It is always great to see how a city like Berlin transforms when the sun starts shining. As soon as the temperatures go up the parks, terraces and Spree fill up with happy people. Besides that it’s so much nicer to party outdoor compared to a sweaty indoor club. In this post we have listed the best open airs in Berlin in 2023.

Open airs in Berlin

It’s no news that Berlin has a vibrant nightlife: You can party in hundreds of clubs, enjoy many free events and you have some of the best German Dance Festivals within 1 hour drive. Besides all that you can go to a spontaneous open air almost every weekend during the summer. Some of these open-airs are organised on a regular basis but others will be published on the day of the actual event. Finding the right open air to visit can be a challenge if you do not live in Berlin but hopefully this post can help.

Open Air in front of the Badeschiff (©
Open Air in front of the Badeschiff (©

One time open Air Events in 2023

Besides a wide range of clubs with regular open air events, you can also visit some one-time open airs in Berlin in 2023. They do not happen on a regular basis and you usually need to buy a ticket for them. We will try to update this list as often as possible to make sure you get your dose of open air events in Berlin.

Lichtpark Berlin Bar

Finding an open air in Berlin today

The best open airs in Berlin are the ones which are communicated at the last moment. They take place at unique outdoor locations which are usually only used once. It’s usually not easy to find one of these parties if you do not have connections but you can check these Facebook-Pages and maybe you get lucky:

Claptone live open air Berlin

Open Air @ Garten der Welt – 30.06

Besides being a beautiful garden and a hotspot for tourists, the Garden der Welt also organises events. In an area called arena you can dance in the sun. These open air events usually start around 18:00 and keep going until 22:00. Some examples of events are DJ Claptone and a 90s Open Air party. More info here.

Paul Kalkbrenner Live (©

Paul Kalkbrenner Open Air – 23.07

Paul Kalkbrenner is a DJ which is known all over the world. On Sunday the 23rd of July he will be performing in Berlin. The Wuhlheide is a great open air location in the east of the city. Tickets start at 75€ and the support act is Monolink which is also worth your time.

VËRYL techno Festival near Berlin

VERYL Festival – Sunday 27.08.2023

The last weekend of August the VERYL Festival will be organised in Werneuchen. Because this is only half an hour drive from the center of Berlin you can easily visit this open air festival for just one day. A sunday-ticket cost 49€ and you will be able to enjoy several stages with electronic music.

Open Air Clubs

Besides open air events there are also many clubs in Berlin which offer outdoor parties every weekend during the summer. They usually open their doors on Friday and do not close until Monday. Just make sure you find a good time to enter and dance as long as you can. Here are some of the best open air clubs in Berlin:

1. ELSE – Great open air club near Treptower Park

The ELSE is the little sister of the famous Berliner club Wilden Renate. This open air club in Berlin only opens its doors during the summer but then its packed every weekend. The ELSE is located under the Elsenbrücke which crosses the Spree between Ostkreuz and Treptower Park. Besides dancing this outdoor club is also a great place for chilling: You can order a pizza and eat it on the side of the Spree. The laidback atmosphere and beachy flair make ELSE one of the best open air locations in Berlin.

The Berliner Open-air ELSE
The Berliner Open-air ELSE (©

Outdoor dancefloors with solid DJS

The ELSE focuses on electronic music and some very talented DJs play here every year. In 2023 you can expect DJs like Pan-Pot, Mano le Tough and Peter van Hoesen playing at this open air location. When you want to be sure who is playing this weekend it’s best to have a look at the facebook-page of the ELSE. Parties usually start between 12:00 and 14:00 and keep going till the next morning.

Name: ELSE
: An den Treptowers 10
Opening hours: 12.00 – 06.00
Entrance: 15-25€
Weekdays: Saturday & Sunday
Website: ELSE

2. SISYPHOS – Famous Berliner club with large garden

In our blogpost with the best techno clubs in Berlin, we have listed the Sisyphos on position 1. This club has it all: Solid line-ups, great atmosphere and the unique Berliner style we all love so much. You know what the Sisyphos has as well: A large garden for outdoor parties in Berlin. Some of the most legendary open-airs have been organised here in Berlin-Rummelsburg.

The garden of Sisyphos
The garden of Sisyphos (©

From open air to nightlife club

Usually the Sisyphos organises parties which go on non-stop for several days. This means that you can enter this Berliner club at any moment during the weekend. Arriving around breakfast is actually a smart strategy to get into the Sisyphos. We are talking about one of the best clubs in Berlin so the line can get very long here. You can read more about this open air location in this full blogpost about the Sisyphos.

Name: Sisyphos
: Hauptstraße 15, 10317 Berlin
Opening hours: Several days in a row
Entrance: 15-25€
Weekdays: Friday till Monday
Website: Sisyphos

3. BIRGIT – Beergarden and open-air location

The Berliner club called Birgit is located on walking distance from station Schlesisches Tor. At night this is a popular club and during the day it is used as a beergarden and open air location. Usually one floor offers electronic music but there are also parties where you can enjoy HipHop, Disco or 80s. It’s a bit easier to get in compared to ELSE and Sisyphos, especially if you go there during the day. Once in a while you can also visit a fun party in the Birgit during the week.

Open Air in club Birgit in Berlin (©
Open Air in club Birgit in Berlin (©

Parties from 14:00 till the next morning

At the Birgit the parties usually start at 14:00 and keep going till the next morning. This means that you can first enjoy some hours of open air (at least most of the time) and afterwards go indoor for some solid electronic music. The entrance usually starts at 10€ (early-bird) and turns into 15€ at the door. If you want to know which events are coming up in the next weekends, just check out the website below.

Name: Birgit
: Schleusenufer 3, 10997 Berlin
Opening hours: Usually from 14:00 till next morning
Entrance: 10-15€
Weekdays: Every day of the week
Website: Birgit

4. About Blank – Club with large garden directly at Ostkreuz

A club which is located directly at station Ostkreuz is called About Blank. On a busy night it will not be hard to spot the line when you go out of the station in the southern direction. About Blank is famous for its solid techno nights but there are also special events like the gay-party Homopatik. The large garden is known as a great spot to have an after-party or enjoy a proper open air in the summer.

About Blank Homopatik
The garden of the club About:Blank (©

Techno DJs and versatile Garden

The About Blank has several indoor floors which are packed with electronic music lovers. Because the parties often go on for several day and nights, you are able to enter the club during the day and enjoy the garden. It’s not guarenteed that you will have loud music in the garden though, it’s best to check the website to see which event will take place. If you want to read more, you can check out our article about the About:Blank.

Name: About Blank
: Markgrafendamm 24c, 10245 Berlin
Opening hours: Depends on the event
Entrance: 15-20€
Weekdays: Usually Friday till Monday
Website: About Blank

5. Klunkerkranich – Roof terrace with occasional open air party

Also Neukölln has some great open airs to offer. One of the most popular location for 2022 will be a roofbar called Klunkerkranich. This outdoor location is a mix between club, lounge, beach-bar and restaurant. It is one of the best spots in Berlin to enjoy the summer because you have an awesome view over Berlin. The Klunkerkranich opens every day at 10 o’clock, only on Sundays they open a bit later at 12.00.

Klunkerkranich Open Air Berlin
Klunkerkranich in Neukölln (©

Rooftop Bar on the 5th floor of a mall

Klunkerkranich is located at the 5th level of the shopping mall Neukölln Arcaden. It is not very easy to spot this location if you never been there before. You have to look for the entrance at the postoffice, which is directly around the corner of Ü-Bahn station Rathaus Neukölln. The Klunkerkranich offers different kind of parties on an irregular basis, so keep track of the website if you want to know what kind of party you can expect.

Name: Klunkerkranich
Address: Rooftop of the Neukölln Arcaden
Public Transport: U-Bahn Rathaus Neukölln
Entrance: Mostly between 0 – 5 Euro
Regularity: Irregular (Check website)
Website: Klunkerkranich

Summarising open airs in Berlin

All in all we can conclude that the for best open airs in Berlin you need connections. You need to ask your friends if they heard about a spontaneous open air which is going to take place in Berlin today. If you do not have these connections you will have a great time in one of the clubs we listed above. If you are lucky to be in Berlin on one of the days of the events, you should visit them.


My Name is Job and originally from the Netherlands. In 2012, a girl I met in Australia motivated me to move to Berlin. I love to share the best places, activities and events in Berlin with you on my blog.


  1. Hi there,
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    Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Micha,

      unfortunately you are right, it is very hard to find out which DJs are playing more than 4 weeks in advance.

      So you probably will have to wait till the end of July, thats when we post our agenda for August.

      Good luck!

  2. Thanks for giving us ‘new comers’ to berlin a good start.
    I can now try a few of your suggestions 🙂

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