Berlin never sleeps. If you want you can party in Berlin every single day of the year. Obviously most parties are organised on Friday and Saturday because people like to have a day off the day after to recover. But there are bunch of Berliner techno clubs who also open their doors on days where most people need to work the next day. This post lists the best parties in Berlin on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Wanna sleep in after partying? Our party calendar lists the best parties on Friday and Saturday.

Why party in Berlin on Sunday till Thursday?

It can be rewarding to party in Berlin on a day which is not Friday or Saturday. Here are few reasons why you might prefer visiting Berliner clubs on Sunday till Thursday:

  • The clubs are less crowded so you will have more space for your amazing dance moves.
  • Because it is less crowded, it will be easier to get in and the line will not be as long. Especially for tourists this can be a great benefit as getting into Berliner techno clubs is not always easy.
  • The entrance fee is usually lower than on Friday and Saturday.
  • Some popular DJs are very expensive to book during the weekend. Some clubs will instead be able to book them during the week without any problems.

Parties in Berlin on Sunday

Sunday technically is still a weekend day. Many people do not party on Sunday because they need to go back to work on Monday. But in the summer it’s a great to enjoy an open-air, they usually close down around midnight anyway, so you will be able to be (relatively) fit the next day. Alternatively you just take the Monday off and go all-in at one of the parties on Sunday below:

Berghain Berlin (©

The Berghain – Saturday till Monday

Parties in the Berghain do not stop on Sunday. They keep going until Monday and it’s common knowledge that it is smarter to visit this famous Berliner Techno Club on Sunday. Chances to get in will increase a lot. The Berghain is one of the most famous clubs in the world so make sure you visit it at least once.

Music: Techno
Entrance Fee: 20-25€
Opening Hours: Saturday till Monday 06:00

The entrance of Club Kater Blau

Kater Blau – Extreme opening-hours

The Kater Blau is another Berliner Club which usually opens their doors on Friday and will not close them again until Monday morning. Some of the regular DJs here are Mimi Love, Sascha Cawa and Marcus Meinhardt. This club has the real raw-vibe we all love so much about Berlin. If you planning to party in Berlin on Sunday, make sure to consider the Kater Blau.

Music: Techno
Entrance Fee: 15-20€
Opening Hours: Friday till Monday 06:00

Parties in Berlin on Monday

Before you came to Berlin, Monday might have been the day where you used to get back to work and try to survive the hangover from the weekend. In Berlin things are different so get up from the couch and get ready to enjoy one of the following Monday parties:

KitKatClub – Electric Monday

The KitKatClub is a famous club near Jannowitzbrücke and offers the more kinky kind of parties. Expect to see people in leather or with barely any clothes on. Every Monday the focus is electronic music with techno and house.

Music: Electro, Techno
Entrance Fee: 15-20€
Opening hours: 22:00 – 07:00

Alte Kantine – Hungry Monday

Every Monday a club called Alte Kantine offers a party called Hungry Monday. This party versatile music, a table-tennis table and a buffet with food.

Music: Pop, Oldies, Dance
Entrance Fee: 5€
Opening hours: 23:00 – Open End

Parties in Berlin on Tuesday

The truth is that Tuesday is one of the more quite days in Berlin. Most people who went all-in during the weekend are still a hit hangover and it’s not close enough to the next weekend to get started again. But lucky for us we are in Berlin and there is always some clubs who offer a solid party.

Encore.Une.Fois in Club Aeden - Party in Berlin during the week

Club Aeden – Encore.une.fois

Club with great electronic parties and a nice vibe. Club Aeden is open every Tuesday and the party is called encore.une.fois. The DJs who are going to play can be found on this Instagram-Page.

Music: Electronic Music
Entrance Fee: 8-12€
Opening hours: 23:00 – 09:00

Party in Berlin at New Years Eve in the Humboldthain Club

Humboldthain Club – Open Decks

Every Tuesday you can visit the Humboldthain Club for table-tennis and music. The music will be played by DJs who sign up voluntarily at the beginning of the evening (20 slots are open). After reading the above it might not be too surprising that the name of this party on Tuesday is Open Decks & Tischtennis.

Music: Whatever the DJ plays
Entrance Fee: Free
Opening hours: 18.00 – 04.00

Parties in Berlin on Wednesday

You made it halfway through the week! Congrats, the next weekend will soon be with us. If you want to celebrate this you can find some cool parties on Wednesday in the following Berliner clubs:

Ava Club Berlin

AVA Club – Techno Wednesday

In the AVA Club you can find a solid techno event every Wednesday. Talented local DJs will be performing here on 2 different stages and the entrance costs 10€ early bird and 15€ at the door. The AVA Club is located next to the Warschauer Brücke. If you want to party in Berlin on Wednesday, this place should be considered.

Music: Techno
Entrance Fee: 10-15€
Opening hours: 23:00 – 10:00

Parties in Berlin on Thursday

Thursday might be one of the greatest days to party. It is not too busy in the Berliner clubs and if you wake up with a hangover you just have to survive one day at work before the real weekend starts. There are many clubs in Berlin which are open on Thursday. Below you can find some of our favourites:

Watergate Mainfloor Sven Väth (©

Watergate – Thursdate

Every Thursday you can find some of the best DJs in the Watergate. It can be a good idea to party in the Watergate on Thursday because this club gets quite crowded on Friday and Saturday. DJs like AndHim, Sven Väth and Monika Kruse played in the Watergate in the last years. Tickets are only available at the door.

Music: Techno
Entrance Fee: 15€
Opening hours: 23:00 – 10:00


Der Weiße Hase – d.OHA!se

Every Thursday you can party in a club called Der Weiße Hase. The party has the complicated name d.OHA!se (a.k.a. The Oase). There will be 2 floors with Techno and Techhouse. Tickets online cost only 6€ and it’s cash only.

Music: Techno, Techhouse
Entrance Fee: 6€
Opening hours: 23:00 – 10:00

Clubs which are open 7 days a week

It probably does not come as a surprise that Berlin offers some clubs which are open every day of the week. There are even some clubs which are open 365 days each year.

Crack Bellmer

A fun place with versatile parties and different music styles. There is only one floor but also an area to have a drink and relax. The music ranges from electronic to disco and oldies. Crack Bellmer is only closed on Mondays. You can check their full program on the official website.

Minimal Bar

The Minimal Bar offers a party every day of the week. Some of the parties are returning every week like Go.Play on Tuesday, Mittendrin on Wednesday and Electronic.Thursdays on Thursday (Duh!).


My Name is Job and originally from the Netherlands. In 2012, a girl I met in Australia motivated me to move to Berlin. I love to share the best places, activities and events in Berlin with you on my blog.

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