A list with the best techno festivals in Germany. All festivals are organised in the summer of 2024, focus on electronic music and are not further than 3 hours away from Berlin.

Visiting festivals are the highlights of the year for many people. Enjoying great music, having a good time with your friends and getting away from the daily stress is just a wonderful feeling. When it comes to music festivals, Germany has a lot to offer.  Thousands of music festivals are organised each year. If you like electronic music you came to the right place because this post lists the best techno festivals in Germany in 2024.

One of the best German techno festivals (Feel Festival)
One of the best techno festivals in Germany (Feel Festival)

Why visit a techno festival in Germany?

German techno festivals are unique. It’s not without a reason that people from all over the world visit them. Here are the main reasons why you should visit a techno festival in Germany:

  • Affordable: Electronic festivals in Germany are affordable. You usually pay about 50€ per day and that’s less than most other western countries.
  • Bring your own liquor: In most other countries you can only bring your own liquor to the campsite. On most techno festivals in Germany you can bring that liquor to the dance-floor too.
  • Great line-ups: When it comes to techno and other electronic music, Germany offers loads of talented DJs and many of them are excited to play at techno festivals in the summer of 2024.
  • Friendly Atmosphere: Sustainability, mutual respect and taking care of each other are very important values on electronic festivals. We can confirm that the festivals in this list offer a friendly and peaceful atmosphere.

Looking for a free festival experience? Berlin also offers free yearly festivals and parades which are really worth your time. We listed the best free events for you.

Techno festivals around Berlin are all about the values above
Techno festivals around Berlin are all about the values above

The best electronic music festivals in Germany

As the title implies, all festivals in this list focus mainly on electronic music. Techno, electro and house often have a dedicated stage but on most festivals you also will find smaller stages with other electronic music styles like trance, disco, dubstep, drum & bass and more. Some of the larger festivals have a stage for bands. The ranking in this post is mainly based on the price per day, the atmosphere, the quality of the line-up and the location.

To make it easy to compare the techno festivals in Germany, you can also jump to the overview of all information at the end of this post.

01. Fusion Festival

If you ever have read an article about the best festivals in the world you must have noticed that the German festival called Fusion is almost always featured in the top 10. Fusion (or Фузион) is different from any other festival in the world and we would recommend everybody to visit it at least once. The first edition of this German festival was organised in 1997 and the location has always been a military basis called Lärz. About 150km from Berlin more than 70.000 people come together to forget about their daily lives and have a good time.

The Best German festival in 2022: Fusion
The Best German festival in 2024: Fusion (© Jonasginter.De)

The best techno festival in Germany in 2024

It’s not easy to explain why Fusion Festival is the best German festival out there. Obviously it’s awesome that there are 20 different stages with great electronic DJs. And of course it’s nice that you can also enjoy other entertainment like karaoke, workshops, stand-up comedy and more. But in the end we believe it’s mainly the unique vibe that makes the real difference. On this electronic festival everything seems to be allowed but still nobody is misbehaving. It’s this free and laidback atmosphere that makes this our favourite German festival.

The Turmbühne on the best German techno festival Fusion
The Turmbühne on the best German techno festival Fusion

Fusion Line-Up 2024

Just like the parties in Berlin, Fusion has extreme opening hours. The official line-up starts on Thursday and keeps going until Monday. But you are allowed on the campsite on Wednesday already and there are small after-parties until almost one week after that. The line-up of Fusion 2024 is not communicated before the festival but we found the first leaks of DJs who are going to be performing: Judith Van Waterkant, Gina Sabatini, Maurice Mino & Sin:port, Joseph Disco, Caleesi & Sarah Kreis, Katzenohr and many more will follow.

Why visit the Fusion Festival?

Five days of partying, 20 different stages with some of the greatest names in electronic music and most of all: That unique laidback atmosphere. The Fusion Festival is one of its kind and everyone should visit this German festival at least once.

Name: Fusion Festival
Distance from Berlin: 157 km
Date: 26.06.2024 – 30.06.2024
Ticket-Price: 220€
Amount of days: 4-6 days
Dance-Floors: 20
Amount of Visitors: 70.000 visitors
Website: www.fusion-festival.de
Music Styles: 80% DJs, 20% Bands/Artists
Line-Up: Judith Van Waterkant, Gina Sabatini, Maurice Mino & Sin:port, Joseph Disco, Caleesi & Sarah Kreis, Katzenohr

02. Feel Festival

A German festival with one of the best locations is the Feel Festival. It’s located directly at the water of the Bergheider See and you can dance and camp on the beach of that water. Besides water the Feel Festival also has several stages in a forest and a versatile program with workshops, performances and other forms of entertainment. The Feel Festival really deserved a top-3 spot in this list with best festivals in Germany.

Party on the Beach at Feel Festival (© Berlin-Enjoy.com)
Party on the Beach at Feel Festival (© Berlin-Enjoy.com)

Electronic Music & Bands on 15 stages

The Feel Festival offers around 15 different music stages. Besides that there are a few more locations for presentations, workshops and other entertainment. The main focus of this festival is electronic music but you can also enjoy bands at this German festival. In the last years names like Claptone, Pan-Pot, Giant Rooks, DJ Tennis, HVOB, Beatsteaks, Oliver Koletzki, Mighty Oaks performed on this festival.

If you want to learn more about this techno festival, you can read our full review of Feel Festival 2016.

Why visit Feel Festival 2024?

Feel Festival has one of the most beautiful location of all German festivals in 2024. Dancing on the beach and camping directly at the water is just something special. Besides that Feel Festival offers many different stages and music styles.

Name: Feel Festival
Distance to Berlin: 130 km
Date : 25-28 July 2024
Ticket-Price: 150 – 190€
Amount of Visitors: 10.000
Amount of days: 3,5
Dance-Floors: 15
Website: www.feel-festival.de
Music Styles: Mainly electronic, one stage for bands
Line-up: Not available before the festival

03. Mit Dir Festival

The third position in this list with best German festivals goes to Mit Dir Festival. This electronic festival can be reached by car in about 1,5 hours from Berlin. It’s smaller than most other festivals in this list because only 2500 tickets are sold every year. In our opinion this a good thing though: You will have less hassle, can enjoy a very friendly vibe and the small range of stages are really designed and decorated with a lot of love.

An impression of Mit Dir Festival
An impression of Mit Dir Festival (© mit-dir-festival.de)

Intimate electronic festival with 5 stages

Mit Dir Festival offers 4 electronic music floors and 1 alternative stage on which you can find a versatile program with things like bands, karaoke, poetry-slams and other fun activities. The line-up of Mit Dir Festival is similar to the DJs which you will be able to see in Berliner clubs like the Sisyphos, About:Blank and Ritter Butzke. The last couple of years DJs like Reinier Zonneveld, Marcus Meinhardt and Jan Oberlaender have been performing on this techno festival.

Why visit Mit Dir Festival?

Mit Dir Festival is a smaller festival with a lovely vibe and a non-commercial attitude. If you are not looking for a massive festival with many stages but just want to have a good time with a great vibe, the Mit Dir Festival might be perfect for you.

Name: Mit Dir Festival
Distance to Berlin: 110 km
Date: 25 – 28 July 2024
Ticket-Price: 175€
Amount of Visitors: 2.500
Amount of Days: 4
Website: mit-dir-festival.de
Music Styles: 4 stages electronic, 1 stage alternative
Line-up: To be announced.

04. Nation of Gondwana

Another remarkable techno festival in Germany is called Nation of Gondwana. The first edition was organised in 1995 which makes it the oldest festival in our list. Every year around 10.000 people visit this dance festival at the Waldsee in Grünefeld, which is only 60km from Berlin. The music on the festival starts on Friday 15.00 and keeps going until Sunday 21.00 so you could say that Nation of Gondwana focuses on quality over quantity. By the way: It’s pretty awesome that you can park your car directly next to your tent on this dance festival near Berlin.

One of the best German techno festivals : Nation of Gondwana
When it comes to electronic music Nation of Gondwana is a festival to consider (© Berlin-Enjoy.com)

Techno festival near Berlin

Nation of Gondwana offers its visitors four different stages. It’s mainly a techno festival which focuses on the harder electronic music-styles. The music on Nation of Gondwana is similar to the music you hear when enjoying the nightlife in Berlin. A highlight of Nation is located is the stage directly at the water: You can dance in the soft sand and take a refreshing dive. Nation of Gondwana mainly focuses on delivering the best music-experience with the best sound systems and impressive lights and not so much on side-activities like workshops and presentations. The ticket-sale of Nation of Gondwana starts in April 2024.

In 2022 we visited this festival, so you can read more in our review of Nation of Gondwana 2022.

Why visit Nation of Gondwana?

For people who love harder electronic music, Nation of Gondwana is probably the best festival in Germany. The organisation focuses on the core of every festival: Delivering great artists and a good sound. If you live in Berlin its great that Nation of Gondwana is only 45 minutes away.

Name: Nation of Gondwana
Distance from Berlin: 60 km
Date: 19 – 21 July 2024
Ticket-Price: Last year 198,50€
Amount of Visitors: 10.000
Amount of days: 2,5
Dance-Floors: 4
Website: www.pyonen.de
Music Styles: Mainly techno
Line-Up: TBA

05. 3000 Grad Festival

A lovely smaller festival about 140km south of Berlin, is called the 3000 Grad Festival. Around 4500 people visit this festival every year it’s hard to find any negative review on the internet. The 3000 Grad feels like one of these great Berliner open-airs, only this festival keeps going for several days. You are surrounded by nature, water, beautiful decorated stages and nice people.

The 3000 Grad Festival south of Berlin
The 3000 Grad Festival south of Berlin

Electronic music festival with bands and live performances

The 3000 Grad Festival offers a nice mix of talented DJs and a bunch of bands & live-acts, The line-up for 2024 is slowly being communicated. The first great names are Mollono.Bass, Dole & Kom, Kollektiv Ost, Rodriguez Jr., Judith van Waterkant and many more. By the way: This German festival is organised directly next to a lake just like Nation of Gondwana, Feel Festival and some others in this list.

Why visit 3000 Grad Festival?

Talk to someone who has visited this German festival before and they will tell you that 3000 Grad Festival is an awesome festival with a great atmosphere. The location is great, the line-up is solid and the tickets are reasonably priced.

Name: 3000 Grad Festival
Distance to Berlin: 135 km
Date: 9 – 11 August 2024
Ticket-Price: 179 – 199€
Amount of Visitors: 4.500
Amount of days: 2-3
Dance-Floors: 4
Website: 3000-festival
Music Styles: DJs and Bands
Line-up: Mollono.Bass, Dole & Kom, Kollektiv Ost, Rodriguez Jr. , Judith van Waterkant

The 3000 Grad Festival south of Berlin

06. Wilde Möhre Festival

About 120km south of Berlin you can find a forest in which the Wilde Möhre is organised every year. The first edition was organised in 2013 and the festival has a loyal fanbase since that year. This German festival is mainly popular because of the versatile music-styles and many side-activities like yoga, workshops, karaoke and much more. We personally also appreciate how easy it is to get there from Berlin and that there is no hassle during arrival and departure.

The Wilde Möhre Festival
The Wilde Möhre Festival

Back to one large edition

The organisation of the Wilde Möhre did a great job during Corona. By splitting the festival in smaller festivals it was one of the only German festivals which took place in 2020. In the years after it was decided that the smaller editions would stick around but in 2024 there will be only be one Wilde Möhre again. It will take place in the second weekend of August and you can expect solid DJs: Edgar Peng, Britta Arnold, Dominik Eulberg, Mathias Kaden, Johannes Albert are the first names which are published on the internet.

Why visit Wilde Möhre Festival?

Another smaller German festival with not as much hassle as Fusion, Feel or Melt. The atsmosphere is good, the line-up is solid and there is plenty to do besides dancing. If you are looking for a nice electronic festival in August, take Wilde Möhre into consideration.

Name: Wilde Möhre Festival
Distance to Berlin: 120 km
Dates: 9 – 12 August 2024
Ticket-Price: 149-199€
Amount of Days: 3
Dance-Floors: 4
Amount of Visitors: Around 8.000
Website: www.wildemoehrefestival.de
Music-Styles: Techno, House, Electro, Bands
Line-Up: Edgar Peng, Britta Arnold, Dominik Eulberg, Mathias Kaden, Johannes Albert and more

07. Meeresrausch Festival

If you want to visit a festival in Germany in June, you could consider visiting Meeresrausch. This festival will be organised about 250km north of Berlin at the coast of the North Sea. The location of this German festival is extraordinary and you can reach the water in a few minutes walk. There are three different main stages and 2 smaller areas for side-activities and other fun.

An impression of the Meeresrausch Festival
An impression of the Meeresrausch Festival

Great vibe with mainly 30+ people

Some German festivals mainly attract young people (e.g. SonneMondSterne, Feel Festival) but Meeresrausch Festival is usually visited by people who are older than 30 years old. Depending on your own age you can decide if this is a pro or a con but we have only heard great stories about the atmosphere of this techno festival. Altogether around 4000-5000 people visit the Meeresrausch festival every year.

Why visit the Meeresrausch Festival?

A festival not far from the North Sea with a lovely vibe and mainly people above 30 years old. The location is great, the people are friendly and the music is comparable to the parties in Berlin.

Name: Meeresrausch Festival
Distance to Berlin: 250 km
Date: 13 – 16 June 2024
Ticket-Price: Last year 167€
Amount of visitors: 4.000
Amount of days: 3
Dance Floors: 3
Website: meeresrausch-festival.de
Music Styles: Mainly Electronic music
Line-up: Not available yet

08. Wurzelfestival

A techno festival in east Germany which you might not have heard about before is called The Wurzelfestival . The full German name is Zurück zu den Wurzeln which translates to Back to the Roots. This festival takes place in the so called Secret Forest which offers nice scenarios as you can see in the image below. There are 6 music-stages with electronic music and 3 more locations for activities, performances and shows. Every year approximately 8000 visit the Wurzel Festival and in 2024 this German festival is organised for the 11th time already.

German techno festival: Wurzel Festival (© Berlin-Enjoy.com)
German techno festival: Wurzel Festival (© Berlin-Enjoy.com)

German techno festival with plenty of other electronic music styles

On the floors of the Wurzel Festival you can find a wide range of music-styles. Besides the usual techno, house and electro you can enjoy less mainstream styles like afrohouse, synth pop, dubstep, psytrance and drum & bass. We visited the Wurzel Festival in 2018 and really liked the vibe and people on this festival. The lack of a lake or water was compensated by the local fire department who sprayed water on the people once a day.

Why visit the Wurzel Festival?

A festival in the middle of the forest with a wide range of music styles. If your friends like to listen to different sorts of electronic music, this festival could be perfect for you. We personally also love the size and the fact that this techno festival is only 80km away from Berlin.

Name: Wurzel Festival
Distance to Berlin: 70 km
Date: 6 – 9 June 2024
Ticket-Price: 200 – 240 Euro
Amount of visitors: 5.500
Amount of days 3-4
Dance Floors: 10
Website: www.wurzelfestival.de
Music Styles: Mainly Electronic music & some oldies, raggae and disco
Line-up: Anja Schneider, Pan-Pot, Einmusik, Beth Lydi and many more.

09. Garbicz Festival

A festival which is located across the Polish border but still only 135km from Berlin is called Garbicz Festival. It is is located directly at a water, which makes it a perfect place to be in the hot month August. Every year around 7.000 people visit the Garbicz-Festival which makes it medium-sized compared to the other techno festivals in Germany. The image below shows the beautiful location and should get you excited about the festival season.

The awesome lake of the Garbicz Festival
The awesome lake of the Garbicz Festival (© facebook.com/garbiczfestival/photos)

Famous Techno DJs from all over the world

Garbicz offers a mix of electronic music styles on several stages. On previous editions techno-DJs like RØDHÅD, Seth Troxler, AndHim and Ricardo Villalobos have been performing here. This means you can expect music similar to the techno-clubs in Berlin.

One of the most expensive German festivals

The Garbicz Festival is the most expensive German festival in this list. The tickets can be bought for 390-480€ depending how early you decide. A free bus-ride from Berlin and 80€ worth of wristband-credit are included in the ticket but that does not change the fact that it’s twice as expensive as most German festivals in 2024.

Why visit Garbicz Festival?

As the image above shows, Garbicz is organised on a fantastic spot in Poland. Besides that the DJs who will be performing here are known all over the world. So if you do not mind to spend a bit more money on a festival, consider visiting Garbicz in Poland.

Name: Garbicz Festival
Distance to Berlin: 135 km
Date: 31.07 – 05.08 2024
Ticket-Price: Last year 380 – 480€
Amount of Visitors: 7.000
Amount of days: 4
Dance-Floors: 7
Website: garbiczfestival.com
Music Styles: Electronic Music
Line-up: Not announced yet

10. Praerie Festival

The Praerie Festival will be organised in the first weekend of August and is organised on the same location as the Wilde Möhre festival. It’s one of the newer festivals but most feedback from the last years is positive. With 2000 visitors it’s one of these cosy festivals with a great atmosphere. You meet the same people more than once and everybody is laidback and friendly. A small Bimmelbahn takes you to a lake for a refreshing dive in the water which can also be reached by walking 20-25 minutes.

An impression of the great vibe on Praerie Festival
An impression of the great vibe on Praerie Festival

Solid Line-Up in 2024

In 2024 the Praerie Festival has organised a pretty awesome Line-Up: Ben Klock, Jan Oberlaender, Oliver Schories, Victor Ruiz, Annett Gapstream, Pauli Pocket and Leon Licht are just a few of the names. Besides electronic music there are also some live-acts and plenty of workshops. There are 4 different floors to choose from. The tickets for the Praerie Festival started at 159€ (super early-bird) and will go up to 219€ for the late birds.

Why visit Praerie Festival?

A smaller festival with a solid line-up, a great vibe and a green location. Although Praerie is one of the newer festival it is slowly making a name for itself fast. From our experience it’s always great to visit an upcoming festival in the first years.

Name: Praerie Festival
Distance from Berlin: 168 km
Date: 2-4 August 2024
Ticket-Price: 159-219€
Amount of Visitors: 2.000
Amount of days: 3
Dance-Floors: 3
Website: praerie-festival.com/
Music-styles: Mainly DJs
Line-up: Ben Klock, Jan Oberlaender, Oliver Schories, Victor Ruiz, Annett Gapstream, Pauli Pocket, Leon Licht.

11. Melt Festival

In 1997, more than 20 years ago, some of the most famous German festivals was organised for the first time. The Melt Festival is located at an abandoned colliery which goes by the name Ferropolis. The Ferropolis is often referred to as the City of Iron because a lot of large machines and old cranes can still be found on this island. This might not sound spectacular at first, but the island is a very unique location for a festival. Besides the nice location Melt also offers 12 different stages with many famous headliners in all sorts of music-categories.

Melt Festival (© facebook.com/meltfestival)
Melt Festival (© facebook.com/meltfestival)

Famous names – Versatile music styles

Compared to other festivals in this list, Melt can be called a more commercial festival. The headliners, the large sponsors and the prizes differ to festivals like Mit Dir Festival, Fusion and Nation of Gondwana. But this is not necessarily a bad thing: Large names like Bonobo, Skepta, James Blake, Marlon Hoffstadt, Marcel Dettman, Ki/Ki, Sugababes will be performing this year. And Melt is also has one of the cheapest festival-tickets. You will need to pay a bit more for drinks though because you cannot bring your own drinks to the stage like you can do on most other techno festivals in Germany.

Wanna read more about Melt? Check out our Festival-Review from 2015.

Why visit Melt Festival?

If you and your friends want to listen to more than just electronic music, Melt might be the best festival in 2024 for you. The 12 stages offer a wide range of different music styles and Ferropolis is a great location.

Name: Melt Festival
Distance from Berlin: 137 km
Date: 11-13 July 2024
Ticket-Price: 135-180€
Amount of Visitors: 20.000
Amount of days: 3
Dance-Floors: 12
Website: www.meltfestival.de
Music-styles: Mix of DJs, Bands and Artists
Line-up: Bonobo, Skepta, James Blake, Marlon Hoffstadt, Marcel Dettman, Ki/Ki, Sugababes

12. Habitat Festival

The Habitat Festival is a festival which mainly focuses on electronic music and is organised in Hamburg. From Berlin you need about 2,5 hours by train. Habitat is shorter than the other German festivals in this list because it starts on Saturday around 14.00 and ends on Sunday 22.00. The Habitat Festival does not offer camping so if you do not like to sleep in a tent anyway this might be a great German festival for you.

One of the shorter German techno festivals: Habitat
One of the shorter techno festivals in Germany: Habitat (32 hours only)

32 hours of techno without camping

As mentioned above, the Habitat Festival is a bit different than the other techno festivals in this list: It’s basically a non-stop rave of 32 hours. Tickets can be bought for 60€ (Early Bird) which makes it the cheapest festival in this list. Great names like Anja Schneider, DJ Gigola, DJ Heartstring, Extrawelt, Job Jobse, Ki/Ki, Nina Hepburn are going to perform on this techno festival in Germany in 2024.

Why visit Habitat Festival?

If you do not need to party for 3 days straight and do not like to spend 200€ on a festival-ticket, Habitat might be the right techno festival for you. There will be plenty of nice techno DJs on 8 different stages.

Name: Habitat Festival
Distance from Berlin: 295 km
Date: 20-21 July 2024
Ticket-Price: Last year 60€
Amount of Visitors: 8.000
Amount of days: 1,5
Dance-Floors: 8
Website: habitat-festival.de
Music-styles: Techno, Electro, House, Drum & Bass
Line-up: Anja Schneider, DJ Gigola, DJ Heartstring, Extrawelt, Job Jobse, Ki/Ki, Nina Hepburn and more.

13. SonneMondSterne

The year 1997 was quite a special year for German festivals because besides Melt and Fusion it was also the first year SonneMondSterne was organised. In that year, already more than 25 years ago, only 2500 people visited the first SonneMondSterne. Nowadays SonneMondSterne got a lot larger and more popular and the last years about 40.000 people enjoyed this electronic festival. The festival takes place close to Saalburg and as you can see on the image below, it might be a good idea to pack your bikini and/or swim short.

The German festival SonneMondSterne (© facebook.com/SonneMondSterne.Festival)
The German festival SonneMondSterne (© facebook.com/SonneMondSterne.Festival)

Previous Headliners like Armin van Buuren and Macklemore

If you looking for famous headliners SonneMondSterne is definitely the best electronic festival in Germany for you. With names like Calvin Harris, Hardwell, Steve Aoki, Charlotte de Witte, Reinier Zonneveld, Angerfist, Kölsch it has some of the biggest names of electronic music on their list. More large names will be added step by step. The only reason why we do not rank SonneMondSterne a bit higher is because this festival is more commercial than the other festivals and also does not have that friendly vibe like Meeresrausch, Mit Dir or 3000 Grad.

Why visit SonneMondSterne?

The line-up is the main argument to visit SonneMondSterne. We love the real Berliner techno festivals but if you read names like Charlotte de Witte and Boris Brejcha you do get excited. The location is also great and the price is more than reasonable if you look at the line-up.

Name: SonneMondSterne Festival
Distance from Berlin: 291 km
Date: 9-11 August 2024
Price including camping: Last year 169€
Amount of Visitors: 30.000
Amount of days: 2,5 (till Sunday 16.00)
Dance-Floors: 9
Website: www.sonnemondsterne.de
Music-Styles: House, Electro, Techno
Line-up: Calvin Harris, Hardwell, Steve Aoki, Charlotte de Witte, Reinier Zonneveld, Angerfist, Kölsch and many more

14. VËRYL Festival

Disclaimer: The website of VËRYL says there will be a festival in 2024 but last year this festival was cancelled only one week before it was supposed to take place. We decided to give it another chance because we know it’s hard for smaller festivals to survive.

The VËRYL Festival is organised near Berlin in a town called Werneuchen. It will take you about 30 minutes by car but you can also take the free shuttle-bus from Berlin. Besides high-quality music you will also be able to enjoy a wide range of workshops and a swimming pool. The VËRYL Festival also takes festival-food to the next level by offering a three-course-dinner on Thursday and Friday.

VËRYL techno Festival near Berlin
VËRYL techno Festival near Berlin

House, Techno, Workshops and more

At the VËRYL Festival you will be able to dance on 3 different stages with mainly techno and house music. Last year talented DJs like Job Jobse, DJ Tennis and Roi Perez were performing on this dance festival. The tickets were 119€ last year which is a reasonable price.

Why visit VËRYL Festival?

If you are looking for a festival close to Berlin, the VËRYL Festival should be on your list. It’s very convenient to not travel hours to a festival (especially on the way back with a hangover). A solid line-up, a fair price and plenty of workshops and side-activities make the offer of VËRYL Festival complete.

Name: VËRYL Festival
Distance from Berlin:
30 km
Date: 16-18 August 2024
In 2022 it was 119€
Amount of Visitors: 2.000
Amount of days: 3
Dance-Floors: 3
Music-styles: Electronic Music
Not announced yet

Overview – Compare German festivals

All in all we can conclude that there are plenty of interesting techno festivals in Germany. Deciding between them is hard, even if you have read every word of this article. The table below should make it easier to compare the German festivals and make a decision. Just find out what is most important to you and decide based on that column.

FestivalsFirst dayVisitorsCostsDays
Mit Dir 25.072.500155€3
Möhre09.08 8.000189€3

The sleepless floor on Melt: One of the German festivals
The sleepless floor on Melt: One of the German festivals

Frequently asked questions – All You Need to Know

If you have any questions left after reading this post, the following FAQ might be helpful. Feel free to leave any other questions in the comment section and we will get back to you within a day.

How much do techno festivals in Germany usually cost (including camping)?

The majority of techno festivals in Germany in 2024 charge between 169€ and 189€ for a ticket.

What is the cheapest techno festival in Germany(more than 1 day festival)?

Looking at techno festivals which go more than 1 day it would be Habitat Festival for 55€ (early bird). If you want a campsite to be included in the ticket it would be Mit Dir Festival.

Which techno festival is closest to Berlin?

Both Nation of Gondwana, VERYL Festival and the Wurzelfestival are only half an hour drive from Berlin.

What is the largest techno festival in Germany?

The Fusion Festival had 70.000 visitors in 2023 and this makes it the largest techno festival in Germany.


My Name is Job and originally from the Netherlands. In 2012, a girl I met in Australia motivated me to move to Berlin. I love to share the best places, activities and events in Berlin with you on my blog.


  1. Hi Job,

    Thank you for the great reviews. We’re planning to travel to Germany in March 2024 and wanted to not miss out on the party and EDM scene.. Any recommendations from your side?

    • Hey Richa,

      Nice that you are coming to Germany. In Berlin there are always plenty of parties to choose from. Maybe start with these clubs? EDM might be a bit harder in Berlin because most clubs focus on Techno.

      When you are looking for a Festival with EDM I would suggest SonneMondSterne but you will need to come back later this year for that.

      For some more accessible music in Berlin I would suggest visiting clubs like Crack Bellmer and Süß war gestern.

      Hope this helps a bit.

      Have a great time!


  2. I would mention that the food and drinks are rather outrageous for Garbicz (especially since it’s in Poland), I really like this festival but one need to be ready to feel like a cash cow there… It’s not only the ticket price. 🙁

  3. Hi,… Can you tell me a Dance festival / competition around April or May in Germany where many foreign dance groups take part. We are from Malaysia and we would like to bring our cultural dance troup to participate here. Hope its a good event to expose our dancers.

    Pls advise

    • Job Reply

      Hey Angeline,

      unfortunately I cannot answer that question. Especially because it is still almost one full year away.

      But you can of course contact some of the festivals in the list and ask if you can perform there.

      Good luck!

  4. hey Job, firstly – Thank YOU! This is the best piece ive read on festivals – I’m specifically scouting for a techno festival in Germany for this year.
    I’m definitely visiting Berlin Atonal (would you equate that to be in a “festival list”?), and I’m also looking for another festival. I came across this new festival –> 18/7001, which apparently happens in the same location as Her Damit; the lineup looks good, and the location is intriguing.

    Which of these 3 festivals would you recommend the most (i’ve shortlisted these) –> Greenwood Festival; Nation of Gondwana; or 18/7001 (check it out –> https://7001festival.com/)?
    The location/setting and the Berlin techno sounds is the most important to me!

    • Job Reply

      Hey Divesh,

      thanks for your comment and compliments.

      From these three festivals I would choose between Nation and the new festival. Because I cannot judge the new festival yet, I can only tell you that Nation is a very nice festival. So that would be a safe bet.

      We will definitely consider listing 18/7001 next year.

      Best wishes!

  5. Hello,
    Can you tell me if there´s any party on May. I´ll be there in between 19 and 21

  6. Hi!!

    Can you tell me if there´s any big party on march. I´ll be there in between 7 and 15 of march.

    Wich places are a Must.. This is my first time there.

    Kind regards,

  7. Anything after September ?? No festival or EDM concerts in winters 🙁

    • Hi Jazz,

      unfortunately there are not big weekend-festivals anymore. It is just too risky with the weather I guess.

      Maybe just come to Berlin and visit some great clubs and parties?

  8. What about the nation of gondwana? U seriously cant Pick shit like Helene beach Over the nog.
    They had maybe the sickest line up this year.
    Besides that its real close(45min b car) away From Berlin.

  9. Hi, just wanted to highlight that the lineup for Berlin Festival is from 2015 and most likely the festival is not going to take place this year because they are on a “Creative Break”. Maybe you should update the page accordingly 🙂
    Check out: http://www.berlinfestival.de/

    • Berlin-Enjoy Reply

      Hi Burcu,

      you are right, I also heard about it but forgot to update the article. Thanks for the tip!


    • Berlin-Enjoy Reply


      you are totally right that Nature One is one of the best German festivals. But as you can read in the introduction, we only focused on festivals which are about 2-3 hours drive from Berlin.

      Have a great summer!

    • Berlin-Enjoy Reply

      Thanks Chloe, hope you can visit a few of them.

  10. Thanks for the tips! We’re looking for a festival in 2016 so this will help. 😀

    • Berlin-Enjoy Reply

      Hi Dave,

      Great that my blog could help you decide. The article with the festivals for 2016 will be online in the beginning of next year.


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