The 5 best escape games in Berlin

About five years ago the first escape games were opened in Berlin. In the meantime the capital of Germany offers over 20 officially registered escape games and Exit Rooms. The different providers differ when it comes to the themes, pricing, quality and location. When you are visiting for one weekend you probably will not be able to visit all escape games in Berlin and therefore we did some research for you and listed the best games in this article.

What is an escape game?

In 2006 the first escape game was created in Asia. Shortly after many other countries followed but it took the games a few years to find their way to Europe. The goal of an escape game is to get out of a specific room with some of your friends. You normally get 60 minutes time for this and you have to solve a lot of puzzles and riddles to get closer to the finish-line.

Escape Game Berlin Cat in the Bag
Try to escape within 60 minutes (Photo: Cat in the Bag)

Exit Rooms and Missions

Besides the traditional Exit Rooms which are described above, there are also plenty of providers in Berlin who focus on missions. These games are a bit different and do not solely focus on escaping from a room. These missions can be a bunch of different things like detonating a bomb, finding the treasure or finding out what happened to a specific person. If you love escape games it might be fun to try on of these missions for a change as well. Both Exit Rooms and Missions are represented in this article so just choose what suits you the most.

Below you can find our selection of the best escape games in Berlin. Let us know if we missed out on a great provider.

1. The Room – Lost Treasure

When you really want to visit an original and unique escape game in Berlin, you have to visit The Room. This provider can be found in the east of Berlin but I would recommend everybody to invest the time to travel there. The Room offers only 3 escape games but all of them are carefully created and worth a try. Their best game, The Lost Treasure, was one of the last games we test but really blew our mind.

The Room Lost Treasure
The Room Lost Treasure

Escape game: Lost Treasure
Maintenance workers where repairing a draining pipe under Berlin and discovered the entrance to an unknown facility. They immediately send some workers in but nobody heard of them again. Because you and your friends were at the right place at the right time you get a chance to unveil the location’s secrets. Obviously this all has to be done within 60 minutes, otherwise you might also get stuck forever.

Simply said: It does not get much better than this. You will have to solve many original riddles and puzzles and find your way to the big treasure. The room is build in such a unique way that you really feel like a treasure hunter. We do not want to ruin any surprises so there is not that much more we will say. Just go and experience it for yourself and let us know if you disagree. Besides The Lost Treasure, The Room also offers two other great escape games which are called Go West and The Beast of Berlin.

You can reach The Room on foot from station Frankfurter Allee (1,3 km). When this is too much or you do not like to walk, you can also decide to take the car because there are plenty of parking spots available. The escape Games cost 90 Euro for four people, which is 22,50 per Person for a great experience.

Name: The Room Address: Ruschestraße 64-66 Public Transport: S-Bahn Frankfurter Allee of U-Bahn Magdalenenstraße Amount of games: 3 Languages: Engels en Duits Price for 4 persons: 90 Euro Website:

Lost Treasure



2. Exit Game – Madhouse

Located on a very central location in Berlin, on walking distance of Alexanderplatz, you can find a provider of escape games called Exit Game. These guys were one of the first Escape Games in Berlin, way before some others in this list were opened. If you get a chance to visit Exit Game, you will notice that their process, escape games and setting are very advanced. All escape games are located in a basement, which ensures that you already get into the right mood before you even enter the room. The rooms are decorated and pimped till the last details and you are even able to beat your friends in battle-mode.

Exit Game Madhouse
The scary Madhouse of Exit Game (

In contrast to the other escape games in this list, Exit Game offers you 66 minutes to escape from the room or finish your mission. All games can be played in both English and German and the price is about 20-25 Euro per person (depending on the amount of people). Included in the price is a photo with your friends which will be printed so you can take it with you straight away.

Escape Room: Mad House Exit Game is offering 6 different escape games. From Alien Invasion to Game of Crowns and from Secret Prison to Mad House: All have their own interesting story. We played one of their oldest games, the Mad House, and really enjoyed the creativity and detail in the game. The story reminds a bit of the movie Saw because we had to escape from a madman and we would die if we would not make it within 66 minutes. Because the Mad House has several rooms, it was a surprise over and over again when the game was gonna end.

Name:Exit Game Berlin Address: Klosterstraße 62, 10179 Berlijn Public Transport: U-Bahn Klosterstraße, Alexanderplatz Amount of games: 6 Languages: Engels en Duits Price for 4 persons: 89 Euro Website:

Mad House


3. Escape Berlin – Sherlock Holmes

Escape Berlin is Europe’s biggest live escape game. On the website you can see that this provider does not only offer escape games, but also some interesting detective-games. Currently Escape Berlin is offering three different games which all have a different setting and storyline. In the spring of 2017 their new game called RAW willed be opened: The information which is available so far looks very exciting and the fact that you can only play if you are older than 18-years old makes us even more curious (more info about RAW).

Escape Berlin
Escape Berlin offers several different escape games

Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes is gone. You and your friends get the chance to go into his appartement and find clues about his whereabouts. Will you be able to find out the truth within 60 minutes? You have to solve many different puzzles and riddles and some of them are really fun and inventive. Besides that, some of the attributes in the room are more than 100 years old, which gives the whole setting a very authentic feel. We really enjoyed playing Sherlock Holmes and think it deserves a top-3 position in this list of best escape games in Berlin. The only thing which could be improved a bit would be the storyline itself.

Escape Berlin is located on walking distance from station Landsberger Allee. This means that it is easy to reach for everybody who stays or lives close to the Ringbahn. The personnel is very friendly and don’t worry if you are a bit early: In the lounge you can find many different mini-puzzles to kill some time. The rooms of Escape Berlin cost 89 Euro for 4 people, which is comparable to the other escape games in Berlin.

Name: Escape Berlin Address: Storkower Str. 140, 10407 Berlijn Public Transport:Landsberger Allee Amount of games: 3 (soon 4) Languages: Engels en Duits Proce for 4 persons: 89 Euro Website:
The Test Team



4. Cat in the Bag – Prison

Cat in the Bag is an escape game in the north of Berlin and offers three exciting escape games right now. The games are created by a friendly couple who you also might meet if you decide to visit this escape game. The rooms are designed with care and the riddles and puzzles are both challenging and fun. A cool thing about Cat in the Bag is also that you are able to surprise someone: On the website you can find more information about something called “a romantic rendezvous”. This means that your partner or friend will find a ring or present in the end of the escape game. A very original way to surprise one of your loved ones.

Escape Game Berlin Cat in the Bag
Some items from the prison of Cat in the Bag

Escape Game: Prison
The prision is one of the more traditional escape games in this list. In contrast to detonating bombs or finding out what happened to Sherlock Holmes, you have to get the hell out of a room before you will be locked for life. This escape game is especially fun with a group of people because in the beginning you will be split up into two rooms. Although you are not in the same room you have to cooperate and find your way out of this mess. If you want more information about Cat in the Bag and the Prison, you can read our full article of last year.

Name: Cat in the Bag Address: Chausseestraße 15, 10115 Berlijn Public Transport: U-Bahn Naturkundemuseum Amount of games: 3 (soon 4) Languages: Engels en Duits Price for 4 persons: 88 Euro Website:
Escape Game Berlin Cat in the Bag


5. Mission Accepted – Secret Service

Where most escape games in Berlin focus on escaping a room, Mission Accepted specialized in all sorts of missions. The good thing is, that missions can be a wide range of things, so instead of searching for keys it can also be that you have to detonate a bomb or hack into a computer to save someones life. It just gives Mission Accepted way more opportunities to surprise their visitors and come up with the craziest storylines.

Mission Accepted in Charlottenburg
Mission Accepted in Charlottenburg (©

Mission Accepted is located a bit further in the west of Berlin, inside the Europa Center in Charlottenburg. This location can be easily combined with visiting the Gedächtniskirche or enjoying a nice afternoon of shopping in Berlin. Right now Mission Accepted has been around for about 2,5 years and this provider is offering 4 escape games as we speak.

Missie: Secret Service
In this mission you have to help out a woman who found out secret information about a bomb which is going to explode in the building of the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND). Shortly before she was arrested, she managed to leave some hints in her office and you and your friends have to go in there and solve this mystery. Who was in charge of this evil plan? Can you still stop the bomb from exploding? Secret Service is an exciting mission in which you will have to solve many challenging puzzles.

Name: Mission Accepted Address: Tauentzienstraße 9-12, 10789 Berlijn Public Transport: U-Bahn Wittenbergplatz Amount of Games: 4 Languages: Engels en Duits Price for 4 persons: 84 Euro Website:
Mission Accepted


Tip: Want to play escape games at home?

Do you wanna play an escape game with your friends at home? Some of you might not live in a big city like Berlin or maybe you just like to stay at home on a rainy day? You can order an escape game and play it home. Obviously it is not the same experience as the ones listed above, but the prices are very reasonable (starting from 10 Euro here at Amazon). The rules of the game are similar to the real escape games and you also have to solve puzzles and riddles together with your friends. Keep in mind that you can only play the game once, but that would still be very cheap if you play it with 4 persons. If you want to buy one of these games you can click the link below.

Click here to buy an Escape Game for home!

The author: Job

My Name is Job and originally from the Netherlands. In 2012, a girl I met in Australia motivated me to move to Berlin. I love to share the best places, activities and events in Berlin with you on my blog.


  • Hi Job,
    looks like you missed the new one in Charlottenburg which has nice rooms:
    Illuminati Escape (
    The opened end of 2017 and are new on the market but have one story that combines all of their rooms.
    I have played Cyber Attack there – that was amazing 🙂

  • Hi Job,

    Thanks for the valuable list. Do you know any websites that collect escape room reviews so I can see which ones there are in Berlin and how they are rated (except for TripAdvisor)?



    • Hi Jasper,

      thanks for your comment.

      Besides tripadvisor I do not know any website who is offering such a thing.

      But I can guarantee that you will like the first one in this list. Make sure you do National Treasure.

      Best wishes!

    • Hi Svenny,

      thanks for your comment.

      We really enjoyed Sherlock Holmes. The small tasks we had to complete were pretty unique.

      But I guess everybody has its own favorites.

      Have a nice weekend!

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