Relaxing bar at Warschauer Brucke: Honolulu Bar

Berlin is full of great spots and exciting streets. But still there are some area’s which stand out. These are mostly the area’s where you can experience the real Berliner style with good prices and an even better atmosphere. The area around Warschauer Brucke is one of these area’s where every visitor of Berlin should have been at least once. This is also the area where I spotted a very cool bar a few weeks ago: The Honolulu Bar.

The Warschauer Brucke

About a year ago I wrote a full article about the Warschauer Brucke (including a documentary). This bridge is also often referred to as the party-bridge of Berlin because during the weekends you can find clubbers here 24 hours a day. The Warschauer Brucke is a great place to start your weekend because there are plenty of clubs to dance and also a bunch of very cool bars. If you are around here anyway, don’t forget to check out the Honolulu Bar.

Honolulu Bar Berlin (35)The relaxing couches in the Honolulu Bar

Honolulu Bar

From the outside the Honolulu Bar does not look like a very special bar. Although the location is very popular, you probably will not get impressed till you are inside. The Honolulu has a very cool interior with creative lamps, relaxing couches and a few large paintings. If you add the very friendly staff to this image we can conclude that the Honolulu Bar is a great place to have a drink. As you can on the photos, there are also plenty of books in this bar. This does not only look good but also can be funny when you are looking for things to talk about.

Honolulu Bar Berlin MusicWhat more do you need? Music and bar in Berlin

Evening programm with music

During the day the music in the Honolulu Bar is already extremely well chosen, but at night it gets even better. At the end of the afternoon you can often start to enjoy the music of live-DJs or artists. From that time there will also be a bouncer at the door so it might not be the best idea to arrive with a very large group. All in all we can conlude that the Honolulu Bar is a great spot to get in the right mood to party in Berlin.

Honolulu Bar Berlin (9)
Honolulu Bar Berlin (13)
The bar and lounge of Honolulu

Homemade brownies, cake and warm sandwiches

Besides alcohol and good music, you can also visit the Honolulu Bar for a nice lunch or to have some quite time. There is free WiFi and as mentioned above the couches are very relaxing. Besides that the Honolulu offers warm sandwiches, homemade brownies and healthy salats. Also when it comes to drinks there is plenty of choice: Chai latte, different types of smoothies and coffee-specialities are all part of the menu.

Honolulu Bar Berlin (10)
Honolulu Bar Berlin (8)
The menu and fresh food in the Honolulu Bar

Practical Information

As mentioned above, the Honolulu Bar is located directly at Warschauer Brucke. Don`t walk in the direction of the Kaiser’s and Sparkasse but cross the street and walk in direction of the Eastside Gallery. There you see the Honolulu on the right side right next to the Michelberger Hotel. The address is Warschauer Strasse 39/40 and the bar is opened almost every day and every hour.

Below you can find some extra photos of the Honolulu Bar:

Honolulu Bar Berlin (17)One of the creative lights

Honolulu Bar Berlin (21)This is what you see when you enter the Honolulu Bar

Honolulu Bar Berlin (32)Decorating with books: Only in Berlin

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  • Ha! Love the name and the books around. I mean, I don’t usually read when I drink, well I guess if you don’t count my phone, but I could get used to this kind of setup. I didn’t catch it in the article, but is there a reason it is named after a city in Hawaii? I was expecting palm trees, lol.

    • Hi Lizzy,

      Thanks for your comment. I am not sure why the Honolulu-bar is named like that but it has nothing to do with the setting of the bar 🙂

      It is a great place to visit though, hope you get the chance to check it out yourself!


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