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In November 2012, CNN-Travel compared the best nightlife-cities in the world with each other. Partying in Berlin made it to the second place in this list. The famous newschannel CNN only rated Ibiza higher than Berlin. With this second postion, Berlin is ranked higher than great cities like Las Vegas, Barcelona and London.

The cities have been evaluated on the field of four categories: Hours, Hotness, Music and Experience. The parties in Berlin scored the maximum amount of points (10) on opening-hours (Hours) and music. Besides another high score on experience (9), the clubs in Berlin only scored a little lower on “hotness”.

The CNN-Research gives a realistic image of the city and the nightlife in Berlin. Most of the parties in Berlin have extreme openinghours and for electro and techno-lovers the city is a real paradise on earth. Regarding the “Hotness” it can be stated that nobody really cared what you wear in Berlin. When you are partying in Berlin you will meet hipsters, punkers and other alternative people. Maybe not the hottest people in the world but it most defenitly has its charmes.

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