Ways to save money on your holiday-travels

Berlin has a nice and central location when it comes to visiting exciting travel-destinations in Europe. Some of these cities can be reached by train or car easily, for others you need to book a flight. Whatever travel-method you choose, there are always ways to save money on your holiday-travels. In this article we have collected a few handy tips if you are up to travel on a budget.

Travel during the week (e.g. Tuesdays)

The first tip is an easy one: Most people prefer to travel during the weekend so the prices are always lower when you book during the week. The cheapest day to book flights is Tuesday by the way. Prices can easily double on Friday-evening and Saturdays because people with a limited amount of holidays, do not want to waste any time. But taking that Friday off and flying on Thursday already, can make a huge difference.

Vltava River Prague

Train: Only reserve a seat when you need to

When you travel on a Friday or Sunday by train, it is best to reserve a seat. The trains get very crowded and you do not want to stand in the corridor for hours. These reservations cost about 8-15 Euro per person per ride, so if you travelling with more people they can make a difference. You do not have to book this reservation and if you are travelling in the morning or less popular hours of the day, it is not necessary to book it.

Travelling by Train
Travelling by Train in Sri Lanka

Flight with delay: Get money back

What many people do not know, is that you often have the right to get money back from the flight-company, if your plane had a delay. Because this does happen from time to time and it will have an influence on your holiday, you should get money back for this. This was decided on in 2004 and is called the The Flight Compensation Regulation ( EC 261). Because figuring out if you are eligible for compensation can be quite hard, I recommend using a website like Airhelp because they have listed the most important conditions clearly and can also assist you if you need help. The compensation can be up to 600 Euro, so this is definitely a tip to remember.

Accra Ghana at night sunset
Accra at night (Berlin-Enjoy.com)

No time-pressure: Do not book non-stop

Time is money and therefore most people do not mind to spend more money to fly non-stop to longer destinations. But if you do not have any time-pressure because you are leaving for a longer period of time anyway (like I did in Australia), you can save a lot of money when you do not fly non-stop. In my specific situation it turned out I could even stay a few days or weeks in the “stop-over cities”, which made my travels even more versatile.

Andels Hotel Skybar
Andels Hotel Skybar

Book your ride to the ho(s)tel in advance

If you do not know the city you are arriving, you might want to figure out how to get to the hostel or hotel in advance. Taxi-prices can differ very much and sometimes there are even free buses going into the city. If you do not know this, you will probably arrive after a long ride and pay too much for the ride to your first accommodation. It also can help a lot to ask locals to help you out.

There are probably heaps of other ways to save money on your travels, obviously you should compare prices of tickets and accommodation very carefully. We might also update this article once in a while so it becomes a nice list of tips to save money during your travels. If you have any recommendation yourself, let us know!

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