After a few days of sightseeing it might be nice to go for some shopping in Berlin. If you like shopping, you definitely came to the right place by visiting Berlin. We offer articles in the following groups:

Shopping Areas
First of all you have plenty of large and modern shopping-areas in Berlin. These offer a nice mix of big international brands and smaller Berliner shops. Some of them are outside and others are multi-level centers. Do not worry about food because most of the time you will find a foodcourt in the centers and plenty of restaurants outdoors.

Second-Hand Markets
Besides the many nice shopping-areas, you can also visit second-hand markets and find cheap used products. It fits very well to the sustainable thinking many Berliner-habitants have. Besides that you can really bring something unique home which nobody else might have. If you are looking for a nice souvenir, we have listed the best gift-ideas from Berlin.

Below you can find a few inspirational articles if you into shopping. We try to answer any comments within a day so just let us know if you have any questions regarding these topics. Have fun shopping in Berlin!