When some of my friends come over from Holland, they are never dissapointed by the nightlife of Berlin. They are always sad to leave and love all the clubs they have seen so far. The only small disadvantage they sometimes mention, is the fact that the big clubs in Berlin normally charge 10-15 euro entrance fee. In my opinion this is not a real argument, because in the end you cannot really compare the clubs in Berlin with the “disco’s” in The Netherlands. Still, if you would like to go to a club without paying entrance, Suß war Gestern might be a very good alternative.

Berliner Style

Not far from station Samariter Straße you can find the small club called Süß war Gestern. Regarding the style, the club can be compared to places like
Rosi’s and Mauerblümchen. Suß war Gestern has “the Berliner-Style” with a retro look and a unique personality.This personality is represented by the possibility to play Super Mario Bros on the Nintendo and by the couches and wallpaper which look like they have been taken straight from “That 70s show”. Just like many other clubs in Berlin, Suß war Gestern just has a special atmosphere to it.

 [row][column width=”50%”]Suß war Gestern Wall Painting[/column][column width=”50%”]Suß war Gestern Nintendo[/column][/row]Some unique features of Suß war Gestern

Suß war Gestern

Off course, even for habitants of Berlin, it is nice to save a bit on the entrance fee once in a while. Sometimes you just don´t want to party till 08.00 in the morning but still want to dance for a few hours. Than it is understandable that 10-15 euro is quite much and in this case Suß war Gestern is a very good alternative. The club has three different areas and the quality of the music can be compared with many other clubs in Berlin.

Suß war Gestern BarThe bar in Suß war Gestern

Different musicstyles

On the groundfloor of the Suß war Gestern you can find two different areas where they play techno and electro-music. When you go down a small stairs in the back of the club, you will find a basement where they played some very cool HipHop during my last visit. Some great songs from Dr. Dre, Fatman & Scoop and Blackstreet were played.

Suß war Gestern DJ BasementHipHop-Dj in the basement of Suß war Gestern
The only disadvantage of the Suß war Gestern is the temperature. Although they have airco in the basement, the temperature in the club is very high. But besides that, the club is worth a visit and with free entrance and beers for 2,50, you will defenitly not regret it.

Facts about Suß war Gestern

Address: Wühlischstrasse 43
Public Transport: Samariterstraße of Warschauer Straße
Entrance: Free!
Website: https://www.facebook.com/suess.war.gestern.official

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My Name is Job and originally from the Netherlands. In 2012, a girl I met in Australia motivated me to move to Berlin. I love to share the best places, activities and events in Berlin with you on my blog.


  1. Hi Job, love your site! Going to be visiting Berlin from 28 – 31 July. What are your suggestions for good hip hop/ rnb clubs in Berlin? Thanks!

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