Berlin is a great city but Berlin-Enjoy does not only focus on the capital of Germany. Some bloggers start a travel-blog because they live in a foreign city like I do, and others just like to write a blog about travelling around the world. Personally I chose to do a mix between the both of them.

My travel-blog partly is about Berlin but I also like to write articles about my travelling. I have been travelling in Australia, Asia, Ghana, Europe and Hong-Kong and already wrote a few articles about it on this blog. Australia was my first large solo-travel and I have been away for 10 months in total. It is always a big step to go travelling by yourself the first time but my advice is: Just do it! You will never regret it and maybe you will also start a travel-blog like this one day.

Ghana is a completely different country than Australia. Where Australia is a real backpacker-destination, Ghana probably does not attract that much people yet. But exactly these spots can be the best to travel to, because not many tourists will be there. In Berlin there are tourists every day of the year but in Ghana you had a lot of spots where you did not see one. That is what a traveller loves. Writing about Ghana on this travel-blog really made me want to go back.

And then we have Asia. The cheap continent with a lot of opportunities. Where you need papers, rules and guidelines for everything in Europe , you can just get started straight away in Asia. Seeing great sights like the Angkor Wat temples and countries like Vietnam was a pleasure.

Hopefully I can do a lot of travelling in the future and see some great spots. This travel-blog is great in that way as well: It forces me to visit great travel-destinations and to keep travelling the next couple of years. On my wishlist there are definitely countries like the US and also Peru and other South-American countries should be added to this travel-blog as soon as possible.

When you are planning to travel yourself, maybe check some of these articles to start with:

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And of course you can just check the articles below of scroll between the categories at the top and find your way on this travel-blog. Let me know if you have any feedback!