The day after: International Beerfestival 2012

One nice souvenir almost everybody recieved from the International Beerfestival was free of charge. Most people must have woken up with massive hangover and a big headache. When you can chose between 2000 different beers it is quite obvious that the day after will be not such a big party like the night before. As mentioned in the previous article:the concept  of the beerfestival was simple but very effective.

Great success

On saturday the 4th of august the weather was perfect. Although it was very crowded in the afternoon there was enough beer for all the visitors. The 86 different beerbreweries did what was expected: Deliver the yellow gold to the thirsty people. The many different beers were available on both sides of the street for a few kilometers. The beerfestival started at the U-bahn station Frankfurter Tor and was available all the way till Strausberger Platz.

Unfortunately it was (fysically) not possible to taste all the different beers available. Allthough at the end of the night some people looked like they had been trying very hard. Trying to taste as much as possible was still very enjoyable. Especially to see all the different commercials and taste the differnce between countries. Germany is offcourse one of the bigger beercountries in the world.

International Beerfestival Berlin The weather was perfect at the International Beerfestival 2012

Meckatzer and Bajithka

Tasting was for free anyways: When you asked for a small zip of a beer you were almost always allowed to taste what you were going to order. If it would not have been so busy I would’ve tried to taste more beers by just taking one zip of each. But the waiting lines were simply too long for that.

The nicest beer i’ve tasted at the beerfestival was the beer from the south of Germany: Meckatzer. It tasted a little sweeter and was really good. Apart from that I had several crappy beers and one nice Russian beer named Bajithka. To be honest I do not really remember the tast of all the beers I had.

International Beerfestival Berlin PerformanceLike every good festival, there were also some stages with music and performances.

On the beerfestival there were also plenty of food-possibilities. There were typical recipes from many countries in Europe. Besides that there were enough stages with music to make the festival completed. Many of the music was also pleasant for the older visitors but some “twisting” never hurts.

It was a little bit too crowded in the afternoon but from 21.00 on the atmosphere became very pleasant. Unfortunately the International Beerfestival is only once a year in Berlin but I am looking forward for next year. I hope the woman with the dog in her wheelchair will be there again aswell, she made my day!

International Beerfestival Berlin (italian beers)Also Italy was present with some beers (Not my favourite beer-country)

Woman and dog in wheelchairA kind of special way to take your dog for a walk

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