Useful facts about Berlin

A large and unique city like Berlin is often the proud owner of some interesting records and facts. The streets, houses, people and different sort of touristic attractions are often compared with eachother and with other large capitals. Even if we already discussed some of the facts about Berlin in different articles on Berlin-Enjoy, it cannot hurt to invest some extra time in them.

Interesting facts about Berlin

Imagine that you are walking around in Berlin with some of your friends: Would it not be cool to impress them with some interesting facts about the city and his attractions? After reading this article you might be able to tell them something about the tallest building, the longest street or the highest mountain. Do your best to remember the facts and impress your fellow-tourists.

Residents of Berlin

Berlin has a total of 3,5 million (3.460.700) registered residents. If we compare this number to other capitals in Europe, it seems that Berlin is on the third position. On the first position we find Moskow with not less than 10,5 million residents and on the second place we find London which is the home for around 7,5 million people.


Highest attractions

The TV-Tower (fernsehturm) is still the largest building in Berlin. With it’s 368 meter, the tower which is located at Alexanderplatz, is about 10 meters higher than the Sendemast in Berlin-Frohnau (358,6 meter). The third position on the list of high buildings is taken by another Sendemast,  but this one does not come very close to the two leaders: The Sendemast Scholzplatz is not more than 230 meter high, but still owns the third position on the list of high buildings in Berlin.


As mentioned above, Berlin has more residents than many other capital in Europe. But how many surface do these residents have to live on? The city surface of Berlin is a little bit more than 892 km². There are five cities in Europe which have a larger surface. The largest city in Europe is London with 1.572 km². London is followed by Rome (1.285 km²) and Moskow (1.081 km²).[/two-thirds][one-third]

TV-Tower by night (fernsehturm)[/one-third]

Streets in Berlin

One cool fact about Berlin is that in total, the city owns 5.413 km of public streets. If all these streets are combined, you could travel from Berlin to Pakistan or Cameroon. The longest street in Berlin is called Adlergestell and is 11,9 km long. The street is located in Treptow. The shortest street is located near the Nikolaiviertel. The street is called Eiergasse and is not much longer than a couple of houses (16 meter). Also the famous street Strasse des 17. Juni owns a title: With not less than 75 meter width, the street is the biggest street in Berlin.

View from teufelsberg (berlin)Highest Point

With an average of 73 meter above the sea level, Berlin is located quite high. The highest natural point in the city is the Großer Muggelberg: The highest point of this mountain lays 114,7 meter above sea level. If we go more to the west of the city there we will find another mountain, the Teufelsberg, which has the same height as the Muggelberg. But because the Teufelsberg has been made by human hands it seems more fair to give the first position to the Muggelberg.

(The photo shows the view when you are on top op the Teufelsberg)

Multicultural Berlin

Back to the amount of residents again. From the 3,5 Million residents in Berlin, almost 500.000 are foreigners. It always feels like there are a lot more foreigners in Berlin but this has to do withe the massive amount of tourists. The many different residents in Berlin come from all over the world. More than 20% come from Turkey and are responsible for the fact that a delicious Döner can be bought on every corner of the street. Curious which other countries are in the top 5?

1. Turkey = 104.556
2. Poland = 40.998
3. Servien = 19.230
4. Italy = 15.842
5. Russia = 15.332

Source: Statistisches Landesamt Berlin-Brandenburg

Largest Shopping Malls

In the article about the best shopping areas of Berlin you already got to know some different shopping malls in the center of Berlin. If you take all the shopping malls together, Berlin owns a total amount of 1.190.000 square meter of shopping pleasure. The largest shopping center is called Gropius Passagen,  located in the south of Neukölln and owns 85.000 m² shopping pleasure. If you want to shop large but don´t want to travel that far outside of the city-center, you can also visit the number two and three on the list of largest shopping centers. The Potsdamer Platz Arkaden (48.000 m²) and Alexa (43.000 m²) will also satisfy most of the shopping addicts and are a little easier to reach than the the Gropius Passagen.

Source: Most of the facts in this article came from the book Absolut Berlin from Axel Schock

Shopping center Alexa by night (berlin)Alexa is located between Alexanderplatz and Jannowitzbrucke

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