Berlin is known and loved for its extraordinary nightlife. The extreme opening-hours, the solid line-ups and the affordable drinks are just a few of the benefits of partying in Berlin. A popular techno-club in Berlin is called Ritter Butzke and located in Kreuzberg.

Techno-Club with solid line-up

Every weekend the Ritter Butzke offers its visitors a nice mix of electronic music. You can dance on different music-styles like techno, house, electro and minimal. If you are into electronic music you probably get excited when you hear that names like Oliver Koletzki, Umami, Monkey Safari, Lexer and AKA AKA play in the Ritter Butzke on a regular basis. It’s not without a reason that we list the Ritter Butzke in our list with the best parties in Berlin every month.

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Back to the underground in 2007

It is February 2007 and it is the first time the name Ritter Butzke is being mentioned on the streets of Berlin. The Ritter Butzke was a real underground-club around that time and the parties were only attended by a select group of people. Because of an anonymous tip to the authorities, the club disappeared for a while and then came back a few years later. In October 2009, the Ritter Butzke was officially reopened. Since that day the club can not be called underground anymore: Every week many tourists and habitants of Berlin visit this techno-club for the great parties.

Ritter Butzke
The main floor of the Ritter Butzke (Copyright: Facebook Ritter Butzke)

Four different floors

The fact that the Ritter Butzke is so populair definitely is related to the great setting of the club. The four different floors all have a different style. The main floor has an impressive sound-installation and can get quite crowded. If you want some more space you can visit the other floors, one of them is shown on the image below and is more of a chill-room where you can have a drink and actually talk to your friends. In the summer the Ritter Butzke also offers plenty of open-air space to party.

The main floor in the Ritter Butzke (© Max Threlfall)
The main floor in the Ritter Butzke (© Max Threlfall)

How to get into the Ritter Butzke?

Just like most techno-clubs in Berlin it’s not a guarantee that you will get into the Ritter Butzke. It is not as hard as the Berghain but especially on popular nights people will get rejected. Keep the following tips in mind when you want to get into the Ritter Butzke:

  • Choose a smart time of arrival. The busy hours of the Ritter Butzke are between 01.30 and 03.30. This is also when the line is long and more people get rejected.
  • Do not arrive with a big group. Big groups could mean trouble and that is why bouncers often do not let them in.
  • Bring a few girls. Girls do not often cause trouble and that is why bouncers do like to let them into the Ritter Butzke.
  • Don’t be drunk. It’s normal that the bouncers ask you a few questions to check if you are still able to react normally.
  • Fit into the nightlife of Berlin. You are not trying to get into the Berghain but still fitting into the style of Berlin can help.
Entrance Ritter Butzke
The entrance of the Ritter Butzke

Practical information

The prices in the Ritter Butzke can be called reasonable: A Beer can be bought for 3,50 Euro and shots are available starting at 2,50€. The entrance is usually somewhere between 12 and 15 Euro. In the winter you also need to use the garderobe for your jacket (1,80€).

Ritter Butzke Chill Room
Ritter Butzke Chill Room (©

The Ritter Butzke can most easily be reached with the U8. From station Moritzplatz you can easily walk to the club by foot. Alternatives are taking a cab or walking from S-Bahn station Jannowitzbrücke.

Ritter Butzke in a nutshell

The Ritter Butzke is definitely worth a visit if you like electronic music. The real underground-years of the club are over but the atmosphere is still solid and with four floors you will most likely find something you like. Below the facts of this techno-club in Berlin are listed:

Name: Ritter Butzke
Ritterstraße 24-26
Public Transport: U8 (Moritzplatz)
Entrance: 12-15 €
Beer: 3,50 €
Shots: 2,50 €


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