As it had been quite a while since we checked out the Russian Panzerkaserne in Bernau we were very excited about visiting the abandoned DDR-Garage in Pankow. We had heard quite a lot about the place because it is one of the oldest abandoned places in Berlin.

Abandoned since 1989

The garage in Pankow was build around 1880 and for many years the buildings in the garden were used for cattle. Since 1980 the place was turned into a car-garage. The story goes that the owners just left their house and garage back when they had the possibility to move to the west, after the Berliner-Wall had fallen.

Abandoned garage in Pankow, Berlin
Abandoned garage in Pankow, Berlin (©

Cars from DDR-Times

The cars, which you can still spot there today, are from a DDR car-company called Zwickau. Unfortunately all the useful parts have already been stolen, but it is still fascinating to see them standing around behind a house in the middle of an ordinary street in Berlin. Both outside and inside you can find some pretty cool street-art by the way.

DDR-Car in the abandoned garage (©
DDR-Car in the abandoned garage (©

An ordinary house in an ordinary street

It is incredible that places like this still exist and stay abandoned for over 30 years. After exploring the garden and the garage, we had a look inside of the house and it’s a strange feeling that people used to live there a long time ago. Obviously a lot has changed but you can still imagine where they had breakfast and in which room upstairs the childen might have been sleeping. This kind of fantasising makes visiting abandoned places in Berlin so much more fun to me.

Abandoned Building Berlin (©
The front of the abandoned building (©

Watch out for the neighbours

Just after we jumped the fence of this Urbex-location we hear a voice saying “Was soll das hier”. You do not need to know a lot of German to understand that someone wanted to know what the %§#$ we were doing there. As mentioned, this abandoned house is located in the middle of a normal street and therefore you have to be careful with the neighbours. We were able to convince him that we just wanted to shoot a few pictures, but I’ve heard stories where the police was involved as well.

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One of the abandoned rooms upstairs (©
One of the abandoned rooms upstairs (©

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The barricaded door (©
The barricaded door (©


Tips for this abandoned place in Berlin

When you are planning to visit this abandoned location in Berlin, I would keep the following tips in mind:

When to go? Personally I would recommend visiting this abandoned building during the day. Especially the stairs and the first floor did not look very stable and you do not want to get hurt.
Company? The best amount would be 2-3 people I guess. This makes it a lot more likely that nobody spots you when you get into the garden/house.
What to bring? You definitely need a torch because the abandoned garage is quite dark. Besides that it’s smart to wear a long pants and shirt because nature is taking back this place as you can see on some of the photos.
Anything else? I would recommend not staying any longer than necessary. Try to be as quiet as possible, check the place out and get on your way again.

How to get there

If you take the tram 50 to the station Französisch Buchholz Kirche you just have to walk a little bit in the direction where you were going with the tram as well. The exact address is Schönerlinder Straße 5. You can also get there by car because there is a supermarket on the other side of the road which has plenty of parking spots.

If you are looking for some inspiration regarding Urbex-Locations you should consider buying the book Abandoned Berlin.

The attic of the abandoned House(©
The attic of the abandoned House(©


My Name is Job and originally from the Netherlands. In 2012, a girl I met in Australia motivated me to move to Berlin. I love to share the best places, activities and events in Berlin with you on my blog.

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