Tip for Berlin-lovers: Notes of Berlin

Tip for Berlin-lovers: Notes of Berlin

A large and populair city like Berlin gets a lot of attention on social media. On Twitter, Facebook and other channels you often find images, videos and updates about Berlin. Lucky enough there are also some Facebook-groups which collect the best stuff from Berlin for us. Notes of Berlin is one of them and every Berlin-lover should defenitely follow their Facebook-group.

Notes of Berlin

Notes of Berlin is an absolute must-follow for every fan of Berlin. The best “notes” from all around Berlin are collected on their website and if you want to keep up to date I would recommend following their Facebook-group. Personally the Notes make me laugh several times a week and it is just great because they represent Berlin in such a pure way. The notes tell you what is going on in the city: From trouble between neighbors to a lost cat and from a funny advertisement to humoristic graffiti: Notes of Berlin has it all.

Some favourites

We can talk about as long as we want but giving some examples is probably the best way. On the website of Notes of Berlin you can find a lot of categories and also the Notes of Month. This is monthly thing where the best note will win prizes. You can also find a category Notes of Germany, here you can find notes from other places than Berlin.

1. For all those smartphone-addicts


2. Lost my boyfriend

Grappige Aanplak


3. I am looking for a clever girlfriend, my number is…



4. Message for the police


5. A real German Meal

Notes of Berlin 1

6. Message to fighting neighbors: Ever thought about a divorce?

notes of ber


7. Takeaway song




Job van Hardeveld
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