Win 5×2 Free tickets for the Holi Festival in Berlin

After a very cool Melt Festival last weekend, it still feels good to be back in Berlin. The temperatures will be above 30° this weekend so some open-airs and festivals should be on top of your schedule. If you are planning to visit a festival you might want to consider the second edition of the Official Holi Festival of Colours

The first edition in 2013

Last year, in the summer of 2012, the first Holi Festival of Colours was organized in Berlin. The tickets were sold out in a few hours and the festival was cooler than anybody expected. Because of the great succes, the organisation decided to come back for more in 2013. On the 11th of May the Reiterstadion in the West of Berlin was coloured Blue, Green, Red, Purple and Pink for one whole day. You can read my review of the Holi Festival in Berlin if you want more information and tips.

Holi Festival Berlin

Holi is back for more!

Because of the great succes of the first edition of this year, the organisation of the Holi Festival of Colours decided to organize another edition. This weekend, on the 27th of July, there will be another Holi Festival in the Reiterstadion in Berlin. You can find more information about the festival on this website. The line-up includes Ostblockschlampen, Stereo Express and Moguai and tickets are still available for 16,99€.


Give-away 5×2 Free tickets for The Holi Festival in Berlin

But why buy a ticket if you can go to the Holi Festival for free?! is allowed to give-away 5×2 tickets for the Holi Festival of Colour in the Reiterstadion this coming Saturday.

If you want some free tickets all you have to do is:

1. Like Berlin-Enjoy on Facebook
2. Leave a comment under this article.

Tomorrow night we will pick 5 names and these people will receive two tickets for the Holi Festival in their mailbox. So if you want to have a colourful saturday you are very welcome to join this give-away!

If you are still not sure if you should be part of this festival, watch the following video and hopefully you will change your mind!

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