Unusual Facts about Berlin

Berlin has a rich history. Attractions like the Brandenburger Tor, the Reichstag and the Alexanderplatz each have a great story to tell. These historical knowledge and useful facts can be found on this blog very often but today we don´t want to focus on anything “usual”. Below you can find some special, pretty unusal, facts about the city of Berlin.

Unhealthy Lifestyle
When you want to live a healthy lifestyle, you have to eat about 400 grams of vegetables each day. However, with all the currywursten and Döner Kebabs the habitants of Berlin don´t even come close to this number. An average woman in Berlin eats 141 gram vegetables and an average man is even more unhealthy with 124 gram per day. My advice: Just dance the calories away every weekend.

The unhealthy lifestyle which is described above is directly connected to the huge amount of fastfood in Berlin. Especially all the different sorts of sausages are not very healthy and the Germans simply love sausages. About 127 ton of sausage is consumed every day! Funny enough the last 60 years this had no positive influence on the butchers: Around 1950 there were still 2400 butchers in Berlin, now there are just 130 left. It seems that fastfood rules in Berlin.

CurrywurstA nice currywurst in Berlin: Bon Apetit!
Venice might be famous for it’s pigeons, Berlin also has a lot of  flying rats (no offense). Daily, the pigeons in Berlin shit about 10.000 kilogram of excrements on the streets of Berlin. Watch out when you look at the sky!

Longest sneakerwall in the world
The longest sneakerwall in the world is located in the center of Berlin. In the Munzstrasse in Berlin Mitte you can find the KICKZ shop. This shop has about 370 different sort of sneakers on one wall.

b7ef0fc95562241860ca6aeba19a1d1c_standardLongest sneakerwall in the world in Berlin (copyright: berlin.kauperts.de)

Most popular boys and girlsnames in Berlin

Capital-cities are normally seen as a special part of a country. Also Berlin is not comparable to the rest of Germany. Even when you focus on the most popular names for newborn boys and girls there is a difference between Berlin and the rest of Germany. In the whole country, Luis is the most popular name for boys, but in Berlin Luis cannot even be found in the top 5.

Below you can see the top 3 of the most popular boys and girlsnames in Berlin and Germany.


Dogs in Berlin
Recording the administation, about 110.000 people in Berlin own a dog. This means that about 1 on every 32 habitants of Berlin is the proud owner of a four-footer. However, it is expected that another 80.000 people in Berlin have a dog but did not register it for the financial benefits. This would change the situation and mean that every twentieth person in Berlin owns a dog.

Source Many of the funny, interesting and useful facts in this articel come from the book: Absolut Berlin by Axel Schock. I got the book as a present for my birthday 2 years ago and I loved every single page of it. The book can be bought at Amazon for about 15 euro’s and second-hand for about 10 euro. It has more than 200 pages which are filled with interesting facts about the city Berlin, its habitants and the history. Absolut Berlin from Axel Shock is defenitly worth reading when you like Berlin.


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