Erasmus Closing Party in the What-Club

Every new semester, many different students arrive in Berlin to experience the life abroad. A large group of these students belong to the Erasmus-programm. This programm motivates students from all over the European Union to study or do an internship abroad. Besides learning the language and enjoyinging some of the great attractions they also come to Berlin to enjoy the great nightlife.

International Students in Berlin

Because a lot of international students visit Berlin for the first time it is nice to be part of some sort of group. The International Students in Berlin (ISiB) is a group on Facebook who organizes parties and activities for international students. The group joined Facebook in the end of September 2011 and gained almost 3000 friends till the moment that this article was published.

Erasmus Closing Party

As mentioned, the ISiB organizes different sort of parties. Since the start, they already organized parties in clubs like Magdalena, Flamino and Picknick. The parties have always been a great success and many International Student use the events to meet their first friends in Berlin.

Clash of the Nations ISiB
One of the successful parties of the ISiB (Clash of the Nations)

Closing Party

Unfortunately, almost all international students will be heading home in the next couple of weeks. The end of the semester has arrived and the internships have been completed. But lucky enough the ISiB organizes one last closing party. This party is a perfect opportunity to say goodbye to Berlin and all the other international students. On their facebook-site they promote the party with the next words:

The semester is almost finished and we are looking back to a time full of joy, excitement and especially interesting people in a city that never sleeps. Let us revive this spirit one more time for a very special occasion before it finally says “Rien ne va plus” – “No more bets”.

The What?!

The Erasmus Rien Ne Va Plus Closing Party will be organized on the 1st of Februari at the What-Club in Berlin Mitte. This club is very easy to reach because it is hidden under the McDonalds in the trainstation Alexanderplatz. The What?! is a typical Berliner Club: a trashy look, interesting location and very reasonable prices. A beer only costs 2,50€ and a wine 3€. All in all this is a great location for the Erasmus closing party of the semester.

What club Berlin
One of the dance-floors in the What?! (copyright

The party starts at 11.00 and the DJ’s will keep playing the finest tunes till 06.30. The What?! has two different floors and different DJ’s will be playing all different kind of music styles. For more information you can also check this facebook site.

Come to the closing party and meet all the friends you met during the last 6 months. May it be a night to remember!

Facts about the What?!

When: 01-02-2013
Address: Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 11
Entrance Price: 3€ (before 00.00)
Public Transport: S&U-bahn Alexanderplatz

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