The Holi Festival of Colours in Berlin: The Review

Yesterday, on the 11th of May, the Holi Festival finally made his comeback to the great city of Berlin. It has been more than one year, since the  the great colourfestival was first organized in the capital of Germany. This year, the Reiterstadion in the west of Berlin was the location for the famous festival which is originally from India.

Cancellation of Holi One Festival

Last month, a lot of people were dissapointed after the cancellation of another organizer of a colourfestival. Just one week before the festival-date, the organisation of Holi One (which is not the same as the Holi Festival of Colours) cancelled their festival. Because of the short notice and the lack of real arguments a lot of people were unhappy and angry comments showed up on the internet. Partly because of this dissapointment, it was an even bigger delight that the Official Holi Festival was a great success.

Holi Festival BerlinThe Reiterstadion was full of coloured people(copyright: JFRcreatives)

The Reiterstadion + Line-Up

The Reiterstadion is located behind the Olympiastadion and can be reached by train (station Olympiastadion). After leaving the train station, you were able to follow the music which would lead you to the enormous lawn which is normally used for horse riding. From 12.00 till 22.00, the Reiterstadion possesed more colour than ever before. With a line-up including dj’s like Levy & K-Paul, Dumme Jungens, Andhim and Drauf und Dran there was plenty of good and varying music on the festival.

Holi Festival Berlin 2013 ReiterstadionOne of the countdowns at the Holi festival

Future Holi Festivals in Germany

Were you not able to make it to the Holi Festival in Berlin? No worries, the following months there will be many other Holi Festivals in different cities in Germany. You can decide to make a trip to Dresden, Stuttgart, Leipzig or one of the other cities in Germany. Furthermore there are also Holi Festivals in The Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria. For more information on the other locations you can check the website

 Holi Festival hands
Your hands will be coloured for a few days after the Holi Festival

Tips for a successful colourfestival

Now that I finally can speak from own experiences, it might be handy to write down some tips for the future visitors of the Holi Festival. First of all I would advise to keep your favourite clothes at home. Although you will normally be able to wash the clothes clean again, I would still put on some old clothes. The best colour is defenitly white and gadgets like glasses and heads will defenitly add something to the whole experience.

Holi Festival Berlin Green Beer
Even the beers were colourful at the Holi Festival

My second tip has to do with the drinks. The beers (Carlsberg) cost 3 euro at the Holi Festival, which is a reasonable price but still you don´t want to waste them. That’s why I would advise to drink your beer outside the main crowd and then get back to playing with the coloured powder after you finished drinking. As you can see on the photo above: Beer and powder will not create the most attractive combination.

My last tip has to do with a camera. Never bring an expensive camera into the crowd! Try to borrow a waterproof camera or buy one of these throw-away cameras for 5 euro. You can also just keep the beautiful memories in your mind and never let them go.

Don´t miss out!

I already wrote many articles about the Holi Festivals on and hopefully the many photos and videos motivated you to visit one of the colourful festivals. In Berlin, the atmosphere was very good and everybody was friendly and enjoying the festival, the music and the coloured powder. You will enjoy the festival from the first minute and 17 euro is a very reasonable price for 10 hours of enjoyment. You can check the programm of the Official Festival of Colours on this website.

The video below gives you a good impression of the Holi Festival in Berlin (11.05.2013).

(Video credits:
Holi Festival Berlin Maus en BasThree “random” visitors of the Holi Festival in Berlin

HoliLots of funny people at the Holi Festival in Berlin

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  • I must admit it’s the first time I hear about the Holi Festival taking place in Germany. Wow, that’s such a great news. I hope to take part next year! That’s one of my favourite festivals ever!

    • Thanks for your comment Agness! It is defenitly a great Festival.

      Keep me updated when you are back in Berlin and I can inform you about the Holi-festivals.

      Have fun in China 🙂

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