Best Parties


In November 2012, CNN-Travel compared the best nightlife-cities in the world with each other. Partying in Berlin made it to the second place in this list. The famous newschannel CNN only rated Ibiza higher than Berlin. With this second position, Berlin is ranked higher than great cities like Las Vegas, Barcelona and London. In this category you can find articles about some of the best parties in Berlin.

The CNN-Research says it all: Berlin is the place to be if you want to have a great party-night. The prices are reasonable, the line-ups are extremely good and the best parties in Berlin have extreme opening-hours.

Finding the right parties for you to visit can be hard. With so many different clubs and festivals, you can get lost easily. In this category we list the best parties every month in our party-calendar.

Besides parties in clubs we also focus on some of the nicest open-air parties in Berlin in the summer. All in all we can state that Berlin is an awesome place for people who love to party.