.2018 – Kollektiv Ost in Birgit

    The club Birgit is located on walking distance from station Schlesisches Tor. Besides great parties during the night you can also find plenty of solid open-airs here. The club has a nice garden and invites talented local DJs to make sure the music is of the highest quality. During the day you can sometimes find design-markets here and currently you can also watch football here. All in all we can conclude that Birgit & Bier is definitely worth a visit.

    Kollektiv Ost
    Kollektiv Ost (© by Ika Rus)

    Kollektiv Ost consists of two friends named Sandro Schäufler and Marcel Schulz. They are originally from Mecklenburg and have been performing as Kollektiv Ost for a couple of years now. Their music has its own style and it is definitely legitime to visit the Kosmonaut just for these guys. If you want to get an impression of there music you can click this link.

    DJs: Kollektiv Ost
    Club: Birgit & Bier
    Address: Schleusenufer 3
    Entrance: 10-15 Euro
    Music: Techno
    Link to event: Birgit & Bier Facebook


    Party in Berlin during the week

    As mentioned before, Berlin never really sleeps. Even during the week many clubs have interesting events and parties. In the end it can be a really good idea to party during the week because the clubs are not that crowded and many clubs have free entrance. If you want to party in Berlin during the week, here are some suggestions:

  • Tuesday 01 May – Format B in Ritter Butzke
  • Tuesday 08 May – David Jach in Suicide Circus
  • Thursday 10 May – Sascha Braemer in Watergate
  • Thursday 17 May – Stereo Express in Wilden Renate
    Hopefully this article will help you when you have to decide where you want to party in Berlin. If you have any suggestions you can always contact us or leave a comment.

    The author: Job

    My Name is Job and originally from the Netherlands. In 2012, a girl I met in Australia motivated me to move to Berlin. I love to share the best places, activities and events in Berlin with you on my blog.


    • Hi Job,

      I’ll visit berlin from the 09th – 14th of May can you please guide me to any private House Parties?

      Thank you very much

      • Hey Israel,

        I do not have any information about private house-parties. Most of the time they want to keep them private.

        Still I hope you can find some cool parties in our list. Have fun!


    • Hi.
      We are 11ppl going to Berlin the 31th of May(whole weekend). Do you have any good advice on events or places to be with such a big group?

      BR Ole

      • Hey Ole,

        if it’s a group with both girls and boys you might be able to get into clubs by splitting up in smaller groups.

        Clubs like Astra and Matrix should be easy to get into as well. But I personally do not like them much. Maybe you can also try Rosi’s, that’s fun and not that hard to get into either.

        Good luck!

    • Hi, I am coming to Berlin with a group of 16, which is a little tricky to plan for clubbing. We have a table at Matrix on one night but looking for somewhere else Saturday June 2nd. Any suggestions of parties or clubs where it is easy to get in?

    • Will be in Berlin March 30 – April 2…. Without speaking German, you should come out to the bars with us and we will pay you and buy you drinks to navigate us around on Saturday night? What do you think?

    • Hi! I will visit Berlin from march 26 to Friday 30 (morning). Are there any interesting events (preferably techno) during the week? Are there clubs that open for the “after” even during the week? Thanks

      • Hey Elenicia,

        thanks for your comment.

        During the week you can have solid parties in Berlin as well:

        Tuesday: Chalet or Suicide Circus
        Wednesday: Watergate, Tresor
        Thursday: Wilden Renate, Kater Blau

        The clubs have extreme opening hours, even during the week.

        Have fun!

      • hi
        we are going to visit berlin in may 10 for 3 nights
        is there a house music parties happening during that time?


    • Hi,

      I will be coming to Berlin at the end of this month, from 30th March to 3rd April (Saturday to Tuesday) and I am 24.

      It would be great if you could recommend the best areas to stay and party. I am looking to experience the local party scene and enjoy some good food. I am very open to the genre of music or theme of the club. Looking to meet some locals and experience the off beat places.

      It would be great if you had some recommendations.


      • Hey Natalie,

        thanks for your comment.

        Regarding the parties: As you can read in the post we would recommend visiting the Kater Blau on Saturday. If you like techno and Berlin you will enjoy that party for sure.

        Places to stay is not really my field of expertise: In general I can give you the tip that it does not really matter where you stay as long as the S-Bahn and U-Bahn are closeby.

        In the category Restaurants you can read more about places I like to eat.

        Have fun!

    • HI Job,

      I am a solo traveler and I will be in berlin from 29 Dec till 2 , I want to celebrate the new year in fancy place but also I can enjoy the fireworks , what do you recommend ?

      • Hoi Job,

        Op meerdere fronten een fantastische blog. Thanks voor de tips.
        Van ongeveer 8 – 21 januari ben ik met mijn vriendin (voor het eerst) in Berlijn. Een van de doelen is een mooi technofeestje meepakken. Komt de party-calendar van januari er binnenkort aan of kun je ons toevallig al iets tippen?

        Danke! GrüBe

      • Hey Steven,

        Thanks for the comment. The party-calendar for January will be published on sunday.

        There will be plenty of cool parties and also some giveaways.

        Have a merry xmas!


        (PS. Bewust even in het Engels, je kunt eens op kijken als je hetzelfde in het Nederlands wilt lezen)

    • Hey Job
      Amazing blog dude!!!
      I’m from greece and i will be in berlin from 28th November tiill 3rd Decmber!!!
      I would appreciate it if u recommend me some good underground parties to go in berlin!!

      • Hi George,

        Thanks for the compliment!

        We will publish the party-calendar for December in the next couple of days.

        If you like it dark and underground you probably will have a good time in Tresor, Golden Gate and Berghain.

        Good luck!

      • Hey Stavros,

        We will publish our party-calendar for next month in the end of this month. There will probably be some good parties listed in there.

        If you still have questions after that, let me know!

        Best wishes!

    • Hey Job,
      Originally from NY(meatpacking partying district) so I want to experience Berlin techno but not in a place where drinks will be spilt all over me, unfortunatly NY made me a bougie vip girl. But as a new berliner I am open to party in a fun more electro envirnoment, any recommendations? Thursday night-Saturday choices ☺

    • hello , I am going to berlin from 20th of October fro 5 days and I want to know calendar of the events, kind of techno events, but It does not matter any events of this period can you help me ? :))

    • Hi Job,
      I am coming to Berlin in October and staying for a 4 days, I have heard so much about the wildest parties in Berlin so i want to experience it. Would love to know about it from you.

    • Hi Job! Your involvement in this blog is great! I am quite of a regular Berlin-visitor but I feel like I would like to discover some new places there. Does Berlin have anything of a city beach, or some nice water area – where you could relax after hours of dancing? 🙂

      • Hi Cassi,

        thanks for the compliment. It is not hard to write good things about a great city like Berlin.

        The easiest would probably be to visit the Badeschiff, that is not close from station Schlesisches Tor. If you really want a beach you could go to Strandbad Wannsee.

      • Hi Pk,

        On Wednesdays there are some cool parties in the Watergate. On Thursdays many clubs are open so you can choose between Suicide Circus, Ritter Butzke or About:Blank.

        We will post the party-calendar for July here next week.

        Have fun

    • hello
      i will be in berlin for work for a very short time
      just for 2 days sunday 11 june and monday 12
      is there any activities can i enjoy or any party places still run nice events in the middle of the week?!

      • Hi Boodi,

        Sunday is actually a great day to party in Berlin. Big clubs like Berghain, Kater Blau and Sisyphos are open from Friday till Monday so you can just check these clubs out.

        Have fun!

    • Hello

      I’m in Berlin from 19th-25th of July staying in Neukolln

      Are there any gay themed parties on during that time, or what gay places do you recommend in that area?


    • Hi,
      I already know Berlin as I already spent my last summer there! Thing is, I was nearly 20 years old at that time, so I used a fake railcard (quite shit, I still wonder how I could get in to Sysyphos with this). I’ll be back next week bunt unfortunately I am turning 21 in August. Would be advise me to be honest and show my real ID, as I’ll be almost 21, or cheat again with a fake student ID? That sounds stupid but I don’t want my choice to be limited, thank’s!

      • Hi Didi,

        pretty hard to say. If it worked last time and you still feel comfortable doing it, you might as well do it the same way now.

        When they do not want you in the club, they will find a reason anyway.

        Good luck!

    • Hello! This article is fantastic! I’m going to Berlin in May for a week. I see there are 2 parties listed for May, however what are just some clubs you personally recommend to check out. Down for anything, just want to have a good time! Thank you in advance and keep up the amazing work!

      • Hi Mimi,

        thanks for the kind words.

        It all depends on what kind of music you want to hear. Most clubs in Berlin focus on Techno. If that is what you are looking for you can just visit one of the clubs in this list.

        If you are looking for something different you might want to visit a club like Rosi’s which offers different music-styles every weekend.

        Have fun!

    • Hello,

      I’m going to visit Berlin with my boyfriend in about two weeks. We are arrive at the date the first of may till the third of may.

      Are there any kind of good techno party’s in the surrounding? With some social persons, good music and a very nice atmosphere.

      Thank you very much.


      • Hi Pien,

        There are always a lot of techno-parties in Berlin. On the first of may you can even dance outside in Kreuzberg because it is a national holiday.

        Clubs like Wilden Renate, Club der Visionaere or Else could be a good choice at this night.

        Have a great time!

    • Great article, really helpfull.
      Me and my friends are planning to go to Berlin for the Easter break, can I have info about parties in the best clubs of Berlin for those dates ?

      I hope you will answer as soon as possible to plan at the best our first travel to Berlin to let us enjoy at the best this wonderful city.

      Thanks for your attenction,


    • Hey Job! Great article! A friend and I will be visiting in April so hopefully you have another April post coming. We love deep house, but really are hoping to find a dance/disco/soul/funk party. We enjoy artists such as Aeroplane, Munk, Magician, Philip George, Monitor 66, Caserta – just to give you an idea. Is there a specific club that caters more to this genre or is it best to follow events where specific DJs are playing? If you know of a place or event April 12-16, would be much appreciated 😉

      • Hi Emily,

        thanks for the comment.

        It is probably best if you choose an event with a DJ you like. Most Clubs focus on Techno and the clubs which do not, have a versatile program with different music-styles every weekend.

        We will publish a party-calendar for April, you will be able to find it under the same URL as the current article. We love deephouse ourselves so our suggestions might be a good option for you guys.

        Have fun!

    • Hi Job!

      When can we expect a party calendar for January? I’m visiting Berlin during the weekend of January 2017, and I could use some suggestions for the parties to attend :).


    • Fuck yeah Job! Google is ranking you pretty high when you seach for “crazy shit to do in Berlin” you make epic articles. Now… I have a little question. What should a 25 year old asian/swedish girl do to get more info on underground clubs and such when visiting Berlin over Christmas and new years for the first time? I’ve heard kit-cat club is pretty fucking awesome! Is there like a “secret” website where you can see where some of the more ummm.. “advanced” shit is going down? Much love Billie

    • Hi Job,

      we are a group of 4 Spanish friends who are spending some days in Berlin at Christmas. Could you give us any advice about party on New Year’s Eve, please? We are around 35 years old and kind of music doesn´t matter, the thing is to know special places that are not easy to find in any other European city.

      Thanks in advance!


      • Hi great blog! I’m looking forward to September list – 7 friends and I are celebrating my 40th birthday. Can you recommend a good bar in mitte? We love deephouse mainly – Looking forward to a night clubbing too!

    • Hi Job. Great blog! So helpfull!
      We are 2 , 38yrs old, guys planning to visit berlin, in September 21 till 25. Are there any recommended clubs, events, bars for 30-40yrs old?
      We love classic club trance but enjoy any house parties.
      Thank you!

      • Hi Eyal,

        thanks for the comment.

        There are occasional 30-plus parties in Berlin but most of the time they focus on 90s-Music. In most clubs you will find some older people as well so I would suggest just visiting a “normal” club.

        I will publish the party-calendar in the end of this month so than you see my suggestions.

        Have fun!

      • Hi Stoyan,

        we publish the party-calendar once a month and the one of July was published on the last day of June.

        So unfortunately we will not be adding any events to the calendar. Besides that we also want to visit a party first before we will write about it, otherwise we would just be guessing which party is good.


    • Heya! Great article! Just arrived in Berlin for this week (till the 15th), have you any suggestions for this week? And maybe do you know of any open air bar/clubs with a more chill/hispetry vibe? Many thanks!

      • Hi Hogur,

        thanks for your comment. There are some proper parties this weekend which you can find in the article.

        During the week there are also several parties. Check the website Resident Advisor, there you can find some of them.

        A great area for cool bars is the Simon-Dach-Straße and the area around Rosenthaler Platz.

        Have a great time!

    • Hi,
      We are planning to be in Berlin for 26th Aug – 29th Aug 2016. Could you advise us of any good Trance clubs/festivals that will make this a memorable trip!! Something along the likes of Paul Van Dyke etc. Thank you…

    • Hey there!

      We are two guys going to Berlin next weekend to party (hard).
      Do you have any tips if we are not super interested in what music is played but rather a fun and cool atmosphere where you can meet girls?
      We don’t want to stay in line and then not get in so we want bars and clubs where people go to have fun and hook up 🙂


      • Hi Slimpast,

        sorry for the late reply, we were on a Festival last weekend.

        You probably will have a great time at Crack Bellmer in the Revaler Straße.

        Best wishes,


    • Hi there. Great blog and advices. Its obvious that U know how to party 🙂 tonight me and my gf are in berlin. We are not sure if we can find a great club on sunday. Maybe u may have some advice for us. Do u think we can find open club on sunday?

      • Hi Serkk,

        sorry for the late reply, we were still on Fusion Festival last Sunday.

        But yes, there are plenty of clubs which are still open on Sunday: Kater Blau, Sisyphos, Berghain are just a few of them.

        Hope you had a great time!

    • Hi Job,
      I have just found your blog and it’s really useful!
      Me and some friends are coming to Berlin in August – are there any good places to go for Trance (I know, I know it’s embarassing, but we like trance. We are old men reliving our youth in th 1990s!).

      • Hi Laurent,

        don’t be embarrassed, trance can be great once in a while 🙂

        Most clubs focus on Techno and the harder music-styles but you might get lucky in some clubs. But it is hard to tell you which club because the programs are not scheduled yet.

        Maybe have a look at Resident Advisor yourself, that is where you can find many parties in Berlin.

        Cheers and have fun!

    • Hi- great article.

      Can you recommend any clubs which play more deep house or funky house music rather than techno?



      • Hi Marc,

        many clubs actually offer both Techno and Deephouse. So in the end it all depends on the line-up of that specific party.

        Personally I like Deephouse more than Techno so if you find an event in my calendar it might suit your taste. But in general I have to admit that Berlin is very Techno-orientated and DJs generally play a bit “harder” than in other cities.

        Another tip might be to listen to some livesets of the DJs before the party. I mostly present links in the article.

        Good Luck!

      • Hi nice article ,
        Planning to be in Berlin 2 to 10 August any thing you know will be during this time

    • HI, nice article.Same as patrick im going to be in Berlin on July and i’d like to know if there are any attractions for us that you recommend (we are going to be there for a week ).Furthermore im 18 and I would like to know if you know a place were we can go party.

      • Hi Joe,

        check the tips I gave Patrick, guess most of them make sense for you as well.

        If you have any further questions, let me know!

      • Awesome article, thanks!
        Quick question- do you have an article/ any tips about the best clubs to go to during the week? My friends and I are going to be there in early July for the week (sadly not on the weekend)

      • Hi Avi,

        most clubs offer some parties during the week as well. Have a look at Resident Advisor yourself and you will definitely find some great parties.


      • Awesome article!!
        When are you gonna post for July? Friends and I are gonna be there early July

    • Hi, Awesome article.I have never been in Berlin thus me and my friends bought a flight for the 21 of July ti’ll the 28.We are looking for a place were we can get waisted and have a great time.Any recommendations?(what’s your favorite place?)

      • Hi Patrick,

        sounds like a great reason to visit Berlin 🙂

        It all depends on your taste of music. I personally love the Rosis but don’t expect any famous DJs there. If you want to see popular DJs you should probably visit Watergate or Ritter Butzke.

        I will publish a party-calendar for July in the end of June. So maybe check it out and see what I am suggesting in there.

        Have fun!

      • Hi it’s me again, other than going to parties do you have any recommendation for dope attractions in Berlin such as the Zoo and the water park?
        Thank you for the fast response.
        Appreciate it ,

      • Hi Patrick,

        if the weather is great there are so many awesome things to do in Berlin. You could hire a raft, visit an open-air or have a barbecue in the park somewhere. You could also visit the “beach” which is quite easy to reach in Wannsee.

        Hope this helps!

    • Hi, are there some page, there would be posted about really good raves in Germany, especially Berlin? Prefer PSY, hardcore, tekno. I am planning to go to germany for a weekend and I am looking for best activity 🙂 Thanks!

      • Hi Paul,

        we will publish a calendar in the end of every month. So you can always check this page if you are looking for some great parties in Berlin.

        If you have any specific questions let me know.


    • Hi, really good article. We are coming to Berlin for May day……what would you recommend for Friday 29th April ……(assuming we don’t make it into Berghain!?)….we were thinking either….

      Royal Hearts & Broken Livers at Ritter Butzke
      Halloomi with Axel Hallqvist b2b Martin Kling, Maya Lourenco & More at Chalet
      Platte International #10 with Franklin De Costa / Silky Raven / Peter Schumann at Kater Blau

      We love house music….


      • Hi Josh,

        if you do not get into the Berghain you could definitely try the Ritter Butzke. It is easier to get in and they have three different floors so you will probably find some music you like.

        The new Magdalena is also an option because they have an incredible sound-system since they have reopened. But the crowd is different than the visitors of the Berghain or Ritter Butzke.

        Trying Kater Blau would be a risk: You do not want to get refused two times in a row and the Kater Blau is not easy to get in either.

        Best of luck!

      • Hi Aleks,

        most of the clubs mainly focus on Techno but sometimes special nights are organized in clubs like Rosi’s, Humboldthain or Prince Charles. Have a look at their websites if anything comes up in the next months.

        Good luck!

    • Hi Berlin-Enjoy!
      This is a very helpful article! As I was searching for a cool danceclub to check out with my fiancée when we are in town Feb 11-15 and wasn’t sure if some of the clubs mentioned in older articles were still around. We had Berghain, Tresor, Cookies and Gretchen on our list (and Stattbad, – but read above that they closed?). My fiancée hates long lines with picky bouncers, I am move patient if it’s worth it. And we don’t speak any German. We like all kinds of music like techno, alt rock, hip hop… Any good suggestions for that weekend? We are hoping for Sat night. Any advice is greatly appreciated!! 🙂

      • Hi Elena,

        thanks for the comment.

        My suggestions for February are online right now but Kater Blau and Watergate are not the most easiest places to get into. Personally I also love the Rosi’s. You will get in for sure and the prices are great. Maybe have a look on their website what will happen this weekend.

        Good luck!

    • Hey,

      Really cool reviews for the month, I’ve enjoyed december as well.
      I live in Berlin, but it’s even easier to miss a great party, because there are so many of them. Find this extremely useful to plan the month 🙂

      • Hi Dima,

        Thanks for your sweet comment, happy to hear the list is useful to you 🙂

        Keep an eye on our Facebook as well, we are allowed to give away plenty of guestlist-spots every month.


      • Great recommendations I am heading to Berlin tomorrow ,will be seeing disclosure on the 12th.Cant wait to check out the nightlife.

    • Hi, what an awesome program ! We are from France and we are organizing a weekend with a couple of friends in Berlin on January = we are flexible on weekend as we want to be sure to catch a great party. Do you plan to make the same monthly program for January ?!
      If you already have some ideas in mind for weekend 16/17 or 23/24 of Jan, please share and we will book our easyjet asap;)
      By the way, I read that Stattbad closed in 2015. We were there years ago, good souvenir !
      Is it definitive closing ? Thanks, and Joyeux Noel to all of you

      • Hi Collibault,

        Yes, I am writing a similar post every month. In January there will be lots of cool parties and even some give-away tickets. So be patient for 2 more weeks and the article will be online.

        Stattbad is closed already, from what I heard they did not have a valid permit. It is sad indeed.


    • Would appreciate recommendation for clubs the night of 27-28 of December. Coming from US with sons who are 17 and 21 with parents in 50’s. No long lines, please. Thank you.

      • Hi Rox,

        because your taste in music might be a bit different than that of your sons I would suggest going to a club like the Fritz Club.

        This is where they offer different music-styles and no lines. Musik & Frieden is also a possibility but there are lines if you arrive after 00.30.

        Good luck

      • Hey…so sorry to butt in. My boyfriend and I will be in Berlin from 24th to 28th December. Before hitting the clubs later in the evenings, we would fancy some nice, warm bars to get the evenings going. Some great bar suggestions? Any place that plays jazz/blues – maybe live? Thank you so much!

      • Hi Diys,

        Berlin has loads of cool bars. I personally love the Simon-Dach Straße. The bar Dachkammer is great and also Mein Haus am See is still one of my favourites.

        Have fun and let me know if you found any cool jazz/blues bars.


    • Hey! I would like to know which are the best clubs for early 20’s people from 18 to 22 I like trance, deep house or if you know which clubs host this month a latin-party thanks!

      • Hi Saleem,

        the clubs I mentioned in this article are all very suitable for your age. I like deephouse myself and some of the Djs above are playing that music.

        Best of luck!

    • hi
      We are a group of friends visiting Berlin for the first time and we are there on the first weekend of October. I would request you to advise us where to go on the 2,3 and 4 th October?


      • Hi Ray,

        Unfortunately I have not checked the parties for October but I will publish that article next week.

        Just keep an eye out for the article and some great suggestions will be in there.


    • Hi! just looked at your amazing list and i am disheartened as i found nothing is happening on the days we are in Berlin, we arrive on the 20th and leave on the 23rd.. any ideas if anything was happening on those nights?

      Thanks and keep doing what you are doing! 🙂

      • Hi Gigi,

        Thanks for your comment.

        We only discuss the weekends in this article but you will defenitely be able to find some cool parties on these days as well.

        Maybe you should take a look at Resident Advisor, you can normally find some parties there.

        Good luck!

    • Hi

      My sister and I are visiting Berlin on Tues 8th Sept and leave Fri morning (11th). Staying in Prenzlauer Berg. Where would you recommned on a Wednesday and Thursday night? We love a range of music including dance and RnB. Also, how easy is it to get around on an evening? Are trams available or would we need taxis?

      Thank you.

    • Hi! I’m from Montreal, Canada…will be in Berlin, Saturday 23rd August…Very much into House, TechHouse, and looking for the best night out…any suggestions? Seriously looking into Watergate?! I’m 40…and an old school House Head…

      • Hi Dave,

        Thanks for your comment. Saturday will be the 22rd and you will probably like the Ritter Butzke and the DJs who are playing there.

        It can be quite hard to get into clubs in Berlin, but being alone makes it easier. You can try Watergate but they have a very tight door-policy.

        Good luck!

    • Hello bro!
      Im in Berlin from 10.08.2015 to 16.08.2015 please recommend me the best techno place here! where I could meet some german people not tourists only, thanks!! which techno club is best best?

      • Hello, I just published the new party-calender. Hope you can find some great parties.

        The best club in Berlin depends a lot on your music-taste and the specific party on that night. Sisyphos, Berghain, Ritter Butzke are often mentioned.

        Have fun!

    • Helleu!

      Having some difficulty to find options.
      Do you maybe have any tips for this weekend: 9-11 july.
      But…. no techno. Yes to: dubstep / drum’n bass / breakbeat sort of music?

      Some advice would be great. Thanks!

      • Hi Glenda,

        That is a difficult one for me: I am not really into these music-styles. Maybe have a look on Resident Advisor, all parties in Berlin are listed there!

        Good luck!

    • Hi Mate,

      I’ve read a lot about it being difficult to get into clubs in Berlin…I’ll be in the Kreuzberg area but am open to anywhere really.

      I’ll be in Berlin from 4-7 June (Champions league final), are there any places you can recommend I’m in to anything really but cannot do just techno & d&b all night…I like variety especially house, dance, rnb, hip hop etc…and where there are fine ladies lol…any recommendations will be great…there will be 2 of us going (guys), cheers!

      I look forward to seeing the june blog!

      • Hi JJ,

        Thanks for your comment. There are some clubs which are hard to get in, but also plenty which will not be problematic.

        The good thing is, that most techno-clubs are hard to get into. For you I would recommend clubs like Fritz, Matrix, Crack Belmer or Magnet.

        Have a good time!

    • Hi !
      First, thank you for this blog! It’s really well done !
      I’ve a question for you… I come to Berlin since June 7 to 15 : and I’m in love with techno music, so what can I make and where can I go ?
      Thank you again !

      • Hi Rosee,

        Thanks a lot for your comment. You will have a great time in Berlin if you love Techno 🙂

        In the end of May I will publish my party-calender for June. Just have a look at my blog around that time and you will find some cool suggestions.


    • Hi! Great blog, I have booked a trip to berlin for my boyfriends 30th- we arrive Sunday evening 26th April and are there for 3 nights. I would prefer to have our main club night on the first night….my boyfriend is a techhouse/techno Dj and I’d love if you could recommend some places we can go to! Also, what is the dress code? Thanks x

      • Hi Deana,

        Thanks for your comment. Many clubs are still open on Sunday-night and Techno can be found in many of them.

        If you like the raw clubs you can go to Golden Gate or Tresor. If you want it a bit more commercial you can check Ritter Butzke or Sisyphos. But check if they are open first!

        There are also plenty of cool open-airs on sunday.

        Good luck!

    • Hey I am coming to Berlin on the 11th of June till the 14th of June 2015. For my stag do. Can you recommend some clubs and party bars And what djs will be playing?? We are staying in mitte

      • Hi Scott,

        I do not know yet what would be the best places to go in June. Keep track of my page and you will find a party-calender for June somewhere in the end of May.

        Best wishes!

    • Hi there,
      Me and my wife are going to Berlin sometime in May and wanna party, I know you do schedule on April but maybe you know some info on May. Music/artists we interested in techno like H.O.S.H Kollektiv Turmstrasse Nicone&Braemer Villalobos and so on…any suggestions?

      • Hi Ilya,

        Great that you are coming to Berlin. Unfortunately I do not know which parties will be best in May, but you could take a look at ResidentAdvisor.

        Or just check my page again in the end of April and you will find the parties for May.

        Good luck!

    • Hi 🙂
      The party scene in Berlin sounds awesome!

      I’ll be in Berlin with my boyfriend between the dates of March 30th – April 3rd and am looking for suggestions on any parties/concerts happening during that time period for the best House/party music.


      • Hi Ash,

        I haven’t checked the parties for April yet but I will definitely update the article next week.

        So just have a look at my blog the day before you leave and there should be some great parties in there.

        If you need specific help you can always send me a message via the Contact-Form!

        Have fun!

    • Hi, we’re two 18-yearolds going to Berlin this weekend 26-1st, where is it guaranteed we can come in?
      Great Music and atmosphere is a plus! 🙂
      Loving all the advices!!

      • Hi Gabbi,

        In the good clubs there are no real guarentees. But maybe just head to station Warschauer Straße and you have about 5 clubs very close to eachother.

        Suicide Circus, Astra, Rosi’s, Watergate. They all can be reached from that station so you can try them 🙂

        If you need a guarentee I would suggest clubs like Matrix, Franz Club, Fritz Club and maybe Rosi’s. In the Weekend there are also young people a lot.

        Good luck!

    • Hi! We are a group of friends that is visiting Berlin next week from monday-thursday (23-26). We are 17 and 18 years old and are wondering if there are any clubs that are open and we can get into easily? 🙂

      • Hi Helene,

        There are plenty of clubs which are open during the week but many of them will ask for ID before you get in.

        Maybe you could try the Matrix-Club? And otherwise check Resident-Advisor for that specific day.

        Best wishes and have fun!

    • Hey,

      I’ll be visiting berlin this month and I would like to know if you can recommend a party on 18.02 (wednesday). We are 20/21 years old.


      • Hi Mariana,

        Great that you will be coming to Berlin. I have not seen any specific parties for that Wednesday yet but you can always take a look on Resident Advisor. Just select Berlin and the date and you will see what is going on.

        If you need any more help, let me know!

      • Hi Dan,

        The same clubs as can be found in this list are quite good every month.

        If you want to read about my suggestions you have to wait for the end of January.


      • Hi Tim,

        Will be online this weekend. Parties with Ten Walls, Tiefschwarz and Kollektiv Ost will be in it 🙂

    • Hey,
      Me and 6 friends are coming to Berlin this Friday 20.11.14 for a 40th birthday weekend. What’s the best place for…ahem…slightly older ladies to dance the night away?

      Thanks :0)

      • Hi Tinste,

        Sorry for my late reply. I guess you mean today (friday 21.11).

        I would suggest clubs like Franzz Club, Fritz Club and Alte Kantine. There are also 30+ parties sometimes, keep an eye out for the posters in Berlin or check Resident Advisor.

        Have fun!

    • Hi Job! Komt er ook een soortgelijke post voor november online? Ben 20-23 nov, weer in B en je blog is fantastisch, dus ik neem alle tips erg van harte voor goeie feestjes dat weekend ^^! Alvast many many thankss!! Gr, lies

      • Hi Lies, we will post the events of November somewhere in the end of next week. Hopefully there will be some great parties when you are here 🙂

        Have fun!

        (Antwoord bewust even in het Engels, je kunt eventueel ook op kijken als je mijn blog in het Nederland wilt lezen)

    • Hello guys i’im going to visit Berlin from 14 of november until 18. I would like to know if there is a Stefan Biniak party, i love his music and your city too!
      Thank you!!

    • Hi!

      I and my friends are coming to Berlin on 6th October. Do you have any tips where should we party while visiting Berlin? We will stay there from Monday to Thursday morning and it would be great to find parties for all the nights.

      Thank you in advance!


      • Hi Lisa,

        Wednesday I would recommend visiting Suicide Circus. EinMusik is playing there which is a pretty good DJ if you like DeepHouse.

        Furthermore I do not see real special events on these days but you can have a look at residentadvisor yourself.

        Have fun!

    • Hi,

      Could you help me I don’t know really the partys /clubs working in Berlin on Sunday/Monday night? Could you recommend me such clubs in Berlin?

      Thank you very much for your support!


      • Hi Tomasz,

        Most clubs are open on sundays. Monday is a bit harder but you can always check Resident Advisor for special events.

        If you tell me the exact date that you will be in Berlin I can give you some specific advice.

        Cheers, Job

    • Hi! Awesome blog!

      A few friends and I are in Berlin from the 28th of May until the 1st of April and, of course, we want to party hard! Some are 18, some 19 and we are wondering – where should we go? We are staying in Mitte and the music style etc doesn’t matter! Any recommendations??

      Thank you!

      • Hi LiVaTu,

        Thanks for your comment. I guess you mean you will stay till the first of June, right? Or are you staying a full year 😉

        All my favourite clubs can be found in the “Clubs-section” on this blog. If you are a group of guys you might want to try Rosi’s to make sure you get in. And offcourse check out some of the open-airs!

        If it is easy to recognize that you are 18-19 years old I would not waste your time on the large clubs like Berghain, Watergate or Wilde Renate.

        Good luck and hope you have a great time!

    • Hi Job! First of all congratulations for your awesome blog.
      I’m planning to visit Berlin in a few weeks and I’d like you to recommend me a “gay friendly” club in Berlin with techno or tech-house music (besides Berghain and Panorama). Thanks

      • Hi Marco! Great that you are coming to Berlin. Which exact dates will you be here?

        In general Berlin is pretty Gay-Friendly so you could just check the Party-Calender on Berlin-Enjoy for some great parties. I know that there are some specific gay-parties in About:Blank (Homopatik on 16.05 for example) and in Brunnen70.

        Have a great time and let me know if you need more info!

      • Hi Ash. Yes I will but I will publish it in the end of April. If you have any specific questions, let me know!

      • I have not been to Berlin myself but will be visiting this Summer. Are the places you post about usually Eastern Asian (chinese) friendly? Could you recommend some cool spots that cater to Asians?

        And in your overall option, do you see a lot of hostility over Asian Americans?

        I have been reading over your blogs and really enjoy some of the articles. Keep up the good work!

      • Hi Sririacha,

        Thanks for your reply and sorry for my late reply. Your comment got stuck in the spam-box.

        I love asian food and I also have some suggestions in the Restaurant-section of the website. There is also a good Asian Restaurant in Charlottenburg, on the Hardenbergstraße.

        Since I live in Berlin I never seen any aggression or unfriendly behavior towards asians.

        Hope you have an awesome stay in Berlin!

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