In the Netherlands, where I grew up, eating sushi is quite expensive. You have many “all-you-can-eat-restaurants” but normally you will pay at least 20 euro for that. Berlin is a great city for sushi-lovers: You can eat a large sushi-menu for less than 10 euro’s. One of the cool places you could go if you want to eat sushi is a sushi-bar in Berlin-Mitte which goes by the name Far East.

Far East in Berlin-Mitte

The restaurant Far East is located in the Dircksenstraße 93 in Berlin-Mitte. The sushi-bar can be found directly across the street from shopping-center Alexa. Therefore this Vietnamese restaurant and sushi-bar can be easily combined with an afternoon of shopping or a visit to Alexanderplatz.

Berlin Mitte Sushi Far East
Far East in Berlin Mitte

Sushi-Bar and Vietnamese Restaurant

Besides Sushi you can also eat Vietnamese food in Far East. The prices for these main courses differ between 5 and 8 euro and you will receive a large plate of food or a big Vietnamese soup (which are delicious). But personally I would visit Far Eat for their sushi: The different menu’s can be bought starting at 4 euro but obviously you will get some very simple and plain sushi-rolls (12 pieces). It gets really exciting when you order one of the specials: Large sushi-rolls with cream cheese, shrimps or spicy chicken.

Karaoke Bar

Besides food it is also possible to organise a small-scale party in sushi-bar Far East. In the basement of the restaurant you can sing Karaoke and this area can also be booked for parties or meetings. For more information about karaoke and the menu you can check out the website of Far-East.

Berlin Mitte Sushi Far East
In the summer you can also eat outside


The last couple of months I visited Far East two times and I enjoyed the food a lot. Many asian restaurants do not offer the best service but the personell in Far East has been very friendly: They even created an individual sushi-roll just for me. If you like sushi or you will do some (Christmas) shopping in Alexa, why not eat something at Far East and judge yourself?

Below you can find all the information about Far East you need to know:

Name: Sushi-Bar Far East
Address: Dircksenstr. 93
Bezirk: Berlin-Mitte
Prices: 5-8 euro main dish


My Name is Job and originally from the Netherlands. In 2012, a girl I met in Australia motivated me to move to Berlin. I love to share the best places, activities and events in Berlin with you on my blog.

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