Great alternative for Berlin: Hamburg

We have been living in Berlin since 2012 and still feel it is one of the greatest cities on earth. We still find new spots which blow our minds every month. But this does not mean that we are not open for other cities: There are definitely some other interesting cities in Germany which are worth a visit. Especially Hamburg could be a great alternative for Berlin.

Hamburg as an alternative for Berlin

If all hostels are booked or you cannot find a cheap flight you might want to search for an alternative for Berlin. Why not have a look at Hamburg then. Some people call Hamburg the little brother of Berlin because there are many similarities between these two German cities. Below we have listed a few of the things both cities have to offer:

Nice and cheap
Obviously it is great that Berlin is reasonably cheap. Lucky enough most things in Hamburg are priced the same way. From beers to clubs and from lunch to activities, Hamburg is quite a cheap city.

Shopping possibilities
Just like shopping in Berlin, you will also have plenty of cool shopping possibilities in. Hamburg. Besides large shopping centers, you can also find many cute boutiques and small shops.

Plenty of Green
Both cities have a lot of nature to offer. Especially when you compare these cities to other capitals in the world, there are so many parks and nice places to get away from the busy city. Sometimes you just have to get out.

Interesting buildings
When Hamburg wants to be a alternative for Berlin, it surely has to offer some interesting history and attractions. Do not worry here. Hamburg has some interesting churches and impressive attractions to offer. It does not quite match the history of Berlin, but let’s be fair: That is almost impossible to beat.

Hamburg at night
Hamburg at night (

Benefits of Hamburg

But obviously there are also plenty of differences between Berlin and Hamburg. First of all Hamburg has about 50% less inhabitants, which also means the city is a bit smaller and easier to oversee. Berlin can be so large for tourists, that it is hard to find your way around. Another benefit is the beautiful harbor: It is fun to go there and enjoy the water. What we personally like a lot about Hamburg is the Reeperbahn, more about that in the next paragraph.

Party in Hamburg

If you think about partying in Hamburg, most people probably think about the Reeperbahn. This is a large street in the middle of Hamburg which offers a lot of cool clubs, bars and places. If you are staying in Berlin for the weekend, you will have a great time here. Besides that, there are also other great clubs in Berlin, like Uber und Gefährlich. If you want to visit a German festival in Hamburg, you should have a look at Ms Dockville.

the club Ubel und Gefahrlich
The impressive building of the club Ubel und Gefahrlich ( ©

Travel to Hamburg: Practical tips

Another large benefit of Hamburg is, that it is pretty close to Berlin. The city is less than 300km away from Berlin and therefore you can reach it by car, bus or train within 3 hours. Besides time you will also save money compared to citytrips to other countries. If you know you gonna visit Hamburg a bit in advance, you can travel there for about 10 Euro. There are some websites who compare the cheapest ways to reach destinations like Hamburg, GoEuro is one of them. For Hamburg the system shows that traveling by bus would be the cheapest option.

One of the many cute spots in Hamburg
One of the many cute spots in Hamburg (

Hamburg summarized

All in all we can say that everybody who loves Berlin should visit Hamburg. It is just a great alternative for Berlin and the city has enough to offer to spend at least a long weekend there. When you have some tips for people who want to visit Hamburg, please leave them in the comments below.

Culture in Hamburg
Enough culture to offer (
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