Berlin is a great place for people who love shopping. The city offers a versatile mix of shopping malls, department stores and streets with smaller boutiques. In this article we list the best areas for shopping in Berlin, a map with the exact locations and some frequently asked questions.

More than 70 shopping malls

With 70 different shopping malls you never have to travel far to go shopping in Berlin. On top of these malls there are also a bunch of outside areas like Kurfürstendamm, Friedrichstraße and Hackescher Markt. All these areas differ quite a bit when it comes to the shops, the foodcourts/restaurants, the connection and more. This article lists the best shopping areas and should make it easier to decide where to go.

1. Kurfürstendamm

In the west of Berlin, in the district Charlottenburg, the most famous shopping street of Berlin can be found. It’s called Kurfürstendamm and offers its visitors five kilometres of shopping pleasure. It’s a great mix of known brands, smaller boutiques, department stores and even a shopping mall (Europacenter). In the streets surrounding this area you can find many tasty restaurants for when you want to have a break.

Many songs, movies and books were inspired by the rich history of the Kurfürstendamm.

Shopping at Kurfürstendamm in Berlin (©
Shopping at Kurfürstendamm in Berlin (©

Authentic shopping in Berlin

Large shopping malls might have more shops per square meter but do not come close to the unique atmosphere of the Kurfürstendamm. Shopping in Berlin does not get more authentic than this. Walking around in this area is so much more fun than being inside a shopping mall. And if you really want to visit a shopping mall you can always go to the Europacenter which is located directly next to the Kurfürstendamm. One last benefit: You can combine shopping in this area with a visit to the Zoo, the Gedächtniskirche or a Christmas market.

Famous department store: KaDeWe

If you visit the Kurfürstendamm you should most definitely also visit the KaDeWe. This department store was build more than 100 years ago and is an experience by itself: With 60.000 square meters and 6 floors you can spend a good part of your shopping afternoon in this place. The products vary from cosmetics to clothing and from music to furniture. On the sixth floor you can find many extraordinary foods from all over the world.

Inside the KaDeWe
Inside the KaDeWe

Name: Kurfürstendamm
Opening Hours:: Most shops between 11.00 – 19.00
Public Transport: U-Bahn Wittenbergplatz or S+U-Bahn Zoologischer Garten.
Website: Kurfürstendamm
Amount of shops: +/- 100
Example of shops: KaDeWe, Peek&Cloppenburg, Karstadt, Fanshop Hertha Bsc, Nikeshop Berlin,  The body shop, Douglas, Armani, Timberland, C&A, Chanel, H&M, Zara and many more

If you love a proper discount you could consider visiting the Designer Outlet in Spandau. It’s like a small town with outlets of all large fashion brands.

2. Alexa

Although we just had a beautiful summer, the weather in Berlin can be rather cold in some months of the year. On these days it is pleasant to go shopping in an indoor shopping mall. On walking distance of Alexanderplatz you can visit a mall called Alexa. It offers 56.000 square meter of shops, a large foodcourt and you can even play bowling on the top-floor of the mall.

The entrance of the shopping Mall Alexa
The entrance of the shopping Mall Alexa

Convenient Shopping – Many shops close together

Alexa might not be the most authentic place to go shopping in Berlin but it is certainly a very convenient shopping area. It goes without saying that Alexanderplatz is easy to reach by both U-Bahn and S-Bahn. Besides that Alexa offers 180 different stores on three different levels. This means you will never have to walk far to get from one shop to another. With shops like Tommy Hilfiger, Quiksilver, Northface, Mango, Mediamarkt and Levi’s there is a nice range of shops for all ages and interests. A full list of shops can be found here.

The side of Alexa near Alexanderplatz
The side of Alexa near Alexanderplatz

Foodcourt with 17 restaurants

When you get hungry or thirsty during the shopping, you can always take a rest at the foodcourt. Alexa offers 17 different places to eat and plenty of chairs and tables. Alexa is open till 21.00 so you could even decide to have dinner here and do a bit of night-shopping.

Name: Alexa shopping center
Opening-Hours: 10.00 – 21.00
Public Transport: Alexanderplatz or Jannowitzbrücke
Website: Website Alexa
Amount of shops: 180
Example of shops: Tommy Hilfiger, Zara, Esprit, H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, Edeka, Bijou Brigitte, Billabong, Quiksilver, Northface, Vero Moda, Mango, Levi’s and many more

3. Hackescher Markt

One of my favourite places to go shopping in Berlin is Hackescher Markt. Although the amount of shops is way lower than most shopping malls, the atmosphere is way better. If you travel to station Hackescher Markt you will arrive on a small square with some restaurant and a market every Thursday and Saturday. When you walk a bit further in the direction of Rosenthaler Straße you will find many interesting fashion brands like RayBan, Oakley, Fossil, Adidas, Energy, Scotch and Soda, Diesel and more.

The weekly market on the square of the Hackescher Markt
The weekly market on the square of the Hackescher Markt

Central location with nice restaurants and bars

Besides a bunch of nice shops and boutiques its great that there are many nice restaurants and bars close to Hackescher Markt. You can grab a good pizza, there is a cosy tapas place (YoSoy) and our favourite Vietnamese place Manngo can also be found in this area. Reaching Hackescher Markt should not be hard because it’s just one station away from Alexanderplatz.

All in all we can summarise that Hackescher Markt is perfect for people who love to do a bit of shopping and enjoy a drink with some proper food afterwards.

Name: Hackescher Markt
Address: Rosenthaler Straße
Opening-Hours: Most shops from 11.00 – 20.00
Public Transport: S-Bahn Hackescher Markt or Tram
Website: No official website
Amount of shops: 50-60
Example of shops: Scotch and Soda, Diesel, Energie, Pepe Jeans Paul Frank, Adidas, Mavi, Wesc, Strellson, Cos, Swatch, Fossil and many more.

No time for shopping? We have gathered some great Berlin Souvenirs which you can buy online without much effort.

4. Mall of Berlin

A shopping mall which was opened in September 2014 is called the Mall of Berlin. This shopping-center is located directly next to Potsdamer Platz and should therefore fit perfectly in the schedule of every visitor of Berlin. The Mall of Berlin is about 200.000 square meters and offers more than 270 different shops. With large clothing-brands like Guess, Hugo Boss, Armani, Replay, G-Star and Levi’s this is great place for people who are looking for new clothing. Obviously you can also find other products here: Saturn, Christ, Depot, Fossil, Deichmann are just a few other shops.

An impression of the Mall of Berlin
An impression of the Mall of Berlin

Largest foodcourt in Berlin

Besides plenty of shops, the Mall of Berlin offers the largest foodcourt of Berlin. You will be able to eat everything from a quick snack to a real meal inside the mall. And if this is not enough you can always walk to Potsdamer Platz to enjoy some exclusive restaurants there. If you are done with shopping it’s not hard to find your next activity nearby: The Jewish Memorial is on walking distance, there are several cinemas nearby and you can even visit a large casino at Potsdamer Platz.

Name: Mall of Berlin
Opening-Hours: 10.00 tot 21.00
Public Transport: Potsdamer Platz or Mohrenstraße
Website: Website Mall of Berlin
Amount of shops: 270
Example of shops: Esprit, H&M, C&A, Douglas, Mango, Peek & Cloppenburg, Guess, Hugo Boss, Armani, G-Star, Levi’s, Zara, Vans, Saturn, Replay, Pepe Jeans. and many more

There are 8 Sundays each year on which the shops in Berlin are open. Some shops in Hauptbahnhof are open every Sunday.

5. East Side Mall

The newest shopping Mall in Berlin was opened in October 2018 and is called the East Side Mall. This mall is located directly in front of station Warschauer Straße and therefore has a perfect location for everybody who is staying in Friedrichshain. Besides plenty of interesting shops you can find a fitness-club, a cinema, two supermarkets and even a bowling-alley here.

The shopping Mall East Side Mall
The shopping Mall East Side Mall

120 versatile shops and many nice restaurants

The East Side Mall does not have as much shops as the Mall of Berlin or Alexa but still offers many great brands like Bershka, Weeklday, Vero Moda, Monki, H&M, Rituals and more. What’s great about the Mall of Berlin is that besides a foodcourt there are also many very nice restaurants closer to the Mercedes Benz Arena. You can have a lovely hamburger in places like Hans im Glück or Five Guys for example.

Inside the East Side Mall
Inside the East Side Mall

Mercedes Benz Arena and East Side Gallery

A visit to the East Side Mall can be easily combined with watching a sport-match or enjoying a concert. All of this can be found in the Mercedes Benz Arena. On the other side of the street you can find the Spree and the East Side Gallery . All in all the East Side Mall is a nice place for some shopping in Berlin.

Name: East Side Mall
Opening-Hours: 10.00 – 21.00
Public Transport: Warschauer Straße
Website: Website East Side Mall
Amount of shops: 180
Example of shops: Weekday, H&M, Saturn, Berschka, Calzedonia, Only, Jack & Jones, Vero Moda and many more

6. Friedrichstrasse

As a visitor of Berlin, you might be interested in combining shopping in Berlin with some of the touristic attractions. If this is the case you should consider visiting the Friedrichstrasse. Besides a great place for shopping, you can easily visit places like Checkpoint Charlie and Brandenburger Tor. A highlight in the winter is the Christmas market located at the Gendarmenmarkt.

Shopping Friedrichsstraße Berlin (©
Shopping Friedrichsstraße Berlin (©

Exclusive and expensive shops

But this article should be related to shopping so let us get back to that topic: Friedrichstrasse is known for offering some of the more exclusive shops in the higher price range. Brands like Gucci, Hugo Boss, Marc O’Polo and Breitling are just a few examples. There are also larger department stores like Galaries Lafayette and Dussmann. The fact that the prices are higher does not mean that Friedrichstrasse is not interesting for visitors with a smaller budget. Window-Shopping and getting inspired can be a lot of fun in this part of Berlin.

Name: Shops in the Friedrichstraße
Opening-Hours: Most shops from 10.00 – 20.00
Public Transport: Station Friedrichstrasse
Website: No official website
Amount of shops: 50-70
Example of shops: Hugo Boss, Galeries Lafayette, Escada, Gucci, Breitling, Emporio Armani, Dussmann Kulturkaufhaus and more

7. Schlossstrasse (Boulevard Berlin)

The last name in the list of shopping areas in Berlin is the Schlossstrasse. Compared to the other shopping areas, this shopping area is located a little further from the center. Steglitz is 12,5km away from Alexanderplatz but can be easily reached by public transport. During the weekends it can actually be a smart move to stay away from the crowded places in the city. Besides some shops outside in the Schlossstraße, there is also a shopping mall called Berlin Boulevard in this area. It offers brands like G-Star, Mexx, Zara, Hollister and many more.

Inside the shopping mall Boulevard Berlin (© Morgenpost)
Inside the shopping mall Boulevard Berlin (© Morgenpost)

Less touristic part of Berlin

Just like all the other malls in this article, the Boulevard Berlin offers a small foodcourt with the usual fastfood-options. The parking in this part of Berlin is a bit easier than in the center so if you want to travel by car this shopping mall could be a good option.

Name: Boulevard Berlin
Address: Schloßstraße 10, 12163 Berlin
Opening-Hours: 10.00 – 20.00
Public Transport: Schlossstrasse
Website: Website Boulevard Berlin
Amount of shops: +/- 90
Amount of shops: G-Star, Levi’s, Zara, H&M, Mexx, Hollister, Only, Gerry Weber, Karstadt, Pandora, Desigual and more

Frequently asked questions about shopping in Berlin

Below we have listed some frequently asked questions to make sure nothing stands in the way of you and the shops in Berlin. If you have any additional questions, just leave a comment.

Are shops in Berlin open on Sunday?

Unfortunately the shops in Berlin are only allowed to open their doors on 8 Sundays per year. If you do not want to wait for these shopping sundays, you can always go to Hauptbahnhof: There are a bunch of shops like Esprit, Douglas, Tamaris and Tom Tailor which are open every Sunday.

Where can I find the biggest sale in Berlin?

Just like everywhere else you can find many shops with sale in Berlin. Especially when the seasons are changing (August & February), the shops try to get rid of the previous collection and offer large discounts.

Does Berlin have outlets?

Yes, there is the Designer Outlet in Spandau which only offers clothing with discount. It’s like a small village where all shops offer large discounts.

What is the largest department store in Berlin?

The KaDeWe is the largest department store in Germany and Berlin. In our article about department stores you can read more about the largest stores in Berlin.

What should I buy in Berlin? What souvenirs should I bring home?

If you want to bring something home as a memory of Berlin, you can visit one of the souvenir-shops. Watch out that you do not buy fake parts of the wall or pay too much for your souvenirs. Or just buy them online like we suggest in our article about the nicest souvenirs from Berlin.


My Name is Job and originally from the Netherlands. In 2012, a girl I met in Australia motivated me to move to Berlin. I love to share the best places, activities and events in Berlin with you on my blog.


  1. Hi. Planning to visit Berlin this weekend. Do you think Winterschlussverkauf 2016/2017 will have already started? Or will that be too early? Many thanks!

  2. Seems all Bench stores in Berlin, Germany, are gone !!??!!
    The old one on Rosenthaler Strasse 50 is gone
    The one that (according to the Internet) is suppose to be in ALEXA shopping center – is not there

    Anybody who knows some real facts – please advice as to the whereabouts of Bench Berlin ???
    Please advise all and to me at


    • Hi Ronnie,

      There is only a Bench outlet close to Wustermark.

      Visit the website of Bench, go to the bottom and search for shops in Berlin.

      Good luck!

  3. Hi,

    When in your opinion will start Winterschlussverkauf 2016/2017, because on official site they suggest that from 30.01.2017 until half of Feburary. Is it “safe” from sales point of view go to Berlin on 4th-5th of Feburary.. it is not too late ?

    • Hi Robert,

      I guess the best deals are already gone by then but you will probably still find some discounted articles.

      If you need pretty common sizes, it might be better to visit Berlin earlier.

      Good luck!

  4. Hi!very useful website,thanks!
    Planning first time to visit Berlin , when start Christmas sales like boxing days in UK?

    • Hi Denis,

      there is no such thing as the Boxing Days but there are some sales in Berlin already.

      It all depends on the type of product you are looking for as well.

      Good luck!

  5. Hi Job!
    Im goin to visit Berlin in January and i want to shop schwibbogen. Is there any shopping center where they are selling those? In what shopping center it is good to make shoppings for the kids?

    • Hi Karla,

      thats a tough question. I never bought these myself so am not sure where to buy them.

      You might find them in the KaDeWe, which is located at Kurfürstendamm. Other big department stores like Galaria Kaufhof might also have them.

      Shopping for the kids is probably best at Alexa or Mall of Berlin.

      Good luck!

  6. Hi i am to visit berlin in mid november.i wish to shop knitwears/sweaters for ladies and there any market which is not too expensive?german local designer shops/market.
    I am also looking for market from where youngsters buy clothes.thanks

    • Hi Joe,

      for youngsters you are best off in The Mall of Berlin. There are some great shops for youngsters there.

      Your first question is a bit harder to answer, have you checked my article about the Designer-Outlet?

  7. Hi, what a great website -Thank You! I am in Berlin mid October 2016 for a week and I hoping to find a ladies hat shop – any recommendations ? Thanks again X

  8. Grethe Thingvold Reply


    I am going to Berlin October 2016 with my kids, 17 and 22 years old. They are interested in Vintage Shops. Where are the best area in Berlin for this ?

    • Hi Grethe,

      there are Vintage Shops all over Berlin but you probably will have a great time around Boxhagener Platz or in the area near Hackescher Markt/Rosenthaler Platz.

      Good Luck!

  9. Hi

    I´m a foreigner student in Germany and will fly home in about two months. My flight is from Berlin, so i have to buy souvenirs there for relatives. Any suggestions of places to go? Since i´ve never been there

    Thanks before

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