Update: Unfortunately the club Stattbad Wedding has been closed for several years now.

In earlier articles you could already read how unique many clubs in Berlin are. Clubs like Sisyphos and Ritter Butzke cannot be found in other capitals in Europe and make Berlin a special city to party in. Often enough you can visit a new and unique club in Berlin and one club you definitely should visit once in your life is the club Stattbad Wedding.

From swimming pool to club

Located a little north of the center of Berlin, in bezirk Wedding, there used to be a large swimming-complex which was built in 1907. The swimming-pool was known as Stadtbad Wedding and pleased many German swimming-lovers for more than 100 years. “Unfortunately” the swimmin-gpool was closed in the beginning of this century but the building is still in perfect state. Nowadays the complex is used for art exhibitions and as the home for many parties of the club Stattbad Wedding. It is not hard to imagine that a club in a swimming pool has a lot of potential and is a special place to visit.

Stattbad Wedding Entrance
The entrance of the Stattbad Wedding

Stattbad Wedding

In May 2009 Stadtbad Wedding was reopened with a minimal name-change of one letter: Stattbad Wedding. As mentioned the main purpose of the reopening was the exhibition of art but lucky enough a clever guy saw the potential of this building for parties and events. Now you are able to visit Stattbad Wedding every weekend and enjoy the great location and talented DJs. Probably you will be flabbergasted the first hour in this club because you realise that you are really entering a swimming pool. If you are lucky you can literally dance inside a swimming pool but even if this part of the Stattbad Wedding is closed you will enjoy the basement, the dressing rooms and the other unique areas of this club.

The basement of Stattbad wedding (© ota-berlin.de)
The basement of Stattbad wedding (© ota-berlin.de)


Stattnacht is the one of the parties which returns to Stattbad Wedding more than once a month. Stattnacht is known in Berlin for it’s talented DJs and the great atmosphere. Talented DJs like George Fitzgerald, Oliver Deutschmann and Acid Pauli are performing in Stattbad Wedding and will make sure the music is great. When you want to read more about the DJs and the events in Stattbad Wedding, it is advisable to follow their Facebook-site.

An impression of the Stattbad

Besides the DJs mentioned above, there have also been worldfamous artists in the Stattbad Wedding. In this video you can see an interview with Moby who performed in Stattbad Wedding about 2 years ago. You can see many images of Stattbad Wedding in between the interview and below you can also see another video which gives you an impression of the club Stattbad Wedding. The video shows a performance by DJ Sasse.

Stattbad Wedding Berlin
Stattbad Wedding (berlin-enjoy.com)

Practical Information

Compared to many other clubs in Berlin, Stattbad Wedding is not as centrally located as Watergate or About Blank. Still it is not very hard to reach this club because the public transport in Berlin is awesome: If you take the Ringbahn (S-bahn) or the U6 to the station Wedding, you can walk to Stattbad Wedding within 10 minutes. The beers in this club in Berlin are 3 Euro each (Veltins or Berliner) and the entrance of Stattbad varies between 10 and 12 Euro.

Stattbad Wedding Summarized

As you can read in this article and see in the video above, Stattbad Wedding is quite a special place and defenitly worth a visit. If you are lucky the swimming-pool itself is open but even if this is not the case, you will have  great night in the other areas of this club. It is always best to judge yourself and we would be delighted if you leave a comment to let us know if you liked it.

Name: Stattbad Wedding
Address: Gerichtstraße 65 |
Public Transport: S+U-Bahn station Wedding
Entrance: 10-12 euro
Beer: 3 euro (Veltins of Berliner)
Website: www.stattbad.net


My Name is Job and originally from the Netherlands. In 2012, a girl I met in Australia motivated me to move to Berlin. I love to share the best places, activities and events in Berlin with you on my blog.

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