Summer-Tip: Enjoy the Spree on a raft

Summer-Tip: Enjoy the Spree on a raft

Last month we were still complaining about the dissapointing summer and now we are in the middle of a heat wave. Earlier I wrote an article about some cool stuff to do in the summer in Berlin but in this article we are going to focus on one specific activity: Floating on the Spree.

Berlin and the Spree

The fact that the Spree floats directly through the middle of Berlin is a great added value for the city. You can find a large amount of restaurants, bars and clubs which are located directly at the water of this river. It is just great to have a relaxing afternoon close to the water and somehow it just makes you really feel alive and free. But besides laying at the waterfront you can also take it one step further and rent a boat, raft or canoe.

Berlin OberbaumBrucke SunsetGreat views from the Spree in Berlin

Floating in the summer

If you want to enjoy the Spree, there are several possibilities for renting material. If you want to float on the Spree but you are on a small budget, the best way will probably be to rent a waterbike. These things cost about 10€ an hour and you can step your way to the middle of the Spree and relax (watch out for other boats though). Another alternative is renting a canoe for 1,2 or 4 people and having a sporty afternoon. But let’s be honest: Nobody wants to work-out on a warm afternoon in August. Just relaxing with a beer in your hand is the best thing to do and therefore my favourite way to float the Spree is renting a wooden raft.

Raft Berlin SpreeChilling on the Spree with a Raft

Rent a wooden raft

Renting a raft with a couple of friends is absolutely one of my favourite things to do in the summer. There is plenty of space to sit for you and your friends and you only have to sit and enjoy. The small motor will do the rest and bring you to some spots you have never been: You can cruise all the way to the Muggelsee but also find your way towards the city and the Oberbaumbrucke. Here you can even enjoy some open-airs at Badeschiff, Rummelsburg or Rampe.

Floss & Los 5 Person RaftEen vijf-persoons-vlot van Floss & Los

Personal Review: Floss & Los

If you are looking for a great company to rent a wooden raft, I would advice Floss & Los. As you can see on the images, the rafts look great and are large enough to sit in a comfortable chair and even have a barbecue. The prices are very reasonable (see below) and the people are friendly and laidback: You can bring your own beers, meat and small music installation. The rafts can be picked up in Treptower park, which should be an easy to reach location for most of you.

Barbeque on the Spree BerlinBeers and Barbeque on the Spree

Practical information

There are several types of wooden rafts. You can rent one for 5,8,12 or even 15 people. The expenses are about 20€ per person which is not much for a complete day of fun. You can pick the raft up at 10.00 in the morning and have to bring it back before 19.00. For an additional 15€ you get small barbecue which I would defenitely take along: It is great to float on the spree and enjoy some meat and beers with your friends.

Raft Spree BerlinThe rafts are large enough for 5 people

Tip: You are also allowed to rent a raft in Berlin during the night. In that case you have to pick it up at 20.00 and bring it back the next day at 08.30. There is enough room in the rafts to lay down so this is actually a great experience as well.

Summarized we can state that enjoying the Spree is the best thing to do when it is as hot as it currently is. Renting a raft would be my perfect activity but the other alternatives can also be a lot of fun.


Job van Hardeveld
Written by Job van Hardeveld

My Name is Job and I moved to Berlin in January 2012. Since a couple of years I am writing about cool spots, great parties and awesome places in Berlin. Hope you like my blog, leave a comment if you have a question!

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