Escape Game in Berlin: Cat in the Bag

On a sunny day the city of Berlin has plenty of nice activities to offer. The large range of beach bars, open-airs and outdoor attractions will fill your agenda before you realize it. But unfortunately there are also rainy days in Berlin and finding a suitable activity can be a bit harder then. Therefore today we present an activity which can be done under any weather-circumstances: The so called Escape Games.

What is an Escape Game?

The principle of an Escape Game is very simple. You get locked up in a room with some friends and together you have to use (hidden) clues to escape from the trouble you got yourself into. The creators of such Escape Games make sure the setting and funny story-line will make you believe you are currently locked up and have to find you way out. Because the activity is inside, Escape Games are also a perfect activity for a rainy day in Berlin.

Escape Game Berlin Cat in the Bag
Escape Game Berlin Cat in the Bag

Cat in the Bag

When you are in Berlin and planning to visit an Escape Game I would recommend having a look at the website of Cat in the Bag. This Escape Game exists since March 2015 and manages to receive a whole lot of positive reviews in the last 8 months. Cat in the Bag gives you the choice between three different rooms: you can escape from the Prison, the Bunker and the Skihut. All rooms have different story-lines and clues so if you want to be challenged more than once on the same day this is not a problem.

Escape Game Berlin Cat in the Bag
Some items from the prison of Cat in the Bag

The prison

Together with my girlfriend and parents we decided we wanted to try and escape from the prison. It was the first Escape Game I had ever done and it amazed me how much you get pulled into the story. I really loved the way the clues were hidden and altogether it took us 57 minutes to escape. Besides logical thinking we needed to do some simple math and also team-work was very important. Below you can find some images of the prison, obviously no clues can be found in this articles:

Escape Game Berlin Cat in the Bag
Try to escape from the prison

Address, price and tips

Cat in the Bag can be found relatively close to the center of Berlin (Chausseestraße 15). Because of the great public transport in Berlin this location can be reached easily, getting out at station Naturkundemuseum is most convenient. The price of escaping from one of the rooms of Cat in the Bag depends on the amount of people but starts at 19,5 Euro for one hour. If you want to save some additional money you should visit Cat in the Bag during happy-hour, which is from Monday till Friday till 18.00. During that time you can escape from the rooms with 10 Euro discount.

Escape Game Berlin Cat in the Bag
The Prison of Cat in the Bag

Escape Games summarized

All in all visiting an Escape Game can be a great activity for you and your friends or family. The games can played with up to three companions and are cool for young and old. Do not worry about not being intelligent enough for an Escape Game, the employees are more than happy to help you along with some hints. When have a hard time choosing between the different Escape Game in Berlin I can only emphasize how much fun I had at Cat in the Bag. Friendly personnel, great story-lines and you even receive a photo in your mailbox after you have escaped the room.

We had a great time at Cat in the Bag
We managed to escape in 57 minutes
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