In an article written by CNN, Berlin has been chosen as the second best place to party in the world. Only Ibiza was rated higher in their list. Obviously the high rating is directly connected to the many awesome techno-clubs in Berlin. The nightlife of Berlin lives and breathes techno and its clubs are a Valhalla for lovers of electronic music. 

Some of the reasons for the popularity of the clubs in Berlin are:

Extreme opening-hours
The various techno-clubs in Berlin are known all over the world for their extreme opening-hours. Some of them open on Friday and close about 3 days later on Monday. Obviously this is great value for your money because you only have to pay entrance once.

New Years Eve in Berlin in the Arena Club
New Years Eve in Berlin in the Arena Club (© HYTE)

Unique Locations
Besides the extreme opening-hours, it’s also the unique locations of the clubs in Berlin which make the nightlife so special. Clubs in an underground bunker, a closed down swimming pool or on the water of the Spree are just a few examples of what the city has/had to offer.

Solid line-ups
Another very important reason for the popular nightlife are the very solid line-ups of the techno-clubs in Berlin. Famous DJs like Sven Väth, Dixon, Pan-Pot, Len Faki, Anja Schneider and Ben Klock are playing in Berlin on a regular basis.

Watergate Mainfloor Sven Väth
Watergate Mainfloor with Sven Väth (©

Reasonable Prices
A great thing about all of this is, that the entrance prices of the clubs will not change depending on the line-up or opening-hours. You normally pay between 10 and 15 Euro to get into a techno-club in Berlin and that’s very reasonable if you evaluate what you get back for it. Besides that also the prices of beverages are cheaper than most other capital cities: A beer normally costs between 2,50€ and 3,50€.

Five of the best techno-clubs in Berlin

If you visit Berlin for a short period of time, it might be useful to get some insider-tips on the best techno-clubs at the moment. In our monthly article with the best parties in Berlin, you can already find some very interesting events of the current month. But for the people who are mainly interested in techno-clubs, we have listed five of the best venues in Berlin.

You can click the links to the techno-clubs in Berlin below or just scroll down and check them all out:

  1. Berghain
  2. Sisyphos
  3. About:Blank
  4. Wilde Renate
  5. Kater Blau
  6. Tresor

1. Berghain/Panorama Bar

If you are looking for a club which combines all the positive aspects of techno-clubs in Berlin, you cannot get around the Berghain. It’s not without a reason that this club has been voted best club in the world for several times. People from all over the world visit Berlin just to visit this techno-club. In the end it’s the combination of a great venue with a spectactular line-up and extreme opening-hours which makes this techno-club in Berlin so popular.

Berghain Berlin (©
The Berghain is one of the most famous techno-clubs in Berlin (©

The Berghain offers too larger floors: The main floor usually offers techno and then there is the Panorama Bar with a bit more funky tunes. On Fridays usually only the Panorama Bar is open and on that day the parties are usually a bit more decent compared to Saturdays. As some of you might know, the Berghain is a gay-club from origin and some of the events can get pretty wild.

14 Euro entrance (If you get in)
The entrance in the Berghain is always 14 Euro and it can get pretty crowded, as you can see in the image above. The door-policy of the Berghain is feared by many: Especially during prime-hours (01.00 – 04.00) many people get refused.

Club: Berghain/Panorama Bar
Address: Am Wriezener Bahnhof 70
Entrance: 14 Euro
Capacity: 1500 People
Door-Policy: Very Strict
Music: Mainly Techno
Link to club: Berghain Website

How to get into the Berghain?

In the end there is no guaranteed success-formula to get into this famous techno-club, but it makes sense to try and fit in: wearing mainly black clothes and arriving in small groups will not hurt. It is also not advisable to Arrive during prime-time (Friday/Saturday 01.00-04.00).

2. Sisyphos

Another techno-club in Berlin which you have to visit at least once in your life is called Sisyphos. The club is located in the east of Berlin, not that far from Ostkreuz (but best to take the tram anyway). The Sisyphos is known for its famous after-parties with many surprising acts and very versatile music-styles. Techno is usually one of them and you can expect a healthy mix of famous DJs and local heros in this Berliner techno-club.

The famous entrance of the Sisyphos in Berlin (©
The famous entrance of the Sisyphos in Berlin (©

The Sisyphos is one of these clubs which is especially great to visit during the summer. The large garden gives you the opportunity to see the sun rise after a lovely night of partying in Berlin. The club has a capacity for about 1500 people and there are several floors. This enables you to check out different electronic music-styles during your party-night.

Strict but fair door-policy
The door-policy of the Sisyphos is not as hard as the one of the Berghain but it is also not easy to get in. In the end clubs like this just want to make sure that the awesome vibe is not compromised by visitors who do not fit in. This can be hard to accept for visitors of Berlin, but as soon as you get in you will understand that there is a purpose for it.

Club: Sisyphos
Address: Hauptstraße 15
Entrance: 12-15 Euro
Capacity: 1500 People
Door-Policy: Strict
Music: Techno, House
Link to club: Sisyphos Website

3. About:Blank

A club which is located on the other side of Ostkreuz (compared to Sisyphos) is called About:Blank. This club has been around for quite some years and has a large garden (approx. 800 people capacity) and a smaller inside-area (300 people). The techno-club offers several floors with a versatile mix of house and techno-music.

Entrance About Blank (©
Entrance About Blank (©

The door-policy in the About:Blank is more leisure than the Sisyphos and the Berghain. A larger percentage of people get in. Still it is advisable to visit this techno-club in Berlin outside of the prime-hours (01.00 – 04.00). The line sometimes can get pretty long during these hours.

Want to read more about the About:Blank? Check out the full article about this club in Berlin which we have written a while ago.

Club: About Blank
Address: Markgrafendamm 24c
Entrance: 12-14 Euro
Capacity: 1100 People (inside and outside)
Door-Policy: Medium Strict
Music: Techno and House
Link to Website: Website

4. Wilde Renate

Another famous techno-club in Berlin is the Wilde Renate. This club was founded in 2007 and has been an irreplaceable player of the Berliner nightlife ever since. The club has a unique feeling with a lot of smaller rooms and the famous “living-room-feeling” which we all love so much about Berlin. Besides that it has a garden on which the parties continue during the day when it is warm enough.

Wilde Renate Berlin (©
Wilde Renate Berlin (©

The Wilde Renate mainly offers local talent when it comes to the weekly line-up. The DJs focus on techno, house and other sorts of electronic music. Because there are so many floors, you normally should be able to find a music-style you like. The door-policy of this Berliner techno-club is quite strict but it all depends with who and when you arrive.

Open Air location located nearby

Not far from the Wilde Renate, on the other side of the Elsenbrücke, you can find the Open-Air location of the same organisation, called Else.

Club: Wilde Renate
Address: Alt Stralau 70
Entrance: 12 Euro
Door-Policy: Strict
Music: House & Techno
Link to this Club: Wilde Renate Website

5. Kater Blau

For many years, one of the most famous clubs in Berlin has been the Kater Holzig. Unfortunately that club had to close a few years ago and many people feared the end of the emporium of this extraordinary club. Lucky enough the organisation of this techno-club found another location and opened a new club with the name Kater Blau. It comes as no surprise that also this club has been a great success since its opening.

A line in front of the entrance of the Kater Blau (©
A line in front of the entrance of the Kater Blau (©

Just like all the other Berliner techno-clubs in this list, the Kater Blau has a nice outdoor-area where you can party during the day. The line-up of the club is very attractive if you like popular DJs: On a regular basis you can see DJs like Dave Dinger, Dirty Doering and Schleppgeist perform here. The atmosphere in this club in Berlin is very nice, which is party due to the strict door-policy.

Kater Blau
Address: Holzmarktstraße 25
Entrance: 12-15 Euro
Capacity: 800 People
Door-Policy: Strict
Music: Techno, House
Link to club: Kater Blau

6. Tresor

One of the most unique techno-clubs in Berlin is most definitely the Tresor. This club is located under the ground and feels like a war bunker. This Berliner club goes way back and was opened in 1991. Unfortunately the first location (in the Leipziger Straße) was closed down in 2005. Lucky enough a new location was found in 2007: It can be found not far from station Heinrich-Heine Straße between Berlin-Mitte and Kreuzberg.

Tresor Berlin Techno-Club (©
Tresor Berlin Techno-Club (©

Visiting the Tresor is a special experience. The combination of an underground-bunker, an overload of blacklight and plenty of proper techno-sounds will definitely leave an impression. The door-policy is not as strict as many other Berliner techno-clubs. The entrance for a party-night in this club costs about 12 Euro and the parties normally go on till lunch-time next day.

Club: Tresor
Address: Köpenicker Straße 70
Entrance: +/- 12 Euro
Capacity: 600 People
Door-Policy: Medium Strict
Music: Techno
Link to club: Tresor Website

Summary: Techno-Clubs in Berlin

Berlin has plenty to offer when you are looking or a nice techno-party. In the end it depends on your preferences which club fits best to you. If you want to minimise the chances of being rejected, the Tresor and About:Blank are probably the best choices. If you want to visit one of the most famous clubs in the world, go to the Berghain. When it’s all about partying outside and a nice vibe, you can visit Wilde Renate or Kater Blau.

If you have any recommendations with regards to techno-clubs in Berlin, please let us know.


My Name is Job and originally from the Netherlands. In 2012, a girl I met in Australia motivated me to move to Berlin. I love to share the best places, activities and events in Berlin with you on my blog.


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