Visitors of Berlin are almost never disappointed by the nightlife of the city. You can choose between so many different parties that most of the visitors have a list of clubs they want to visit next time. For some visitors, who are not sure which club they want to visit, the entrance fee in the techno-clubs in Berlin can be a problem. These people do not like paying 15€ without knowing if they like the party. Obviously it’s good to do some investigation (e.g. our party-calendar) in advance or just give it a try once. If that’s not your style you can also decide to visit some of the cheaper clubs in Berlin. Süss war Gestern is a club which is often offering parties for free or for a very low entrance fee (<5€).

Berliner Style

Not far from station Samariter Straße you can find the small club called Süss war Gestern. The club has the typical Berliner-Style with a retro look and a unique personality. Small things like being able to play Super Mario and drinking beer from a bottle is feeding this uncomplicated image. The couches and wallpaper look like they have been taken straight from “That 70s show”. Just like many other clubs in Berlin, Süss war Gestern just has a special vibe.

Decoration in Suß war Gestern (©
Decoration in Suß war Gestern (©
Playing Super Mario in Suß war Gestern (©
Playing Super Mario in Suß war Gestern (©

Süss war Gestern

Even for habitants of Berlin, it is nice to save a bit on the entrance fee once in a while. Sometimes you just want to dance for a few hours and not stay the whole night. Than it is understandable that you prefer a club in which the entrance fee is as low as possible. In this case Süss war Gestern is a very good alternative. The club has three different floors with different music-styles in every single one of them. This ensures that even for bigger groups there should be a floor which everyone likes.

The bar of Suß war Gestern (©
The bar of Suß war Gestern (©

Different musicstyles

On the upper floor of the Süss war Gestern you can find two different areas where they play techno and electro-music. When you go down a small stairs in the back of the club, you will find a basement where they played some very cool HipHop during my last visit. Some great songs from Dr. Dre, Fatman & Scoop and Blackstreet were played.

The only disadvantage of the Süss war Gestern is the temperature. Although they have air-conditioning in the basement, the temperature in the club is very high. But besides that, the club is worth a visit and with cheap entrance and beers for 2,50, you will definitely not regret it.

Name: Süss war Gestern
Address: Wühlischstrasse 43
Public Transport: Samariterstraße or Warschauer Straße
Entrance: 0-5€
Website: Facebook


My Name is Job and originally from the Netherlands. In 2012, a girl I met in Australia motivated me to move to Berlin. I love to share the best places, activities and events in Berlin with you on my blog.


  1. Hi Job, love your site! Going to be visiting Berlin from 28 – 31 July. What are your suggestions for good hip hop/ rnb clubs in Berlin? Thanks!

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