A lot of bars in Europe look kind of classy and elegant. Often you will find a goodlooking bar where you can find all different alcoholic drinks and cocktails. In a lot of bars in Berlin you will find the total opposite. The Mauerblümchen, slightly north of Berlin, is an example of one of these bars.

The Mauerblümchen

When you are walking in the Wisbyer Strasse in Prenzlauer Berg, chances are large you will pass the Mauerblümchen without noticing. The Mauerblümchen does not particularly look like a fancy and impressive bar from the outside. But after you entered, you realize straight away that you are in the right place to have a cosy night with your friends. The Mauerblümchen is a bar which looks very much like a living room of the sixties.

Mauerblumchen Berlin
One of the many chillout-corners in the Mauerblümchen

Feeling at home

When you reach the large backroom of the Mauerblümchen, you see some comfortable benches and a lot of interesting decoration hanging on the walls. The Mauerblümchen is known for keeping the memories to the DDR alive. You can find special pantings, records and other remarkable objects on the wall. The atmosphere is finalized with some retro-style-furniture and curtains which might remind you of the living room of your grandparents. All in all it gives a very cosy atmosphere and makes you feel at home in this bar.

Mauerblumchen bar Berlin
An impression of the atmosphere

Prices and information

Normally, the Mauerblümchen is visited mostly by local people from Berlin. The location is not so convenient for tourists but it might be an addition to sit in a bar which is not touristic (for a change). The Wisbyer Strasse can be reached from station Station Schonhauser Allee (S of U-bahn), which is not very difficult to reach from the center of Berlin.

The Mauerblümchen offers reasonable prices: half a liter of Radeberger or Berliner costs only 2,90€. Besides beer and cocktails you can also decide to eat some nice munchies like nancho’s or fries.

Maybe the Mauerblümchen is not the most special  bar in Berlin, but if you want to experience Berlin from a different angle, it might be cool to give it a try.

Adres: Wisbyer Strasse 4
Public Transport: Schonhauser Allee
Website: www.hog-mauerbluemchen.de

Mauerblumchen Bar Berlin
You can play table-soccer in the Mauerblümchen

Mauerblumchen BerlinAnother great area to relax

Mauerblumchen Berlin Toilets
The whole toilet is covered with newspapers so you will not be bored…


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