One of the big advantages of living in a large city like Berlin is that there are plenty of cool events to visit. Things like street-festivals, sport matches and festivals are just a few examples of entertaining things you can do. Besides that it’s great that most artists, bands and DJs love to perform in big cities so you can also enjoy loads of nice concerts. When you choose to visit one of these concerts, you should consider the location, date and also the ticket-price. In this article we listed some affordable concerts from Australian bands in Berlin in 2024.

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Concerts of bands from Australia for under 40 Euro

The ticket-prices for concerts in Berlin vary quite a lot: You can see smaller artists play for about 15 Euro and VIP-Tickets for international stars go up to 500 Euro. In the year 2024 you will be able to see concerts of Rod Stewart, Scooter, Depeche Mode, James Blunt and many other big names in venues in Berlin. If you do not want to spend too much money on a ticket, you can also decide to visit one of the very talented Australian Bands in Berlin. All tickets for the concerts in this list are prices 40€ or less.

Sunday 28th of January
Boy & Bear in Säälchen

Boy & Bear is an Australian indie rock-folk band formed in the year 2009. They became popular rapidly for their breakthrough single Rabbit Song from their debut album Moonfire. The music of Boy & Bear is best described as melodic folk-rock with strong lyrics. Boy & Bear’s performances on stage are popular because they are full of energy and they draw the audiences into their musical journey.

The Australian band Boy & Bear is going to perform in Berlin
The Australian band Boy & Bear is going to perform in Berlin

The venue Säälchen

Boy & Bear will be playing in a venue called Säälchen in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. This place is known for its industrial charm which we all love so much about the techno clubs in Berlin too. Säälchen is part of the larger Holzmarkt25 creative village, directly located at the river the Spree. Tickets for this concert in January 2024 can be bought for only 35,50€ and that makes it a very affordable concert.

Name: Boy & Bear
Date: 28.01.2024
Location: Säälchen
Price: 35,50 €
More information: Official Website

Friday 15th of May
Paper Kites in Hole 44

The Paper Kites are an indie rock-folk band originally from Melbourne in Australia. They were formed in 2010. There most popular song so far is called Bloom. In general their music is very melodic and full of diverse instruments. The live performances are entertaining and worth every Penny. There are songs where you close your eyes and drift away but also faster songs where you original band-members will sure a live performance is worth every penny from the audience. It’s entertaining and the lyrics are

The Paper Kites from Australia are going to perform in Berlin in 2024
The Paper Kites from Australia are going to perform in Berlin in 2024

The venue Hole 44

Hole 44 is a popular concert venue located in the central Kreuzberg district of Berlin. Known for its industrial ambiance, this underground venue plays host to a many great performances. Many of them being indie-rock and folk bands like the Australian band The Paper Kites. They will be playing in May and tickets are available for only 29,45€ which is more than reasonable if you ask me.

Name: The Paper Kites
Date: 15.05.2024
Location: Hole 44
Price: 29,45€
More Information: Official Website

Tuesday 11th of June
Sons of the East in Lido

Sons of the East consists of three friends from the northern beaches of Sydney, Australia. The band was formed in 2011 and their debut-album came out in 2013. It was mainly the song Come Away which made their popularity grow in a very fast pace. In 2015 their second album called Already Gone was introduced and last year their latest album Palomar Parade came out. Live on stage these guys are so energetic and fun that you most visit one of their concerts at least once in your life if you like indie folk or rock in general.

Sons of the East is coming to Berlin (©
Sons of the East is coming to Berlin (©

The venue Lido

Lido is a renowned music venue located in the heart of Kreuzberg. Originally a 1950s cinema, it was converted into a club and concert space in 2006. Lido is popular because they are hosting a diverse range of musical acts from indie rock, pop, to electronic music. It’s also celebrated for its summer open-air concerts in its spacious courtyard.

Name: Sons of the East
Date: 11.06.2024
Location: Lido
Price: 33,70€
More Information: Official Website

Hopefully these affordable concert of Australian bands in Berlin will inspire you to visit some of the venues in 2024. If you have any suggestions for concerts in 2024, just let us know because we are planning to update this article regularly.


My Name is Job and originally from the Netherlands. In 2012, a girl I met in Australia motivated me to move to Berlin. I love to share the best places, activities and events in Berlin with you on my blog.

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