Finding activities in Berlin for kids is not too hard. The city offers hundreds of activities. Unfortunately quite a few of them are not fun for the parents who accompany them. The Museum of Technology in Berlin Kreuzberg is an exception to that: This museum is fun for all ages.

The Museum of Technology (Deutsches Technikmuseum)

The Museum of Technology (Technikmuseum in German) opened it’s doors for the first time in 1983. It’s one of the largest museums in Berlin with 26.500 m2 exhibition space. It’s located in Kreuzberg and you reach it in about 5 minutes on foot from station Gleisdreieck. It’s not far from Potsdamer Platz so you can combine it with Christmas Markets, shopping in the Mall of Berlin or a visit to the casino.

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There are 19 different exhibitions in the Museum of Technology
There are 19 different exhibitions in the Museum of Technology

What to expect of the Museum of Technology?

Technology is a fascinating and broad topic. If you look around you, it will not be hard to spot some things like phones, televisions, computers and other technological inventions. In the Museum of Technology a lot of space is dedicated to cars, planes and trains. After all these are three of the most impressive inventions of the twentieth century. But there is so much more to see: Boats, photography, communication, internet, movie-technology and many more topics can be explored here. In total there are 19 different exhibitions with versatile topics.

Real size planes
Real size planes
A whole area full of trains
A whole area full of trains

Fun for kids – Workshops and interactive

For most children it will already be fun to just walk around and see things they recognise. But it’s even better that you can interact with many objects like engines and even step aboard a small ship. If you want even more interaction, you can join workshops and find challenge in the interactive stations like completing different knots and adjusting the wind so a sail-boat floats faster. Our 4-year old son had a great time (similar to Legoland).

Interactive for kids
Interactive for kids
A boat which you can step onto
A boat which you can step onto

Special exhibition: Repair!

We live in a time where sustainability is a hot topic. Especially the future generations (the kids) need to deal with the topic of climate-change. A great way of saving resources is repairing things instead of throwing them away. The Museum of Technology has a special exhibition at the moment and it’s dedicated to exactly this topic and called Repair! This exhibition is located in the building next to the main building (in the Ladestraße). It’s the building where you can also find the history of road transport, the Science Center Spectrum and and exhibition called The Network. More information can be found here.

Practical information and FAQ

In our opinion, the Museum of Technology is one of the best activities for kids in Berlin. We feel the mix of education and interaction is similar to the National History Museum and that’s a compliment. Besides that it’s obviously very good value for the money. Below we have listed a bunch of questions you might still have when you are planning to visit the Museum of Technology in Berlin.

How much does it cost to visit the Museum of Technology?

The entrance to the Museum of Technology is free of charge for everyone who is 18 years or younger. For older people it costs 8€ and for reduced tickets it’s 4€. On the first Sunday it’s free for everyone by the way.

How much time do you need at the Museum of Technology?

On average people spend about 2,5-3 hours in the Museum of Technology. But you can easily spend a full day here if you want to carefully check every exhibition.

Can we park our car at the Museum of Technology (for free)?

Yes there are parking spots and they are free of charge. But on a busy day they might all be taken so it might be smarter to use public transport.

The car exhibition
The car exhibition

Summary + Rating

If you are looking for an activity which is fun for both children and grown-ups, go visit the Museum of Technology. It will be hard to get the same amount of entertainment for just 8€ or less in Berlin.

Fun – Kids 2-6 Years: 8/10
Fun- Kids 6-10 Years: 8/10
Fun – Parents: 8/10
Price: Affordable (8€)
Expected time: Average 3 hours but if you want more
Overall rating: 8/10


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