Visitors of Berlin are almost never disappointed by the nightlife of the city. You can choose between so many different parties and clubs that it’s not hard to understand that people get addicted to partying here. The more famous techno clubs in Berlin charge 15-20€ as entrance fee but there are also cheaper alternatives. Süss War Gestern is a dance bar which basically turns into a club at night.

Süss War Gestern

Not far from station Samariter Straße you can find a dance bar called Süss war Gestern. The bar has the typical Berliner-Style with the retro look we all like so much. The couches and wallpaper look like they have been taken straight from “That 70s Show”. Everybody drinks beer from the bottle and you can even play a game of Mario on the Nintendo. How retro is that!

The entrance of Süss war Gestern
The entrance of Süss war Gestern (Source)

Cheaper than most clubs in Berlin

In clubs like Sisyphos, Ritter Butzke and Watergate you usually pay at least 15€ entrance. These places usually host more famous DJs and that is why they charge more for a ticket. But if you do not want to pay that much money you should consider visiting a dance bar like Süss war Gestern. The entrance fee is usually between 2€ and 6€ and sometimes even for free.

Three different floors

The Süss war Gestern has three different floors with different styles of music in every one of them. In the basement it can get quite crowded and a versatile mix of hiphop and pop is played. On the ground floor it’s more like a dance bar with some house and electro music. This is also where you can find the bar and some space to sit and talk to each other.

One of the three dance floors
One of the three dance floors (Source)

Perfect mix between dance bar and club

The Süss war Gestern has the best of both worlds: It’s a dance bar but also a club. You can party till early in the morning but you can also go here for a drink and chill with your friends. Personally we love this mix because this allows you to decide spontaneously how you feel. If you pay 20€ entrance for a party in Berlin you kind of commit to that place for the rest of the night.

How to get into Süss war Gestern

You might get the impression that getting into Süss war Gestern is going to be easy. It’s just a special dance bar, right? Unfortunately it’s not always easy to get in. This club/bar is very popular and there is often a line in front of the entrance. Especially the basement floor can get really crowded and it makes you understand that the bouncers need to refuse some people. So how do you get in?

  1. Arrive before 23.00 or after 02.00. Most people arrive around midnight.
  2. Don’t be totally wasted. Nobody likes drunk people who might make a mess.
  3. Arrive with a small group (approx. 4 people) of both boys and girls
Playing Mario in a bar in Berlin
Playing Mario in a bar in Berlin


In a city where techno rules the nightlife, it can be fun to visit a place which is different. Süss war Gestern allows you to have a drink with friends in a bar and not needing to change locations when you get in the mood for some dancing. The prices are reasonable too. The only bigger disadvantage is the air in the basement: If it get crowded it can get really humid in there.

Name: Süss War Gestern
Address: Wühlischstrasse 43
Public Transport: Samariterstraße or Warschauer Straße
Entrance: 0-6€
Website: Facebook


My Name is Job and originally from the Netherlands. In 2012, a girl I met in Australia motivated me to move to Berlin. I love to share the best places, activities and events in Berlin with you on my blog.


  1. Hi Job, love your site! Going to be visiting Berlin from 28 – 31 July. What are your suggestions for good hip hop/ rnb clubs in Berlin? Thanks!

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