The best Weltuntergang-Parties in Berlin

It is a very exciting week: If we should believe the Maya’s the world will not survive the end of this week. On the 21st of December the last day of the b’ak’tun has come and this means the world destruction day has come. If you would like to read more about the Maya’s and the world destruction you can find information here.

A reason to party
In Berlin there is also a reason to party. So also friday the 21st, the world destruction day, will be used as an excuse to organize some great parties.It does not really matter if you believe the story of the maya’s, the parties are good for everybody.  Below you can find 5 of the best weltuntergang-parties in Berlin. They are all easy to reach and have reasonable prices.


1. Dubstep zum Weltuntergang (Bi Nuu)

Bi Nuu is one of the young clubs which opened its doors in 2012. The club is located in Kreuzberg and very easy to reach from station station Schlesische Tor.The club is, compared to other clubs, not very large because it has space for 200 people. This makes the club very intimate and cosy. On the website you can see that many big names in the clubbing scene of Berlin already performed in the Bi Nuu. On the 28th of December there will be a performance of  Klangkarussell for example.

When you want your last night on earth to be small and special, the Bi Nuu might be the perfect place. A trailer of Dubstep zum Weltuntergang – Pumped Up Kicks can be found at Youtube.

Name: Bi Nuu
Address: In het U-bahn station Schlesisches Tor
Public Transport: U-Bahn Schlesisches Tor
Price: 6 euro
Opening Times: 00.00 – 06.00
Line-Up: Hybris Dave, Leitungsbasser, Diaz Soto
Website + © image:


2. Welt hat Fertig in Suicide Circus

The picture already says a lot: A Maya head with some XTC on his tongue. Suicide Circus is a typical Berlin club who likes to provocate a little. During the world destruction you are welcome to party till early in the morning. The two different areas in the Suicide Circus will be filled with proper Dj-talent like: Traxx, Marquis Hawkes, Alienata and DJ Flush. To get an impression of the music you can listen on Soundcloud to Marquis Hawkes and the channel of Suicide Circus.

The entrance to this party will be 10 euro and the party will start at mignight. The easiest way to reach the Suicide Circus is to travel to station Warschauer Strasse.

Name: Suicide Circus
: Revaler Strasse 99
Public transport: station Warschauer Strasse
Price: 10 euro
Opening times: from 00.00
Line-Up: Traxx, Marquis Hawkes, Alienata en DJ Flush
Website + © image:


3. Finish the Fucking Story at V.C.F.

The title is clear enough. During the “Finish the fuckingstory-party” in the V.C.F. you have the possibility to go down while dancing.This friday you are welcome at 23.00 and you can expect a lot of  dubstep, electro and techno. The two different areas in the V.C.F. offer you DJ’s like Quincy Million, Luc Masera, Kite, Skare and Rawtesq. When you visit the website of the V.C.F. you can see that the style of the club is very unique. You can also find there that the clubbers who arrive early enough will receive a free shot to get started. Furthermore the entrance is just 6 euro and the party will keep going till 06.00.

The club is located under the S-Bahn rails between Alexanderplatz and Hackescher Markt (At the corner of the Dirckenstrasse). Impression of the music can be found on Soundcloud: Quincy Million, Skare, Luc Masera

Address: Rochstrasse Bogen 132 (corner of Dirckenstrasse)
Public Transport: Hackescher Markt
Price: 6 euro
Opening times: 11.00 – 06.00
Line-Up: Quincy Million, Luc Masera, Kite, Skare, Rawtesq
Website + © image:


4. Unity! Die party zum Weltuntergang in Matrix

Last week the Matrix could also be found in my article about the best New Years parties in Berlin. The Matrix does not need a large excuse to organize a party. The party: Unity: After Zero Party starts at 22.00 and gives free entrance to everybody who arrives in the first two hours. In these two hours you can also benefit the special Doomsday Cocktails offer: buy one and get one for free. The Matrix has four different areas with names like: Chillout Area, M-Lounge, Hall and the Studio. The areas offer different kind of DJ’s with different kind of music styles (house, electro, techno, pop and minimal).

Name: Matrix
: Warschauer Platz 18
Public Transport: Station Ostbahnhof (S3, S7, S75)
Price: 10 euro (22.00 – 00.00 free)
Opening times: vanaf 22.00
Line-Up: Dj Soel, Dj, Marc, Em-Tee
Website + © image:


5. Music Hall (Open Air in December)

Compared to the other parties in this list, the organisation of the Music Hall are a little more optimistic. This party will be organized on the 22nd of December and focuses on the survivors of the world destruction. From 22.00 you are welcome to enjoy an open-air in December. Three different areas are included and a part of it is outside. On the facebook site: Open Air Liebt Berlin you can find more information and comments about this wicked initiative. Spinning the wheels will be: René Bourgeois, KMLN LIVE, Ryan Dupree and KollektivKlangut.

The tickets are for sale on internet and are not expensive at all. If you book with a group you can get tickets for not more than 7 euro each.

Pay attention: This party is on the 22nd of December
Name: Music Hall
: Directly at Station Jannowitzbrucke
Public Transport: Station Jannowitzbrucke (U8, S5, S7, S75, S9)
Price: 8 euro online (10 euro at the door)
Opening times: 22.00 – 06.00
Line-Up: René Bourgeois, KMLN LIVE, Ryan Dupree and KollektivKlangut
Website + © image:

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