The German festival-season is in full swing at the moment: Every weekend you can find a cool festival somewhere in Germany and many of them are located close to Berlin. Besides large festivals like Fusion, Melt and SonneMondSterne, there are also some smaller festivals which might not be as famous but are definitely worth a visit. In this article you can find our review of the Feel Festival 2016:

German Festivals

German festivals are famous all over Europe. Germany is located quite central and therefore people from countries like the Netherlands, Austria and Poland make the effort to visit a festival here. Good thing is that the German festivals are cheap and most of the time have a very solid line-up if you like DJs. Another benefit of the German festivals is the fact that they are often organized at unique locations.

Party on the beach at Feel Festival
Party on the beach at Feel Festival

The Feel Festival

The Feel festival is one of these festivals with a unique location directly at the water of the Bergheider See. This is a beautiful piece of nature about 130km south of Berlin. Generally, the Feel Festival is very focused on nature, green and sustainability. You can see this in the stages, the (vegan) food and even in a large part of the visitors. The Feel Festival is a small and friendly festival with about 10.000 visitors. Tickets for the Feel Festival were reasonably priced as well: Early birds were available starting at 60€.

Feel Festival 2016
The great atmosphere at the Feel Festival 2016

Solid line-up

The Feel Festival might not be as large as Fusion or Melt but over 200 different performances and almost 20 stages speak for themselves. Four days of versatile music with names like Lexer, Oliver Koletzki, Kollektiv Ost, Monkey Safari, Claptone and also some interesting bands like Turbostaat, Von Wegen Lisbeth and Sea Moya. If that still is not versatile enough for you, you could always visit the Prince Charles Floor with a lot of HipHop, 90s-Music and other surprising music-styles.

The Exit Floor
One of the many stages: The Exit Floor

Beach, Circus and Workshops

A great weekend-festival does not only offer music but also offers other interesting activities. You normally wake up quite early so it is good to have something to do during the day. On the Feel Festival 2016 you had the opportunity to enjoy plenty of workshops, go to the cinema and visit shows in a circus-tent. But what I personally liked most is the fact that you could literally camp on the beach. Every morning it was just a small walk to the refreshing water of the Bergheider See.

Feel Festival Camping on the beach
Feel Festival Camping on the beach

Tips for a great weekend-festival

After having enjoyed the Feel Festival two times now, there are some tips I can give you when you are planning this festival next year:

  • Even around the stages you are allowed to bring your own alcohol. This means that is advisable to bring some drinks and food from home.
  • Don’t forget to bring your swimming-clothes. As mentioned the beach is one of the best features of the Feel Festival. There is also plenty of room for a round of football or volleyball by the way.
  • Do not forget to bring some warm clothes as well: At night it can be quite cold.
  • Socialize with your neighbors. These Neighbors are the people who can watch your stuff when you are gone. Although the visitors of Feel seem very friendly, there are always some rotten eggs.
  • Even if you know your neighbors will keep an eye on your tent, it still makes sense to take all valuables with you. Just take a small bag with you or put things in your car.
  • Feel Festival offers silent camping and this is great when you want to make sure that you can sleep at least 4-6 hours a night. We camped close to a stage which played music 24/7 and after three days we were a bit tired of waking up with techno
  • Bring a disposable camera. Digital cameras are cool but it is also great to have some photos which you can first see a few weeks after the festival.
Feel Festival Food Area
The area to hangout and have some food

My review of the Feel Festival 2016

It is hard to compare the Feel Festival with other festivals I visited (Melt, Fusion, Helene Beach). But one thing is for sure: A festival directly at the water is one hell of a benefit in July. Dancing on the beach and relaxing in the water is just awesome. The location of the Feel Festival is simply beautiful and the prices of the tickets and the food + drinks are very reasonable as well. Therefore my overall review is very positive!

Compared to the previous edition

I have to admit that the festival got a bit less authentic. Last year only 4000 people visited the Feel Festival and in 2016 there were more than double that amount. Because of that it was quite busy at some places and not all “new visitors” fitted into the Feel Festival feeling that great if you ask me. But obviously money has to be earned so we understand that festivals have to grow to be beneficial. And altogether Feel Festival is still a great festival to visit with cheap tickets, a great line-up and a beautiful location.

A stage in the forest: Zauberwald
A stage in the forest: Zauberwald

Practical Information & Livesets

As mentioned in this review before, the Feel Festival is one of the cheaper festivals in Germany: The tickets started at 69€ and even in the end you could still buy them for 89€. A beer could be bought for 3€ and food was also reasonably prices (4-6€). Below you can find the most important facts and websites about the Feel Festival. Especially the last one could be interesting because there will be some livesets of the festival of this year.

Name: Feel Festival
Location: Bergheider See
Music: Many DJs but also bands, hiphop and 90s
Price: 69-89 Euro
Livesets: Jeden Tag Ein Set

Chilling on the beach at Feel Festival
Chilling on the beach at Feel Festival
The Rausch Stage
The Rausch Stage
Mary go Round Feel Festival 2016
Me having fun at the Feel Festival

My Name is Job and originally from the Netherlands. In 2012, a girl I met in Australia motivated me to move to Berlin. I love to share the best places, activities and events in Berlin with you on my blog.


  1. Feel Festival is a wonderful Tipp for Berlin travellers 🙂 Great Article!

  2. Hey man, I went to Feel this year and am searching desperately to find out which guy played this one incredible set I went to. Hoping you know the name of the stage I was at – it was the one that was at the foot of the walkway towards the main stage/lake – so I can research from there. Cheers in advance

    • Hi Lara,

      was it the one with a lot of Wood? Where the 4 Flames were shooting once in a while above the DJs? That was the Exit-Stage.

      Good luck and let me know which one it was 😉

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