The Holi Festival 2013 in Berlin

On the 29th of July 2012 the first official Holi Festival in Europe was organized. This colourful festival, which flew over from India, turned out to be a great success. The tickets for this first festival were sold out in a few hours and also the Holi Festivals in Dresden, Hannover and München were a great success. All together, more than 25.000 people danced at these festivals of colour. Right now the Facebook-site has almost 15.000 fans and every day about 1000 new fans join this group. All in all the summer of 2013 seems to be the summer of the Holi Festival of Colours.

The roots of the festival of colours

The Holi Festival was originally born in the north of India. Every year, when the winter comes to an end, the people celebrate the arrival of spring and the victory of good over evil. The central aspect of the Holi Festival is the coloured powder, also called Gulal. During the Holi Festival everybody is allowed to throw this Gulal at eachother and this creates a unique and colourful scenario. Differences in age, gender, religion or status don´t count anymore: Everybody is equal during the Festival of Colours.

Holi Festival Dresden

Twelve cities in Germany

As mentioned above, the Holi Festival has already been a great success in 2012. Unfortunately the summer of 2012 was not long enough to cover more than four cities in Germany (Berlin, München, Dresden and Hannover).  Lucky enough, this year things will be different: Starting in the beginning of May, the festival will be organized in twelve different cities all over Germany. The first Official Holi Festival in Germany will be celebrated on the 11th of May 2013 in Berlin.

The other Holi Festival locations

Besides Berlin, eleven other German cities are blessed to be the home of the Holi Festival 2013. Below you can find the dates and locations of all the festivals in Germany.

Berlin = 11.05.2013 (Olympisches Reiterstadion)
Dresden =03.08.2013 (Rinne Dresden – Festwiese Ostragehege)
Dortmund = 06.07.2013 (Location unkown at this moment)
Essen = 31.08.2013 (Zeche Zollverein)
Frankfurt am Main = 29.06.2013 (Vorplatz der Commerzbank Arena)
Karlsruhe = 07.09.2013 (Messplatz Karlruhe)
Leipzig = 22.06.2013 (Festwiese)
Leverkusen = Date and Location unknown at this moment
Mannheim = 17.08.2013 (Maimarktgelände)
München = Date and Location unknown at this moment
Saarbrücken = 27.07.2013 (Messegelände Saarbrücken)
Stuttgart = 18.05.2013 (Location unkown at this moment)

If you want more information about the specific cities above, you can check the website (Holi Festival of Colours). Every single location has it’s own facebook-page so if you want to keep up to date about the Holi Festival of Colour in your city, just become a fan!


Holi Festival in Berlin

Lucky enough, the first Holi Festival 2013 will be organized in the largest party-capital: Berlin. The festival will be held in an old stadium called “Olympische Reiterstadion“. On this green location in the the west of Berlin the Holi-season of 2013 will be opened. The tickets for the Holi Festival in Berlin will be available on the 2nd of March for only 16,99€. Personally I expect the tickets to be sold-out very quickly so don´t wait too long…

Location Holi FestivalThe location for the Holi Festival 2013 in Berlin: The Reiterstadion in the west of Berlin.

An Impression of last year

Last year (read article) the tickets for the Holi Festival have been sold out in a few hours. Therefore, I cannot tell you about my own experiences with the Festival but the video below gives a very good impression of the great Festival of Colours.

The Holi Festival in July 2012: This is where it all started!

Facts about The Holi Festival of Colours 2013

Not much time to read? Below you can find all the info you need about the Holi Festival 2013 in Berlin.

Address (Berlin): Passenheimer Str. 30
Public Transport: S-Bahn Berlin Pichelsberg
Date: 11 May 2013
Ticket Sales: 2nd March 12.00
Price: 16,99 €
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