Important: The Kater Holzig is closed! Since the beginning of 2014 Berlin lost a great club. If you are looking for another great club in Berlin we recommend to check our blogpost about the best techno-clubs in Berlin.

Most clubs in Europe have a similar kind of setting. Mostly you will find large rooms, impressive lights and solid DJs as the recipe for a party. In Berlin things are different. Clubs are created in the most unique places and have the most various settings. There are clubs who look like an underground bunker (e.g. Tresor), clubs inside a swimming pool (e.g. Stattbad Wedding) and clubs with such a large property that it looks almost like a small village (e.g. Sisyphos).

The inheritance of Bar25

Although the clubs above sound like great places, there was one club who ruled the nightlife in Berlin for a long time: Bar25 was the name. The fans of Bar25 believed the club was more than a place to party, some even called it a religion. Real fans would enter the club fridaynight and not leave before mondaymorning. This 72 hours of partying was the symbol of the Bar25 and was cherished by a great part of the young people in Berlin. Unfortunately, in 2009, the news came out that the club had to be closed down. Many demonstrations followed, but nobody could stop the sad developments.

Kater Holzig

From the start it was clear that it would not be an easy task. Carrying forward the name of the great Bar25 created high expectations around the opening of the Kater Holzig. Many fans were critical and sure that the legency of Bar25 could not be equalled.However, at the moment that I am writing the article, the Kater Holzig has been open for more than one year and can be called a great success. The club has managed it once again to become one of the bigger names in the nightlife of Berlin and from own experience I can say that the club is defenitly one of the cooler clubs to visit.

The entrance area of the Kater Holzig
The entrance area of the Kater Holzig

Creative clubs in Berlin

One of the reasons why Kater Holzig is such a great place is the creativity which can be found everywhere in this club. It was already mentioned that the possibilities of the nightlife in Berlin are endless and Kater Holzig is a great example for that. With many different rooms, a large outside area and some very typical features Kater Holzig is just different than what we are used to. Take a room above the dance floor for example:  this unique area is not much higher than 1 meter and it is very special to sit there (one of the photos will give you an impression). Furthermore you can find a double-bed in the middle of an area, see lots of graffiti on the walls and use an old photo machine to buy a memory of a memorable night (2 euro).

The Kater Holzig from above
The Kater Holzig from above

In the year 2012, where most club visitors have seen hundreds of other clubs, Kater Holzig still manages to impress. A last example of the creativity is shown in a room which I like to call “the mini-club”. This room, which is not bigger than 10 square meter, has space for about 15 people and you will find a great atmosphere there. With music from Backstreet Boys, Scooter and the Vengaboys this part of the Kater Holzig is something totally different. Don´t stay there all night but at least have a look.

Tips and practical information

When you are a fan of the nightlife in Berlin you cannot miss out on visiting the Kater Holzig. The words in this article do not make sense until you have seen it with your own eyes. The club is easy to reach because it is located less than 2km from Alexanderplatz. The easiest way to get there is to travel with the S-bahn to Jannowitzbrucke or Ostbahnhof. You will find Kater Holzig on the Michaelkirchstrasse 23.

The final countdown
The final countdown

As a tip it might be useful to know that the door-policy of the Kater Holzig is quite tight. Therefore it is advisable to reunite with some girls (if your not one) or arrive in small groups (2-3 persons). Also it might help to arrive early to increase your chances of success. Still there is always a part of luck involved. The bouncers in Berlin refuse people for many random reasons which are not always logical.

The Kater Holzig Experience

Interesting enough, the trouble of getting in kind of enriches the experience of the evening. You feel kind of special when you make it into the Kater Holzig. But this is definitely not the only reason you will feel great when you are partying in the Kater Holzig. The club is known for inviting many famous and talented DJs from all over the world. The people behind the Kater also help organise some German techno festivals by the way. These international DJs attract many touristic visitors and this always ensure a friendly atmosphere. Besides that the prices in the Kater are reasonable, the entrance costs between 10 and 15 euro and the beers are 3 euro each (Becks)

Facts Kater Holzig

Here are the most important facts about the Kater Holzig:

Adress: Michaelkirchstrasse 23
Entrance: 10-15 euro
Beerprice: 3 euro (Becks)
Music: House/Techno (Tom Clark, Gunnar Stiller, Channel X)


My Name is Job and originally from the Netherlands. In 2012, a girl I met in Australia motivated me to move to Berlin. I love to share the best places, activities and events in Berlin with you on my blog.

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