Just like in many other countries, tennis is one of the most popular sports in Germany. With famous players like Boris Becker, Michael Stich and Steffi Graf the sport has a rich history. In Germany about 15% of the population plays the racket-sport and it is getting increasingly popular in the last couple of years. All of this is not different for its capital city, there are plenty of great courts to play tennis in Berlin.

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Tennis in Berlin

There are more than 41.000 people in Berlin who are a member of a tennis club. As you can see in the image below, most courts in Berlin are located in the western part of the city. This is related to the history of Berlin and the Berliner Wall: The city was divided in two parts and the west was more wealthy. After the war, tennis in Berlin was still a sport for the upperclass and only the richer habitants were able to play it for many years. It’s good to see that times have changed and playing tennis in Berlin is more affordable and available for almost everyone.

The amount of tennis courts in Berlin per district
The amount of tennis courts in Berlin per district (source)

What does tennis in Berlin cost per year?

When you are considering to start playing tennis in Berlin you might be interested in the costs. Tennis is not a cheap sport. With membership, material, repairs and tournaments it will most likely cost at least 500€ each year to play tennis in Berlin. Below we have listed the costs per category as we see it:

Membership300-400€Choosing one of the more affordable clubs
Rackets50-60€ When playing with a racket 4-6 years
Balls30-50€Playing once a week and 5 matches with 1 set of balls
Strings & Repairs50-60€Needing string-repair 4 times a year
Costs of playing tennis in Berlin
Tennis in Berlin (© Ferdinand Dyck)
Tennis in Berlin (© Ferdinand Dyck)

Where can you play tennis in Berlin without a membership?

It is allowed to play tennis in Berlin without being a member. Almost all clubs allow guest-players to play on their courts. It should come as no surprise though, that most popular hours are blocked for members. Therefore it is important to be flexible if you want to play tennis in Berlin without being a member. The prices differ from 16€ to 30€ per hour and all tennis clubs in this article allow non-members to play.

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Five affordable tennis clubs in Berlin

You can play tennis in Berlin in almost every part of the city but the clubs differ in price, amount of courts and rules regarding guest-players. Besides that, most tennis courts in Berlin offer clay courts but there are also some clubs with other surfaces. We have listed some affordable tennis clubs in Berlin to help you make a decision.

  1. SV Berliner Brauereien
  2. Treptower Teufels
  3. SG Am Hain
  4. TC Grün-Weiß-Grün
  5. SCC Berlin

1. Friendly club in the east: Treptower Teufel

A tennis club called Treptower Teufel is located closely to Treptower Park in the east of Berlin. This club has been out there since 1991 and currently has about 400 members. I personally love this club because of the friendly atmosphere, the roof-terrace and the well maintained courts. You can reach it by public transport from station Baumschulenweg.

Tennis courts Treptower Teufels (© Ferdinand Dyck)
Tennis courts Treptower Teufels (© Ferdinand Dyck)

8 Clay Courts and an awesome roof terrace

As mentioned one of the big USPs of this club is the large roof terrace. After playing a match you can enjoy a drink on the roof and have a great view over the courts. The Treptower Teufel have 8 clay courts which are all maintained very well. During the winter-months there are two indoor-courts which can also be booked for non-members.

Newcomer training

During Corona the amount of members at this tennis club in Berlin has increased by 25%. This also means that the Treptower Teufel are not accepting new members at the moment. A membership currently costs 270€ and it’s great that new members can join the newcomer-training. Here you can not only learn tennis but also get to know some people to play with. All in all we can only recommend joining this tennis club so hopefully new members will be allowed again soon (we’ll update things here).

Name: Treptower Teufels
Address: Köpenicker Landstraße 186, 12437 Berlin
Amount of courts: 8
Guest-Players allowed: Only during the winter
Price for guests: 18-30€ per court per hour
Price per year for membership: 270€
Registration fee: No
Website: Website Treptower Teufels

2. Central and affordable: SV Berliner Brauereien

The tennisclub SV Berliner Brauereien has more often been referred to as “The club of the people”. The club is located in the Volkspark Prenzlauer Berg and the story goes that SV Berliner Brauereien was the first club who brought the game tennis back to the middle-class in Berlin. The tennis courts are located in the middle between a lot of trees and the club advertises with their laidback atmosphere and many “after-game events“.

The courts of SVBB Berlin
The courts of SVBB Berlin (© svbb-tennis.de)

Only 16 Euro per court for guests

If you want to play tennis without being a member, you can do that at SV Berliner Brauereien. The most popular hours are booked for members but there are still open spots for non-members too. More information can be found here. The prices start at 16€ per court per hour which makes this one of the most affordable tennis clubs in Berlin for non-members. If you want to play as a guest it’s best to call this number and make a reservation: 0152-06351160

No new members at the moment

At the moment the SV Berliner Brauereien are not taking any new members into their club. Due to the popularity of tennis during Corona, there is not enough space for new members. This is unfortunate because the yearly contribution is only 200€. This makes it one of the cheapest tennis clubs in Berlin. Keep in mind that you will have to pay 300€ registration fee: Clubs do this to make sure people stay a member for a longer time.

Name: SV Berliner Brauereien
Address: Hohenschönhauser Str. 76, 10369 Berlin
Amount of courts: 6
Guest-Players allowed: Yes
Price for guests: 16 euro per court per hour
Price per year for membership: 200€ (140€ for students)
Registration fee: 300 Euro
Website: www.svbb-tennis.de

3. Perfect without membership: SG Am Hain

One of the most central places in Berlin to play tennis is probably SG am Hain. These tennis courts are literally located in the middle of Volkspark Friedrichshain and therefore the courts are very easy reach. This small club offers 3 courts with artificial grass, which is quite exceptional because almost all clubs in Berlin have clay courts. The location makes it a very popular club and unfortunately there is a long waiting list for new members.

SG am Haim in Volkspark Friedrichshain
SG am Haim in Volkspark Friedrichshain

No Member? No Problem!

At SG am Hain guests are more than welcome. You can play a round of tennis for 18€ per court and you do not have to be a member. There is an online booking-system where you can see precisely when the courts are available. Monday is one of the best days to play tennis at this Berliner club because that’s when none of the courts are blocked for members.

Name: SG am Hain
Address: Streustraße 60, 13086 Berlin
Surface: Artificial grass
Amount of courts: 3
Guest-Players allowed: Yes
Price for guests:
18 euro per court per hour
Price per year for membership: Unknown
Website: SG Am Main

4. Surrounded by green: TC Grün-Weiß-Grün

If you do not mind to take a small drive, it might be worth the time to visit the Berliner Tennisclub Grün-Weiß-Grün. This club is located northwest of Berlin and is totally surrounded by nature and lays close to a lake. With a cosy canteen, which used to be an old horse-stable, this tennis club offers a very nice atmosphere. The tennis club has 6 courts with both clay and artificial grass as surface.

The idealistic location of  the club Grün Weiß Grün
The idealistic location of the club Grün Weiß Grün

Separate courts for non-members

This club offers three extra courts for visitors who are not a member (yet). The courts are located closely to the club itself and are part of a so called Freizeitpark. You can pick up the key for these courts at the restaurant of  Grün-Weiß-Grün. The prices are very reasonable: You can already play an hour of tennis for 10 Euro per person. If you would like to be a member at this tennisclub in Berlin, the yearly contribution is 320 euro.

Name: TC Grün-Weiß-Grün 1919 Tegel
Address: Gabrielenstr. 74, 13507 Berlin
Surface: Clay, artificial grass
Amount of courts: 6
Price for guests: 10 Euro per person
Price per year for membership: €320
Registration fee: No
Website: Website GWG

5. Large club in the west: SCC Berlin

Earlier we already concluded that tennis in Berlin used to be a sport for the upperclass As we speak, you can still experience that the tennis clubs in the west are more impressive and wealthy. The tennis club SCC Berlin, which is located in Charlottenburg is an example of this category of clubs. This club has almost 8.000 members and is one of the 5 largest sport clubs in Berlin. Besides tennis you can become a member here if you like ice-hockey, bowling, soccer, volleyball, American football and about 20 other sports.

Play tennis at SCC Berlin
Play tennis at SCC Berlin (© scc-berlin.de)

21 Courts and 750 members

The SCC Tennis Club has 14 ourdoor courts and 7 indoor courts. The club has 750 members and 45 teams competing. Being a member costs 540 Euro each year and besides that you also have to pay a 400 Euro registration fee. If you want to play as a guest you can book the inside-courts for 15-20 euro an hour. On their website you can find more information and you can also make an online reservation there.

Name: Tennis Club SCC
Address: Waldschulallee 45, 14055 Berlin
Surface: Clay, carpet
Amount of courts: 19 (14 outside and 5 inside)
Allowed to play as guest?: Only indoor courts
Price for guests: 20-25€ per court per hour
Price per year for membership: 540 Euro
Registration fee: 400 Euro
Website: Website

Summary – Tennis clubs in Berlin

As you can read in this article, there are plenty of possibilities if you want to play tennis in Berlin. It’s good to know that almost all clubs allow non-members to play on their courts too. To summarise all the prices of tennis in Berlin, you can find a small table below:

Yearly Price
of courts
Berliner Brauereien16€200€6
Treptower Teufels18€270€8
SG Am Hain18€3
TC Grün-Weiß-Grün20€320€6
SCC Berlin20€540€21
The different tennis clubs in Berlin compared

Frequently asked questions

Below we have listed a bunch of questions we often hear when it comes to playing tennis in Berlin. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us in the comments.

How many people play tennis in Berlin

More than 41.000 people are a member of a tennis club in Berlin. Besides that there are probably many people who play tennis in Berlin but are not a member

Can I play tennis in Berlin without being a member?

Yes, you can. Usually you can only play at the rather unpopular hours, but if you are flexible you can definitely make it happen.

What costs a tennis membership in Berlin

The affordable clubs start at 200€ and the prices go up to far above 1000€.

How much does it cost to book a tennis court in Berlin?

If you are not a member you can book a court starting at 15€ and going up to about 25€ per court per hour. Mostly you have to book the court in advance.

How many tennis clubs does Berlin have?

There are roughly 150 tennis clubs in Berlin. Most of them are situated in the west of the city.


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