The 5 best locations to play tennis in Berlin

Just like in many countries, tennis is one of the most populair sports in Germany as well. In the country of Boris Becker, Michael Stich and Steffi Graff, about 15% of the population plays the racketsport on a regular basis. With the recent success of Sabine Lisicki, the sport is only growing in popularity and more and more people decide to pick up their tennisrackets again.

Tennis in Berlin

Only in the province Brandenburg, there are already 197 registered tennisclubs. Obviously a large amount of these tennisclubs is located in Berlin. Most of the tenniscourts in Berlin are located in the western part of the city. This has to do with the Berliner Wall, which divided the city in two sides and also caused the west to be more wealthy than the east. After the war, tennis in Berlin was still a sport for the upperclass and only the richer habitants were able to play it for many years. But times have changed and right now playing tennis in Berlin is available and affordable for almost everybody.

Five of the best tennisclubs in Berlin

You can play tennis in Berlin almost in every part of the city but the clubs differ in price, size and location. Besides that, most tenniscourts in Berlin have claycourts but there are also some clubs who other surfaces. When you are planning to play some tennis in the near future, it can be helpfull to take a look at the list below. It is a list of the five best locations to play tennis in Berlin.

At the end of the article you can find a summary of the locations to play tennis in Berlin and the different clubs are also displayed in a map of the city.

1. Cheap and central: SV Berliner Brauereien

The tennisclub SV Berliner Brauereien has more often been referred to as “The club of the people”. Located in the east of Berlin, the story goes that SV Berliner Brauereien was the first club who brought the game tennis back to the middleclass in Berlin. The tenniscourts are located in Prenzlauer Berg and the club is known as one of the most cosy and young tennisclubs in Berlin.

Berliner Brauereien Tennis Berlin

It costs 12 euro per court to play a game of tennis on one of the 6 claycourts of SV Berliner Brauereien. If you know anybody who is a member at this tennisclub, you can introduce yourself as a guest and reduce the costs to 5 Euro. If you decide to play more often it might be smart to become a member yourself, you will have to pay a one time fee of 100 Euro and a yearly contribution of 200 Euro, but you can play as often as you want.

Berliner Brauereien Tennis Berlin

One large benefit of SV Berliner Brauereien is the fact that the courts are lit up. At many tennisclubs in Berlin you are not able to play after it became dark, but here you can play as long as you want. More information about this club can be found on the following website.

Name:SV Berliner BrauereienAddress:Hohenschönhauser Str. 76, 10369 BerlinSurface:ClayCourts:6Play once:12 euro per courtMembership: 200€ (140€ student)Registration: 100 Euro (once)Website:

2. Multicultural tennisclub: TC Berlin Mitte

Berlin is a multicultural city and therefore tennisplayers from all over the world live here. The club TC Berlin Mitte presents itself as an “Multinationale Tennisklub” and the website states that not less 23 different nationalities are a member here. The club is one of the smaller tennisclubs in Berlin with only 200 members. TC Berlin Mitte has seven different courts and three of them are located inside. This gives you the opportunity to play tennis in the winter as well. With carpet, clay and hardcourts every tennisplayer should be able to find himself a perfect surface to play a nice round of tennis here.

tc berlin mitte

The prices at TC Berlin Mitte are very reasonable. When you just want to play for once you can already play for 12 Euro an hour. When you arrive as a guest (together with a member), it only costs 5 Euro to play. The prices of the inside-courts are a bit higher but these courts can also be rented for only 15 Euro an hour. If you want to become a member you have to pay a one-time-fee of 210 Euro and a yearly contribution of the same amount.

For more information about the prices and this tennisclub in Berlin, you can check the website.

[two-thirds]Name: TC Berlin Mitte Albert Gutzmann Address: Melchiorstraße 19, 10179 Berlin-Mitte Surface: Clay, carpet- and hardcourt Courts: 7 Play once: 12 Euro Membership: 210 Euro Registration: 210 Euro (once) Website:[/two-thirds][one-third]tc berlin mitte[/one-third]

3. Large club in Charlottenburg: SCC Berlin

Earlier we already concluded that tennis in Berlin used to be quite an elite-sport. As we speak, you can see that the west of Berlin still has the larger clubs with more courts and more impressive properties. The tennisclub SCC Berlin, which is located in Charlottenburg, fits in this last category. With its 19 courts and not less than 750 members this is defenitely one of the bigger tennisclubs in Berlin. Besides their own restaurant with 300 seats you can find a large terrace and the club even owns its own beachvolleyball-court.

SCC Berlin Tennis

That SCC Berlin is one of the larger and more luxury tennisclubs in Berlin, also influences the prices. Being a member costs 470 Euro each year and besides that you also have to pay a 250 Euro registration fee. If you want to play for once you can book the inside-courts for 15-20 euro an hour. On the website you can find more information and you can also make an online reservation there.

[two-thirds]Name: Tennis-Club SCC Address: Waldschulallee 45, 14055 Berlin Surface: Clay, carpet Courts: 19 (14 outside and 5 inside) Play once: 15-20 Euro per hour (inside) Membership: 470 Euro Registration: 250 Euro (once) Website:[/two-thirds][one-third]SCC Berlin Tennis[/one-third]

4. Tennis in Volkspark Friedrichshain: SG Am Hain

A place to play tennis in Berlin which is defenitely interesting for tourists is SG am Hain. This club is literally located in the middle of Volkspark Friedrichshain and therefore it might have the best location to play tennis in Berlin for tourists. Besides the fact that it is very easy to reach and located in the middle of Berlin, you can also combine a visit to this club with an afternoon in the park. Friends and fans do not have to sit on the terrace of the tennisclub itself but can lay in the park and watch you play. Unfortunately this tennisclub in the Volkspark has limited capacity because it only owns 3 grasscourts.

Tennis berlin SG am Hain

If you want to be a member, SG am Hain is defenitely the cheapest place to play tennis in Berlin. Unfortunately the club does not accept new members at this moment because of limited capacity. Lucky enough it is not a problem at all if you want to use the tenniscourts for once. You are very welcome to make a online reservation on their website and a court costs 15 euro an hour.

[two-thirds]Name: SG am Hain Address: Marienburger Strasse 30, 10405 Berlin Surface: Grass Courts: 3 Play once: 15 Euro per court Membership: 80 Euro Website:[/two-thirds][one-third]Tennis berlin SG am Hain[/one-third]

5. Green location: TC Grün-Weiß-Grün

If you do not mind to take a small drive, it might be worth the time to visit the Berliner Tennisclub Grün-Weiß-Grün. This club is located northwest of Berlin and is totally surrounded by nature and lays close to a lake. With a cosy canteen, which used to be an old horse-stable, this tennisclub expresses a very nice atmosphere. The tennisclub has 6 courts with both clay and grass as surface. Since 2009 there are three extra courts for so called “freizeitspieler”, you can play there when you are not a member at any tennisclub.

Tennis berlin Grün-Weiß-Grün
When you visit Grün-Weiß-Grün together with a member you can play tennis as long as you want for 8 Euro. As mentioned above, you are also allowed to visit this club without membership and then you will have to pay 10 Euro per court per hour. If you would like to be a member at this tennisclub in Berlin, the yearly contribution is 320 euro. More information can be found on this website.

[two-thirds]Name: TC Grün-Weiß-Grün 1919 Tegel e.V. Address: Gabrielenstr. 74, 13507 Berlin Surface: Clay, grass Courts: 6 Play once: 10 euro per hour Membership: 320 Euro Registration: 250 Euro (once) Website:[/two-thirds][one-third]Tennis berlin Grün-Weiß-Grün[/one-third]

Summary of the tennis in Berlin

As you can read in this article, there are plenty of possibilities if you want to play tennis in Berlin. If you want to play for once, it might be beneficial to become friends with someone who is a member at one of the tennisclubs. You will pay less and normally you will be able to play longer than one hour.

If you want to play tennis in Berlin at a regular basis it might be interesting to become a member at one of the clubs. First you have to decide how large your budget is and what you are looking for in a tennisclub. At some of the tennisclubs you only have to pay 200 Euro a year but there are also clubs who request not less than 1000 Euro. To summarise all the prices of tennis in Berlin, you can find a small table below:

Play once With member Membership Courts
Berliner Brauereien 10€ 5€ 200€ 6
TC Berlin Mitte 12€ 5€ 210€ 6
SCC Berlin 11€ ? 470€ 19
SG am Hain 15€ 7,50€ 80€ 3
Grün-Weiß-Grün 10€ 8€ 320€ 6
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The author: Job

My Name is Job and originally from the Netherlands. In 2012, a girl I met in Australia motivated me to move to Berlin. I love to share the best places, activities and events in Berlin with you on my blog.


    • Hi David,

      to be honest I am not really sure. There are probably some tennis-courts who offer that but I would call in advance to get confirmation.

      You can also try larger sport-stores.

      Good luck!

  • Hi Job – Thank you for this information. I’ll be in Berlin July 18-25 and am looking to do a clinic or a private lesson. Do you recommend I contract SCC Berlin for that? If not, which club has the best instructors.
    Guy, Los Angeles, California

    • Hi Guy,

      I haven’t tested all instructors so I cannot help you with that. In general I believe you have to be a member to get some lessons.

      But maybe just call a few and ask. Hope they speak English though.

      Good Luck!

  • Hey Job, I don’t suppose you have any 2017 updates on this article? I’m a beginner looking to get involved in a club here but clueless as to where will be suitable if i have no tennis friends.

    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Jasmin,

      no, we might do an update someday but that could still take a few weeks/months.

      I actually might start playing tennis myself again, if I have any personal updates I will let you know.


    • Hi Jasmin

      Have you find out about any places to play in 2017?
      Also looking for indoor courts to play in the winter season.

      Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Engo,

      It is hard to play tennis in the winter without being a member somewhere.

      The amount of courts is a lot smaller throughout these months and normally booked almost every evening and weekend.

      But you can call some clubs and ask if they have something free.

      Good luck!

    • Hi Bruno,

      Sorry, I really do not know what the prices are for tennis lessons. Maybe you can check the websites in this article and find more information?

      Good luck!

  • I am visiting Berlin Tomorrow through next Tuesday and would love to be able to play if anyone is up to singles. I am a 4.0 NTRP

    • Hi Todd,

      Unfortunately I do not have any time to play this week but maybe someone else will react on your comment. Good Luck!

  • Hi Berlin-Enjoy, you missed the coolest tennisclub in Berlin – the Grunewald-Tennis-Club at the Flinsberger Platz 8 in Schmargendorf. It has 13 excellently maintained clay courts, a beautiful garden surrounding and a club house built in the 20s by the operette singer Fritzi Masary. The club members are good mixture of intellectuals, artists, business people, students, wine sellers … The Grunewald -Tennis-Club is the only club in the world that has a Michelin starred restaurant for its members,

    • Hi Gottfried, thanks for the tip. Might take a look over there and add it to this list!

  • For those who are more particular about playing on GOOD courts: the outside courts of TC Mitte (3 clay courts) are terribly bad. I think they are maintained poorly, but whatever the reason….

  • I really liked this tour of tennis clubs in Berlin. However, do you have a comment on Blau Weiss? – because this is one of the 9 international tennisclubs in Berlin? And do you have a comment on how you can not just play, but be a part of a team and have coaching?

    • Hi Karen,

      I will defenitely have a look at the website and maybe visit the club. There are many other great tennis-clubs in Berlin besides the 5 I selected and Blau-Weiss might be one of them.

      Unfortunately I wanted to select a maximum of 5 and Blau-Weiss is a bit further from the center.

      Have a nice day!

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